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Where to Try Colon Therapy in Pretoria

Where You Can Try Colon Therapy in Pretoria

As this article’s genesis, I advise you to counsel with healthcare professionals before embarking on a colon-cleansing journey. However, if your doctor greenlights this alternative treatment, and you find yourself in Pretoria, then there are plenty of establishments where you could undergo this therapy. Also referred to as colonic hydrotherapy or colon irrigation, this procedure involves flushing the colon with liquids to remove waste from the colon.

This age-old technique stemmed from the theory that stomach waste may include toxins that harm the body. However, doctors such as Anuradha Bhama, MD, emphasise avoiding colon cleansing too often. So, this treatment depends on whether you want to do it or not; if you do, once every year is more than enough. So, without further a-poo, let’s discuss the establishments where you can try colon therapy in Pretoria.

Colonixx, Moreletapark

Where You Can Try Colon Therapy in Pretoria
Image: Lumina Aesthetics, 2024

Located in Moreletapark, Colonixx provides colon hydrotherapy in Pretoria for everyone needing a refresh at a reasonably affordable price. Colonixx believes that their colon therapy can aid with the following ailments: diarrhoea, spastic colon, liver sluggishness, fatigue, leaky gut syndrome, bad breath, and beyond!

Colonixx also provides Coffee Enema treatments, believed to reduce toxicity levels, clean and heal the colon, increase energy, improve mental clarity, help with depression and bad moods, eliminate parasites and candida, improve digestion, and so much more. Once again, it is advisable to consult with your doctor before embarking on colon therapy in Pretoria experiences!

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Executive Colon Cleanse

Image: Akesis Life, 2024

Owner and founder of Executive Colon Cleanse Clinic, Sissy Nhlapo, started to work on her Colon-Hydrotherapy course after she suffered for a duration of time from digestive-related illnesses. She was diagnosed with spastic colon, also known as IBS, and frequently felt that something indeed could be done after numerous hospital visits and doctor’s appointments made her feel like nothing could be done.

One doctor, however, suggested that she try colon hydrotherapy, and Pandora’s box opened. Executive Colon Cleanse now houses hydro colon cleanse certificates from places like the Wellness Institute for Digestive Health, Manhattan, and qualifications from Colon Care South Africa and Gastroenterologist GI, Long Island, NYC. So, if you feel like you need to flush away toxins and discomfort, book an appointment with Executive Colon Cleanse for some much-needed colon therapy in Pretoria!

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Colon H20

Where You Can Try Colon Therapy in Pretoria
Image: The Salt Room, 2024

Jeanette, the founder and owner of Colon H20, has always been interested in providing therapy for those in need. Her desire to work with people has been her dream since the age of 18, but as life went on, sometimes, her dream to become a speech therapist came crashing down when her application was unsuccessful. However, years later, her friend in the UK told her about her colon hydrotherapy clinic, and Jeanette had an Eureka moment.

She struggled with her digestive system after the birth of her son and decided to give colon therapy in Pretoria a try. Needless to say, Jeanette’s digestive problems completely disappeared, and she decided to start her journey as a qualified colon hydrotherapist. Now, you can visit Colon H20 if you struggle with weight management, irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal discomfort, and more! In my opinion, Colon H20 is definitely one of the most holistic clinics that provide colon therapy in Pretoria!

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From the Inside Out

Where You Can Try Colon Therapy in Pretoria
Image: Health Jade, 2024

If you’re seeking the rejuvenating benefits from the inside out via colon therapy in Pretoria, you’ll discover various options for your wellness needs. Pretoria offers a diverse selection of clinics where you can experience the restorative effects of colon therapy, from state-of-the-art Coffee enemas to hydroponic cleansing and beyond. Pick a facility that aligns with your preferences, ensuring a serene and professional environment for your wellness journey.

Take the first proactive step towards holistic well-being by exploring these clinics that provide colon therapy in Pretoria and embark on a path to enhanced health and vitality. Your wellness adventure awaits in this vibrant city, where you can embrace the benefits of this revitalising practice known as colon therapy!

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