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Xcaret Occidental Hotel in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Xcaret Occidental Hotel in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

It’s summertime, baby! That means all things water-based, sunshine-orientated, and easy-going are in demand. This fact leads us to Xcaret, one of the world’s most unique water – and theme parks, and Xcaret Occidental Hotel. Xcaret, a colossal water and entertainment park, offers 59 natural and cultural attractions.

Whether you’re a water enthusiast or a nature lover, there’s something for everyone. After a day filled with your favourite activities, you can relax at the Xcaret all-inclusive hotel, the Xcaret Occidental Hotel, in the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

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An Overview of Xcaret Occidental Hotel

Xcaret Occidental Hotel in Mexico’s Riviera Maya
Image: Occidental Xcaret Destination, 2024

Introducing Xcaret Occidental Hotel, the premier 5-star, all-inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen. With all your meals and drinks included, this hotel offers a unique experience right next to Xcaret. Its strategic location, just a short boat ride from the park, makes it the ideal base for exploring. More than just a resort, Xcaret Occidental Hotel offers a lifestyle experience with its luxurious amenities and proximity to the park.

Xcaret Occidental Hotel is also famously known as the Occidental at Xcaret Destination. But it’s the same place, so make sure to distinguish yourself. There are ATMs and an Xcaret ticket centre within the building. However, it is recommended that you buy your tickets online due to the discounts. This resort also has an array of shops where you can buy souvenirs for your family back home.

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Xcaret Occidental Hotel in Mexico’s Riviera Maya
Image: Exploreself, 2024

Wake up to birds singing and head down to enjoy a sprawling breakfast buffet with various options, including cinnamon buns, fresh fruit, cheese, bacon, and more. There are McCaw’s in the hotel, and you can marvel at their beauty and the sounds they make even when you’re simply sitting in the lobby.

You can explore the resort’s grounds all day long, and if you keep an eye out, you might even stumble upon the two Mayan Ruins sites. Over by the Arena, you find loungers perched on the beach, open to everyone. The Arena is a beach cove with a bar, tranquil seawater filtered to keep the seaweed out, and a party vibe to keep the vacation mood high. As you’re in the pool, Iguanas strut their tales all along the ledge, so just be careful where you choose to rest your head as you float.

Xcaret Occidental Hotel also has a kid’s area to make this a family vacation. They have an array of activities to keep the kids entertained. This resort even has a sports zone with an activity board to keep you updated on everything happening at the week’s sports zone. There is also a gym to keep your fitness levels high during your all-inclusive vacation.

The rooms are spacious, and everything you need for your stay is included. But don’t fluff about for too long in your room. This resort must be explored, absorbed, and taken in with all the senses. It’s paradise on Earth, and you must make each second count.

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Xcaret Theme – and Water Park

Xcaret Occidental Hotel in Mexico’s Riviera Maya
Image: Live Dream Discover, 2024

Xcaret is technically a theme park, unlike any other one you’ve seen. It is a complete celebration of the beauty that is Mexico, and here you’re going to indulge in the experiences of jumping into cenotes, playing on the beach, touring around the jungle, seeing animals, and most importantly, getting to know more about the rich and beautiful culture that is Mexico.

In short, it’s an ample water and entertainment park featuring 50 natural and cultural attractions. Float peacefully along three subterranean rivers, marvel at the stingray refuge, or board a speedboat for a thrilling adventure across the seas.

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Tips for Visiting Xcaret

Xcaret Occidental Hotel in Mexico's Riviera Maya
Image: My Guide Cancun, 2024

Firstly, you can conveniently purchase your tickets online by visiting Xcaret. The ticket prices are as follows: kids above 12 are subjected to a ticket that costs the same as an adult ticket. Kids under twelve can buy a ticket for less than those above twelve, and children four and under are free.

