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Yona Beach Club: The World’s First Floating Beach Club

Yona Beach Club: The World’s First Floating Beach Club in Thailand

If you’ve ever wanted to spend the day in a floating paradise, the Yona Beach Club might be the place for you! The founder of YONA Beach spent six years designing and constructing the cutting-edge, multi-level Beach Club in Thailand, which opened its doors in 2016. The floating paradise bears the name of Yona, named after his beloved daughter.

They provide many facilities to make your time above the sea unforgettable. Picture yourself reclining on a plush sunbed, savouring the crisp tang of a refreshing cocktail, surrounded by the symphony of lapping waves and laughter. This isn’t merely a fleeting escape; it’s a rendezvous with transcendence, where time stands still and worries dissolve into the azure horizon.

The Actual Beach Club at Yona Beach Club

Yona Beach Club: The World’s First Floating Beach Club in Thailand
Image: Phuket 101, 2024

The floating Yona Beach Club has multiple levels. The Beach Club is on the second level of this unique Oasis of tranquillity. It has an expansive 22-metre-long infinity pool that offers visitors a fantastic ocean view. In addition, the club has several cabanas, 10 to be more specific, ideal for sharing with loved ones and 12 pool beds arranged around the pool for sunbathing and relaxing.

These pool beds can accommodate up to three guests! Additionally, the seabeds provide an unmatched viewpoint of the stunning coastline for those looking for an adventure of a lifetime.

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Restaurant at Yona Beach Club

Yona Beach Club: The World’s First Floating Beach Club in Thailand
Image: Facebook, 2024

Discover the best place to eat in Thailand. Savour their talented chef’s delectable gourmet delights as you gaze out across the ocean. He created a menu that would satisfy your cravings with its abundance of colourful, seasonal, and fresh dishes. At their charming restaurant with a stunning sea view, savour a Mediterranean and coastal food feast. Their talented culinary team serves fresh, colourful, and in-season dishes that are ideal for sharing. Enjoy a profound eating experience with each bite.

Their starters are mouth-wateringly colourful! You can order a Yona Sushi Boat, which consists of a colourful amalgamation of lobster sushi rolls, Eat Your Veggies Rolls, spicy tuna Norway maki rolls, and so much more! You can also order a Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter with parma ham, bresaola, salami feline, brie cheese, and more! Some other starters include grilled chicken quesadillas, tom yam crab spring rolls, salmon tartare Vietnamese rolls, and herbed hummus! There’s also a Raw Bar and Salads menu, a Mains menu, a Japanese menu, a Neapolitan Pizza menu, a Vegetarian and Vegan menu, and a fantastic dessert menu.

Yona Beach Club: The World’s First Floating Beach Club

The dessert dishes that you can expect to see are a combination of fruits and delectables, such as the Deluxe Fruit Platter with ice cream, a Fruit Platter with dragonfruit if in season and seedless watermelon, Yona Mango Melba with fiore Di Latte Gelato, Crumble, Coconut gelato, raspberry coulis, and mango nahm dok mai! Or, if you’re seeking something heartier, try their passion fruit and white chocolate crème brulee or their Yona signature mango sticky rice dish with coconut gelato, mango nahm dok mai, and coconut cream served with sweet, sticky black rice. For those chocolate lovers, order the French chocolate mousse, which is made with 65% Inaya dark chocolate, mascarpone and hazelnut praline cream, and 41% alunga milk chocolate. Yum to the highest and healthiest degree!

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Private Functions & Day Passes

Yona Beach Club: The World’s First Floating Beach Club in Thailand
Image: Bangkok Post, 2023

You can arrange private events, including weddings and corporate events. Booking with Yona Beach Club could make your dream function even dreamier. If you and your friends want to spend the day on this floating Oasis, your day pass includes a 1,500 THB credit for food and beverages, but this pass does not include seating.

The pass also includes a welcome drink, shuttle boat transfers, a swimming towel for use on the boat, pool access, and passenger insurance. Note that the pass is valid for one day, from 12 pm to 8 pm. Also, if you want to bring your family aboard, ensure your children are above 14; otherwise, they will not be allowed on board! Buy your day pass on the Patong Boat Pier at 52 Thawewong Road, Pa Tong, in the Kathu District. Alternatively, visit their website to secure your spot on this amazing ride!

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Yona Beach Club, An Oasis of the Sea

Yona Beach Club: The World’s First Floating Beach Club in Thailand
Image: Yona Beach Club, 2024

Yona Beach Club isn’t just another destination—it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in unparalleled luxury, embrace the boundless possibilities of aquatic adventure, and create memories that resonate long after the sun sets on the shimmering waters.

This revolutionary venture in Thailand has redefined the essence of coastal luxury and aquatic leisure. Yona’s serene turquoise waters and abundant floating platforms are a testament to innovation and indulgence. So, if this unique activity in Thailand sounds appealing, book your day pass for the ultimate adventure of all adventures!

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