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Wonderful Walking Tours in California

Wonderful Walking Tours in California

California is known as the state of dreams. It is home to some of Hollywood’s most famous and talented stars, the Golden Gate Bridge & the iconic Hollywood Sign. Not to mention the fantastic hiking trails all over this state. Los Angeles, the city of angels, is the main attraction in California. This is where celebs such as the Kardashians choose to live.

There is always something to do and see in California. Always a celeb to find dining out or going shopping on Rodeo Drive. It is the perfect tourist destination. So, let’s find out more about some of the best walking tours in California.

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1. Chinatown & North Beach Walking Tour

Chinatown & North Beach Walking Tour is a great walking tour in California because you get to try authentic Chinese mooncakes

First up, we have the Chinatown & North Beach Walking Tour. On this 4-hour-long tour, you get to explore the iconic Chinatown flavours. The tour features unique tastings from dim sum to authentic Italian cuisine. Your knowledgeable guide gives you an insider perspective on the local history of these fascinating communities, thus making it an educational experience. This tour includes a long list of samples, so make sure you’re extra hungry.

On this tour, you will enjoy tea tasting in Chinatown, a traditional Chinese meal, mooncakes, and chocolate from Z Cioccolato (one of the top chocolatiers in the US). Furthermore, embrace Italian cuisine with pizza and fresh cannolis at Mona Lisa Restaurant. This is a delicious and tantalising tour, not to mention so informative. These are just a few reasons this is an amazing walking tour in California.

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2. Griffith Observatory Tour

Griffith Observatory Tour is a great walking tour in California, because you get to tour the Griffith Observatory

Next up, we have the Griffith Observatory Tour. This tour usually lasts an hour and 30 minutes. You get to enjoy a curated tour of the famous Griffith Observatory, known as a getaway to the stars. It is led by former employees of the observatory, so you’ll be sure to get the full experience and all the juicy details.

Furthermore, the observatory shows you only the best of the 67,000 square feet of exhibition space. It covers the iconic site’s science, history, architecture, and movie trivia. You can even stay after the tour, continue exploring the building, and visit the telescope once it gets dark. It is both educational and fun! Therefore, this is a wonderful walking tour in California, and I definitely recommend it!

3. Intro to Mexico Walking Tour

Intro To Mexico Walking Tour is a great walking tour in California because you cross over the boarder into Mexico for a short time

Next is the Intro to Mexico Walking Tour. It usually lasts between 4 to 5 hours long. Tijuana in Mexico is a short trip across the border from San Diego. The history of this colourful and exciting city is the perfect bubble of vibrancy and culture. Enjoy your time with the locals, who are fun and hospitable. Furthermore, they are eager to share the true story of Tijuana with you.

Food tastings, lunch, a local guide and bottled water are all included on this trip. Be sure to bring your hat and sunscreen, as it gets pretty hot. Walking from the border to the city centre, you can explore downtown Tijuana and its surroundings for an entire day. A unique take on a walking tour if you ask me. Learning about their culture and getting your daily dose of exercise in, what an all-rounder. Thus emphasising why the Intro to Mexico Walking Tour is a great idea.

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4. Hollywood Sightseeing & Celebrity Homes Tour

Hollywood Sightseeing & Celebrity Homes Tour is a great walking tour in California because you get to see the famous Hollywood sign

Lastly, the one you’ve all been waiting for. The Hollywood Sightseeing & Celebrity Homes Tour. It usually lasts between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Join a knowledgeable guide on your travel and catch a glimpse of famous sites, including the Dolby Theatre, Hollywood Sign, Rodeo Drive, and studios where movies are filmed. Furthermore, you get to look at some of the mansions where past and present stars have lived, and some still live.

You get to take a picture at the Hollywood Sign and put your hand on some of the stars on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Furthermore, you get to learn about the history of all these iconic landmarks and stops. On top of that, you will move through Rodeo Drive and see some of the best stores in the world. Retail therapy sounds like the perfect touring experience to me. Therefore, there are ample reasons why this is one of the best walking tours in California.

Let’s Go on a Walking Tour in California

California is a stunning place to visit, and their walking tours are definitely a testament to that. It is a must when you’re in the state. It gives you the perfect opportunity to sightsee and learn all about the culture and history of the city. All while getting your steps in. And if you don’t want all the walking, try a wellness retreat in California.

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