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What You Did Not Know About Yoga

What You Did Not Know About Yoga

When was the last time you truly experienced your life, felt your body, emotion and self in a completely holistic state? Refeel Yoga is a journey through that process. Join us and discover how to ‘re-feel’ life with presence, purpose and fulfilment.

– Refeel Yoga

Clelia, a yogi at Refeel Yoga, doing a yoga pose.

There is an age-old saying that says “You never stop learning”. That was the first thought that came to mind as I was listening in awe to the informative yet inspirational words of Andrew and Clelia from Refeel Yoga. The depths of mental, physical, and spiritual levels that you dive into in yoga are endless and I was barely scratching away at the surface. My mind was running with excitement, like opening a present, to learn more about the real practice of yoga.

Before I blurt it all out, let’s start with the basics that you might not know about Yoga.

What is Yoga?

The root of the word Yoga is ‘Yuj’ which means to yoke and unite. In basic thinking, we might think of mind and body unity but there is more to it. However, when we talk about ‘union’ in its traditional meaning, it refers to the unity of the individual soul and the universal consciousness.

Yoga is a practice for opening our mind and creating awareness of people and situations around us that our mind has been trained to filter out. It is not only about the physical movements but the energy surrounding us and utilising them to perceive things at a higher level.

Refeel Yoga started with a dream to teach yoga and its endless benefits. Yoga improves the cardiovascular system, nervous system, and lymphatic system, and boosts mind and emotional intelligence to just name a few. The name ‘Refeel’ refers to ‘feel again’. Snapping out of the zombie life we fall trapped into. As well as awakening and living life to our fullest potential, our authentic selves.

Certainly, you are asking yourself: “Where does the journey to feel again start?”. Keep reading to find out!

Andrew, another yogi at Refeel Yoga, doing a yoga pose.


Chakra is referred to as the seven spiritual power centres located in the body. These chakras are Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra (or Sexual Chakra), Navel Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. Each of these has its unique energy and source of spiritual power.

Chakra is the root of yoga and the main way to unlock your inner self.


Kundalini is the practice of channelling divine primordial energy located in the base of the spine. This energy is not something you find but it is something you are born with. Practising Kundalini connects you with this energy to transform your life.

Kundalini stems from the Sanskrit language meaning ‘coiled snake’. Utilising this yoga method is ultimately to uncoil the snake.

Kundalini improves mindfulness, compassion as well as communication between you and others. On top of that, it increases inspiration among many other benefits.


Tantra yoga is a combination of different techniques. In this type of yoga, they use mantra meditation, visualisation, mudras, pranayama and delving into the inner universe that resides in our body. Similar to Kundalini, Tantra releases the divine primordial energy trapped in our spine.

Refeel Yoga

Refeel Yoga offers a number of online courses.

Through their YouTube channel, Refeel Yoga offers help and guidance as well as online teachings to optimise yoga and develop as well as channel the divine energy. All to unlock your inner self and re-feel again.

Refeel Yoga started as a dream to educate and guide the practice of yoga as self-development, healing and unlocking divine energy that is trapped away inside of us.

Andrew and Clelia met a couple of years ago through tantra. They fell in love and shortly thereafter they started the Refeel Yoga journey. Their journey has brought them to Thailand where they currently reside in the tropical paradise. It is also from there that the YouTube channel came to life.

Clelia and Andrew are an amazing team. Their energy bounces off each other as they talk to you, almost as if they are perfectly in sync with each other.

It is in this energy that one can almost feel the resilience of their spiritual journey, and how they have grown into the couple that I met. They are a pair of stunning people and the work they do is incredible. Paired with their knowledge and experience, Refeel Yoga is a winning team.

30 Day Challenges

Refeel Yoga offers membership programmes on their YouTube channel through Patreon.

On their YouTube channel, Refeel Yoga has 30-day challenges that handle all the different aspects of yoga.

The most recent one I took part in is the 30-day challenge on manifesting your intention. The series has thus far been enlightening but it also challenged me to not only be more disciplined but also commit more time to myself to achieve the intention I have set.


Refeel Yoga recently hosted a retreat in Italy that ended up being a great success. The reviews were amazing from people who joined in on this fruitful spiritual journey.

Their next retreat, which will be publicly announced soon, will be displayed on their website and social media pages.

The top 3 challenges on Refeel Yoga’s YouTube channel that I personally love and think that everyone should do are Manifesting your Intention – because intention without action is mere intellectual play. Secondly, the Kundalini Transformation is an excellent jump into Kundalini. Finally, the 30-day Meditation Challenge is a definite favourite.

From setting my intention to having mindful meditation and everything in between, Refeel Yoga has opened my eyes to this new world of endless possibilities and changed my view on yoga and the practice thereof.

If you are struggling to make up your mind, here’s how to choose a yoga retreat in India.

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