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Why You Should Meditate Daily

We often overload our bodies, forgetting to pay attention to ourselves. As a result, we are not mindful of what our body, mind, and soul need and why it is essential. Below, we are taking a neuroscientific approach to meditation, the effects it has on our brain and how we can incorporate this practice into our daily lives. Moreover, we will explore a few peaceful meditation spots to visit in South Africa.

Meditation with calming views.

What is Meditation and What are its Effects?

Meditation is at the core of wellness, mindfulness, and mental well-being. It is the practice of reflecting and being in touch with yourself on a deeper level. In essence, it’s more than just the subconscious decisions we make daily.

Meditation helps us reduce stress by gaining a new perspective on certain situations. Moreover, it allows us to take the situation apart to look deeper into it. This allows us to understand what is at the root of the stressor and how to eliminate the problem.

Not only is meditation focused on stress relief, but it also improves self-awareness. As a result, it makes you aware of specific areas that you might want to change, work on, or improve. In fact, meditation has been a key tool in neuroscience for enabling self-development. Ultimately, using this tool to reflect on our innermost desires and where we can improve helps us achieve these wishes.


Law of Attraction in Meditation

At the core of neuroscience principles when meditating is using the law of attraction. This means setting your intention and taking action to achieve goals and attract the desires you have. Incorporating the law of attraction into meditation is as simple as imaging the desire or goal, the way it feels; smells and what emotions you feel. As a result, we create the intention and thereafter taking action comes naturally.

Neuroplasticity is a new term that neuroscience has taught us. This means that the brain is flexible and can be re-wired in terms of the way we live, act, and think to achieve greater levels of health, happiness, peace, and joy.

Noocube Brain Focus for Meditation and Productivity

Essentially, the benefits of meditating are endless. Besides increasing your creativity, imagination, patience and tolerance, meditation also reduces negative emotions. Considering what neuroscience says about our brain and how it responds to mindfulness and meditation, we can utilise it properly and watch the results unfold in our lives.

Calm landscapes for meditation.

Top 5 Spots to Meditate in South Africa

Now, let’s talk about the top 5 spots to meditate in South Africa.

1. Lion’s Head in Cape Town

Not only is Lion’s Head great for a meditation journey, but it also has an amazing view from the top. In fact, it overlooks Cape Town and all its glory. Despite getting busy at times, there are so many rocky spots to have peaceful meditation on this hiking trail. With stunning scenery, peaceful winds and the fresh smell of nature, Lion’s Head helps to calm and relax the mind.

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2. Kurisa Moya in Limpopo

If a meditation weekend in the forest is something that would tickle your fancy, this is the destination to visit. Kurisa Moya lets you be one with nature and soak up all the tranquillity its farm has to offer. For this reason, it’s a great place to meditate outside in full view of the forest.

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3. Palm Beach in Port Edward

Whereas most beaches are crowded, Palm Beach is secluded with rarely any visitors ever. What’s more, the smell of the salty ocean and the sound of waves crashing are simply soothing. This spot is perfect for water lovers like me to meditate and find peace of mind. Surely, this is one of the most beautiful and untouched beaches in South Africa.

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4. Spitzkop Viewpoint in Knysna

In addition to its exceptional views, Spitzkop is the highest point accessible on the Garden Route. On clear days, you can see as far as Mossel Bay from this viewing point. The landscape is calming and being far up in the sky creates an amazing sense of self-awareness of how small we truly are. For that reason, this peaceful setting is ideal for silent meditation and mindfulness.

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5. Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat in Western Cape

Bodhi Khaya loosely translates to ‘home of awareness’. The scenery here is fresh and crisp, perfect for mindfulness and being aware of your inner thoughts. Although Bohdi Khaya offers daily meditation sessions through their retreat program, you can also have a personal retreat and privately meditate.

Expand Your Wellness Horizon

Now that you know all about the benefits of meditation and the top spots to visit in South Africa, why not take it further? Here are 7 activities to broaden your wellness horizon. Enjoy!

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