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Why Wellness Retreats Are Better Than Traditional Resorts

Most of us live hectic lives, rushing somewhere all the time.

We’ve barely rubbed the sleep from our eyes when we begin the tedious commute; launched into meeting deadlines to running errands on the way to the football match whilst trying to squeeze in a fitness session. The frantic pace is unceasing. Finally, at the gym for some ‘me’ time, the leg press isn’t the only thing demanding your attention.

An email pops up on your phone and with that ever-present sense of urgency. You attend to it while struggling to breathe. The sense that there’s always something yet to do takes your breath away. Your partner texts a list of groceries needed and it’s getting late. The workout gets cut short as you rush to the shops before they close. Errand done! You return home having forgotten one item from the list.

Being exhausted and mentally scattered has you worn out by the business of living. We do this day in, day out. We compromise our mental and emotional health, a habitual pattern which often has a side effect on our physical health.

But the time has come! The vacation that’s meant to help us recharge our batteries has arrived! It’s the holiday we’ve been working so hard for, for the past year or so.

Traditional Resorts vs. Wellness Holidays

The typical holiday revolves around booking a traditional resort near a popular landmark, visiting all the tourist attractions, crowded streets, partying and probably drinking too much booze. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for jam-packed itineraries. However, more often than not, we come back from this type of holiday feeling like we need another holiday to recover from the holiday that just flew by.

I know I’m not the only one who felt this before in recent years. More and more people are looking to recharge their batteries in all types of wellness retreats that offer a deeper and more immersive experience.

A wellness retreat is essentially travel that promotes mental, emotional, and physical health through diverse activities. They are designed to allow us to re-energize before returning to our regular schedule fully rejuvenated and ready to go. In addition, choosing wellness retreats makes you feel happier and boosts productivity.

Clear minds, make clear decisions! Wellness retreats are not normally associated with business, but they should. Not only does it help executives to clear the clutter before tackling important decisions, but it also helps the employees improve work productivity. Wouldn’t a wellness retreat be an excellent team-building experience?

Clearing the Misconceptions about Wellness Retreats

I heard some of my colleagues say, “I would never go on a wellness retreat, I would get bored and have nothing to do!”. I told them that a wellness retreat is anything but boring. That it is a misperception based on people’s little knowledge and lack of experience. Each of them later on strongly agreed and, more so, we now occasionally go together on these retreats.

Growth and Benefits Wellness Retreats

In the last decade, wellness travel has flourished and it has expanded into various types of wellness retreats that match different personality types. From personal, spiritual and mental growth to everything in between. Yoga, breathwork, meditation and fitness are the most common type of wellness activities. However, dance, nutrition, spa, business, and leadership-themed ones are growing in popularity too.

One thing is certain – going on a wellness retreat, instead of a traditional holiday resort, is quite possibly the best thing one can do for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. And the benefits are long-term.

Imagine meeting like-minded people, sparking truthful connections and witnessing the occasional serendipities. On top of that, wellness retreats enable you to explore new ways of being and break through the mental patterns we sometimes find ourselves trapped in. We are finally deeply resting and relaxing. Fully taking in each present moment in the world’s most beautiful locations. It is a state of being we almost forgot existed for a moment. On top of it all, we do not need to worry about trip planning!

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Dare to Take A Break

So, dare to take a break from the traditional holiday. Explore. Wander. Follow your curiosity. You might uncover a whole new world to immerse yourself in. You can start small by downloading the Walk Run Cycle app. It helps you find the UK’s top-notch walking, cycling, and running routes in London, New Castle and Birmingham. Have a wonderful time!

By Eddie Cioca

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