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Yoga with Your Dog in South Africa

Doing yoga with your dog has become increasingly popular in South Africa and around the world. This is mainly attributed to people’s need of having their pets with them on holiday. As a result, many opportunities have opened up for wellness facilities that offer pet-friendly amenities to travellers and holiday goers.

Doga or dog yoga gained popularity when yoga practitioners noticed the need for dogs to be part of their practice. They even identified specific yoga postures for their dogs to practice as well. Nevertheless, the practice of doga was created by Suzi Teitelman in 2001 and has since become increasingly popular in the yoga community.

Animals, especially dogs, sense changes in energy as well as emotional levels. This means that doing yoga with your dog might have positive impacts on your yoga session. Doing certain poses with your dog also impacts them positively.

So let’s explore some South African places to travel with your dog for doga. We’ll start off with our favourite wellness destination in this beautiful country, Cape Town.

Pet-friendly beaches for dog yoga

Yoga on the Beach in Cape Town

Llandudno is a beautiful hidden beach a few kilometres from Camps Bay. This beach is quiet and perfect for peaceful activities like yoga and meditation. Llandudno is also a dog-friendly beach so taking your pup with you for a session of doga is surely welcomed.

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Pet-friendly resorts in Cape Town

Pet-friendly Resorts in Cape Town

Let’s talk about taking your dog with you for a wellness holiday. Pet-friendly resorts have become ever so popular since the Covid-19 pandemic. This was when the need to have our animals with us on holiday arose. Cape Town is filled with resorts that welcome pets. Click here to see hotels in Cape Town that would love to see you and your fur babies.

Now hopping over to Johannesburg, the city of gold. In Johannesburg, there are so many spots for yoga with your dog as well as pet-friendly accommodation.

Dog parks in Johannesburg, South Africa

Yoga Parks in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is filled with parks and open spaces along with a new popular trend which is doggy parks. These doggy parks serve the purpose of having your fur baby interact with other pups. These parks are also a perfect spot for yoga with your dog.

One of these spots is Walkhaven in Zwartkop. This dog park is peaceful and perfect for a quiet doga session.

Another perfect spot for a peaceful yoga session with your dog is Delta Park in Randburg. This is a popular park for residents in the neighbourhood who bring their pups to have some outdoor fun. It’s also a peaceful space for a restorative session of yoga with your dog.

Pet-friendly accommodation in Johannesburg, South Africa

Pet-friendly Resorts in Johannesburg

There is no exception to pet-friendly resorts, hotels and self-catering accommodations in Johannesburg. The same need as in Cape Town applies to these hotels and resorts who would gladly welcome you and your fur babies to enjoy your stay. There are plenty of amenities and open spaces for doga.

South Africa is filled with wellness activities and beautiful scenery. Bring your fur babies and enjoy a wellness-packed holiday with yoga, pet-friendly hotels and of course, amazing weather. For more content on unique yoga experiences in South Africa, check out 3 yoga and wine events to attend in Cape Town.

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