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Where to Experience Health Hydros in South Africa

Where to Experience Health Hydros in South Africa

Are you going through a painful period in your life right now? Do you work too hard and need to escape life’s daily hustle and bustle? Maybe you are just looking to kickstart a new wellness regime. If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps I can suggest a solution!

Okay, okay, just give me some time. You are about to discover a wellness experience that gives you the ultimate rest. Indeed, that experience is health hydros. You might be asking yourself: “What is this health hydro that this man is talking about?”. As I said, just give me some time.

By the end of this article, you will know exactly what a health hydro is. On top of that, the article presents the benefits of health hydros. Lastly, you will discover where to experience health hydros in South Africa. So, let’s dive right in.

What is a Health Hydro?

A health hydro is a wellness spa that offers hydrotherapy treatments and traditional spa experiences. Essentially, health hydro therapies are performed in water-treatment facilities. This is what sets them apart from traditional spas.

While spas focus on pampering you, health hydros are more comprehensive in their approach. In fact, they teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle long after the therapies are done. Also, health hydro packages include standard massages, manicures, and facials. What a great way to relax your whole being!

South Africa is home to some very excellent health hydros. They typically include areas like steam rooms, sitz and Turkish baths, saunas, Jacuzzis and swimming pools. What’s better is that health hydros are excellent for walking and hiking. They all have gym services as well.

A health hydro is a wellness establishment that offers hydrotherapy treatments as well as traditional spa experiences.

Benefits of Going to a Health Hydro

Surely, you are dying to find out where you get a taste of this wellness experience. Trust me, I am dying to tell you as well. However, let’s first look at 3 of the biggest benefits of health hydros.

1. Boosted Immune System

In addition to wellness activities, health hydros offer spaces that increase your blood flow. When your body’s blood flow increases, your immune system becomes strengthened. This makes your body more effective in removing waste products. Moreover, it helps the body fight infections. In summary, regularly going to health hydros can treat a variety of medical conditions. These include acne, headaches, arthritis, muscle disorders and colds.

Regularly going to health hydros for hydrotherapy can treat a variety of medical conditions such as acne, headaches, arthritis, muscle disorders and colds. This is the main benefit of health hydros.

2. Pain Relief

The weightlessness you experience underwater releases tension in the limbs. Also, it relieves achy muscles, making mobility easier. Moreover, the activities at health hydros encourage the release of endorphins. These act as natural painkillers and lessen muscle tightness. In essence, going to a health hydro after fitness sessions will help you recover faster.

3. Stress Relief

Hydrotherapy treatments help lower high blood pressure typically induced by stress. Therefore, spending time at a health hydro slows down your body’s response to anxiety and releases endorphins. This makes health hydros great for easing highly stressful situations in life.

Evidently, there are many other benefits of going to health hydros. These include reduced inflammation, constipation relief, as well as reduced anxiety and depression symptoms. Surely, you can see that health hydros are indeed crucial for wellness.

Best Health Hydros to Visit in South Africa

Now that you are all caught up on the benefits of health hydros, we can move on to the next stage. Here at the top 3 places to visit in South Africa for health hydro experiences.

1. Brookdale Health Hydro in Nottingham Road, KwaZulu-Natal

Brookdale Health Hydro is the best place to experience health hydros in South Africa. It offers a wide range of comprehensive services such as hydrotherapy baths, aromatherapy, reflexology, and even a pampering Swedish massage.
Image: Brookdale Health Hydro, 2022

In the small community of Nottingham Road in the picturesque KwaZulu-Natal midlands lies Brookdale. This is a tranquil health hydro perfect for serene wellness retreats. Brookdale’s goal is to offer relief from the pressures of daily living. As a result, they provide you with a peaceful setting where you can balance your physical and mental health.

Essentially, deep relaxation is Brookdale’s key to helping you de-stress. So much so that this technique is upheld by their expert practitioners and a detailed menu of services. Besides hydro baths, the menu includes reflexology and even a Swedish massage. Talk about luxury wellness! On top of that, Brookdale Health Hydro provides you with a wide range of wellness activities. In addition to country walking, these activities include fishing, biking, swimming, yoga and Pilates. There is no way that you could possibly leave this health spa in the shape you came in.

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Whether you are an indoor or an outdoor person, there is a space available that will accommodate you. Some of Brookdale’s indoor facilities include heated ozonated pools, mosaic steam rooms, saunas, and a gym. On the other hand, the outdoor ones include dining areas, a labyrinth, a quiet outdoor lounge, and sun decks. Certainly, this is the ideal place to experience relaxation and wellness on the ultimate level!

2. The Hydro in Stellenbosch, Western Cape

The Hydro in Stellenbosch is one of the best wellness spas in the world. Situated 1 hour from Cape Town, this health hydro is considered the best health spa in South Africa.
Image: The Hydro in Stellenbosch, 2022

With amazing mountain backdrops and views, The Hydro in Stellenbosch is one of the best wellness spas in the world. Situated just 1 hour from Cape Town, this health hydro is considered the best health spa in South Africa.

At The Hydro, you can either gain or lose weight depending on your goals. There is an extensive menu of treatments for beauty, detoxification and energy restoration that help you relieve life’s stressors.

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Why not take strolls in The Hydro’s enormous landscaped gardens or embark on longer guided tours of the surroundings? Alternatively, you can just relax in your luxurious accommodation and lounge next to a gorgeous freshwater pool.

You’ll feel super refreshed within a few days of checking in at The Hydro. When your energy levels improve, take one of the scheduled movement classes or enjoy working out in their modern gym. Other wellness activities available at The Hydro include yoga, mindfulness, swimming, Tai Chi and Aquacise. You will be spoilt for choice!

3. Hoogland Health Hydro in Pretoria, Gauteng

Hoogland Health Hydro in Pretoria, Gauteng is the 3rd-best health hydro in South Africa.
Image: Bryan Casson, 2022

Nested in Schurveberg Mountain, Hoogland Health Hydro is an exquisite wellness spa located in Pretoria. It overlooks the Hennopsriver Valley, which is a short distance from Centurion.

Hoogland exists to help you achieve optimum relaxation, increase fitness and concentrate on weight loss. Certainly, you will feel mentally, emotionally, and physically refreshed from the first day that you arrive at this health hydro. This health spa offers you a variety of hydro therapies. In addition to flexible eating plans, there are exercises, health lectures, and a range of body and facial therapies available as well.

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Hoogland Health Hydro offers you a unique wellness experience. In fact, you should consider it if you are suffering from one or more illnesses. The experience is called therapeutic water fasting. In brief, this is a type of fasting done under the leadership and supervision of medical experts. Furthermore, it is aimed at supporting and improving the treatment and healing of many lifestyle and immune diseases. What an absolute healing sanctuary!

Choosing a Health Hydro

Well, there you have it! The best places to experience health hydros in South Africa. As I have shown, they are all amazing and can make it difficult for you to choose one among them. Do you need help making up your mind? Here are 5 things you should look out for when choosing a health hydro. In fact, why not try yoga after your hydro session? Here are the top yoga studios to visit in South Africa. Have a wonderful time!

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