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Yoga en Dogs: Amsterdam’s Premium Puppy Yoga Studio

Yoga en Dogs: Amsterdam's Premium Puppy Yoga Studio

Yoga en Dogs is a special place that offers unique services to help people connect with their furry best friends on a deeper level. From puppy yoga to mourning meditation and Yin Yang Yoga classes, all the services are designed to cater to you and your dog’s needs. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various services available at Yoga en Dogs, their benefits, and how they can help you and your pet bond, relax, and heal together.

Services Available at Yoga en Dogs

1. Puppy Yoga

Yoga en Dogs: Amsterdam's Premium Puppy Yoga Studio
Image: Daily Paws, 2020

Yoga en Dogs is a place where you can practice yoga with your furry best friend. Their main service is puppy yoga: a special kind of yoga where you connect with your dog on a deeper level. During the class, you and your dog will relax and strengthen your bond. The exercises are designed in such a way that every dog can participate, young or old, and that basic commands are enough. The lessons are based on Yin Yang yoga, so no experience with yoga is necessary.

Puppy yoga is a great way to ground and recharge with your pet. The classes are given in 1-on-1 sessions or groups. It’s important to note that no unnatural postures are expected from the dog. Animals are uninhibited and pure, so don’t worry if your dog barks or runs away during the class. The focus is on you and your dog and letting go of everything else. The nice thing about puppy yoga is that it helps you and your dog relax and heal together. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! If you’re looking for a way to deepen your bond with your furry friend, puppy yoga at Dogs en Yoga might be just what you need.

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2. Mourning Meditation

Yoga en Dogs: Amsterdam's Premium Puppy Yoga Studio
Image: Inc. Magazine, 2024

Yoga en Dogs offers a unique “Mourning Meditation” service to help people cope with losing their furry friends. Losing a pet can be one of life’s most challenging and emotional experiences. To deal with this, Esther, the founder of Yoga en Dogs, conducts grief meditation sessions focusing on people’s intense bond with their pets.

During these sessions, Esther guides the participants through the grieving process and helps them recognise and acknowledge their feelings of loss, sadness, fear, and anger. She encourages them to hold on to the good memories and cherish the bond they had with their pets. Moreover, she teaches them to recognise their pet’s signals from above and live by their lessons.

Yoga en Dogs: Amsterdam's Premium Puppy Yoga Studio

Mourning meditation sessions are held regularly in groups, allowing participants to share their emotions and experiences with others who have gone through similar situations. These sessions provide a safe and supportive environment for people to express their feelings and heal from their loss.

If you are struggling with losing your furry friend, Yoga en Dogs’ Mourning Meditation can be a great way to cope and find comfort in the memories you shared with your pet.

3. Yin Yang Yoga

Yoga en Dogs: Amsterdam's Premium Puppy Yoga Studio

Yin Yang Yoga is another one of the services offered by Yoga en Dogs. They believe in dogs’ power and way of life and aim to inspire you to strengthen your mind-body connection and live in the present moment, just like dogs do. The studio offers yoga classes with dogs but also provides yoga lessons without dogs on request.

The Yin Yang yoga classes are designed to be accessible to everyone and are based on the principles of Yin and Yang. These classes are available in small groups or one-on-one and can be held in Drunen, Waalwijk or remote locations. The lessons are tailored specifically for you and offer alternatives for each posture so that you can find what best suits your body.

Yoga en Dogs: Amsterdam's Premium Puppy Yoga Studio

Yin Yang yoga is a type of yoga that combines two styles: Yin and Yang. Yin yoga involves holding postures longer, allowing for deep stretching and relaxation. On the other hand, Yang yoga is more dynamic and focuses on building strength and flexibility through movement. By incorporating both styles, Yin Yang yoga helps balance the body and mind. Practising Yin Yang yoga can help improve flexibility, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote overall well-being. Overall, Yoga en Dogs’ Yin Yang yoga classes are a great way to connect with your inner strength, improve your mind-body connection, and ultimately lead a more balanced and healthy life.

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A Great Place for You and Your Dog

All in all, Yoga en Dogs is a unique and welcoming studio that offers various services that cater to you and your furry best friend. From Puppy Yoga and Mourning Meditation to Yin Yang Yoga classes and one-on-one sessions, they provide everything you need to connect with your dog on a deeper level. So, if you’re looking for a great place to bond with your pet, reconnect with yourself, or cope with losing a furry friend, Yoga en Dogs may just be what you need. For more options, check out these puppy yoga studios in Amsterdam. Have a wonderful time!

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