Xcaret used to offer discounts on advance ticket purchases, but that has no longer been implemented. However, buying your ticket in advance is essential as there is a limited number of tickets per day. Xcaret also has seven other different parks, and there’s a discount for advanced purchase of those tickets. Remember to print your ticket, sign it, and bring a photo ID to the park so you can enter quickly. You’ll find a few different ticket options on the website. You can purchase the Xcaret Plus Admission ticket if you’re into buffet lunch and separate dressing rooms and lockers.

You can also buy the Total Admission ticket, which gives you access to all the latter perks plus access to either the SeaTrek or ADRENALIN activity. Or, if you want to see Xcaret at night, there is a discounted option for that as well. You could also add transport to your ticket because the Xcaret is outside Playa Del Carmen. However, take a bus to the ADO Bus Station in downtown Cancun to make your Xcaret trip more affordable. You can buy your tickets online, and there are a few different times to board. Before heading into Xcaret, you can also purchase a super yummy yet inexpensive breakfast at the ADO Bus Station.

You are allowed to bring your bottle of water into the park. Be sure to bring mosquito repellent, reef-safe sunblock, a waterproof bag, and a second pair of clothes. Here’s a pro tip: do all the water activities before doing the non-water activities.

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The Three Underground Rivers

Xcaret Occidental Hotel in Mexico’s Riviera Maya
Image: Artofit, 2024

Swimming in the three underground rivers is first on your list of must-do’s in Xcaret. Here, you’ll swim in one of three different crystalline rivers below the grounds of Xcaret. You get to pass through many different environments, caves, buildings, mangroves, the jungle, and underneath thick canopies of trees.

You can exit the river in several places. I recommend you do the entire thing. Be brave! There are photo stations along the river where you can scan your wristband, and then the station snaps a photo of your precious and adventurous moment.

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Food at Xcaret

Xcaret Occidental Hotel in Mexico’s Riviera Maya
Image: Parenting To Go, 2024

Be sure to go to Snack De La Playa (beach snack bar) for something light to eat if you’re hungry. This spot has amazing views of the ocean and the beach and has a unique look.

The food costs are exceptionally high because this is technically a theme park. Be smart and buy the ticket pass with the buffet included in the package. Otherwise, you are going to pay more.

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The Mayan Village Route

Xcaret Occidental Hotel in Mexico’s Riviera Maya
Image: Pinterest, 2024

Follow the white line to the Mayan Village after being saturated in the water activities department. This village has more of Mexico’s land and air-based wildlife; some even roam freely. In this village, you’ll encounter the jaguars and pumas, the aviary where you’ll see some exciting birds, many on the verge of extinction.

Butterflies in the butterfly pavilion follow the Mayan Village route through caves and swinging bridges. There is even a traditional Mayan cemetery in Xcaret, making it one of the world’s most unique theme and water parks.

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Xcaret, to Conclude

Xcaret Occidental Hotel in Mexico’s Riviera Maya
Image: Rivier Amaya, 2024

Xcaret is so big that you must spend a minimum of a full day here. Just buy a park pass that is the most comprehensive, and take your time walking around. From museums to water slides, Xcaret has it all. Be sure to watch the Espectaculo show.

It’s beautiful and showcases many Folklorico, which you can find all around Mexico. It’s a show paying tribute to Mexico’s heritage with its dances, music, and set design. It’s the perfect way to end your day in Xcaret.

If you want to read more about Mexico, be sure to read about Tulum Treehouse & other amazing hotels in Mexico!

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A Fine Time to Visit Xcaret Occidental Hotel

Xcaret Occidental Hotel in Mexico’s Riviera Maya
Image: Occidental Grand Xcaret, 2024

This five-star all-inclusive resort, with its stunning beachfront location, easy access to the eco-archaeological parks of Xcaret, lush tropical gardens, and easy-going vibe, provides the opportunity to reconnect with nature, yourself, and humanity.

If you’re looking to explore the ancient Mayan ruins and the heartbeat of Mexico’s culture, dive into crystal clear cenotes, or relax on the beach, then Xcaret Occidental Hotel is the perfect base to do all of that.

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