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We’re Sea-rious About Snorkeling in Bali

Long time no sea! As you can “sea” I’m on my ocean pun game today. You might be wondering why I’m so chirpy and the answer is quite simple. Today I’m taking you along to one of my favourite islands on Earth. Maybe you guessed it or just read my title but we’re heading to Bali! Ah yes, the controversial Bali, responsible for the famous Bali Belly (an upset stomach from the rather dirty water). However, this island is rich in stunning views and natural scenery. With that said, come along as I take you snorkelling around Bali.

Nusa Penida Island

Snorkel at Nusa Penida Island by exploring Manta Bay, Crystal Bay, and Mangrove Point.
Image: Indonesia Tourism, 2019

Nusa Penida is an island near the southeastern Indonesian island of Bali. The best way to reach the island is to take a 30-minute ferry from Sanur Beach. Without a doubt, you’ll know when you’ve reached the island. The island is surrounded by towering limestone cliffs planted in crystal-clear turquoise water. Not only do I think the beautiful views but so does every tourist that has visited Penida Island. In fact, the island is one of the “most Instagrammed” locations in the world. And to top that, Nusa Penida’s Kelingking Beach is the most Instagrammed beach in the world. So, just trust me and visit Nusa Penida.

We're Sea-rious About Snorkeling in Bali

When snorkelling at Nusa Penida, you cover roughly three spots. First visit Manta Bay, where the snorkelling adventure commences then discover the natural beauty of Crystal Bay. This is a secret secluded beach where you can enjoy a snorkel without any disturbances. Lastly, go to Mangrove Point for the perfect snorkelling experience. Not only will these snorkelling spots be once-in-a-lifetime experiences but also a seaside lunch on a sandy white beach. As soon as you’re full, get back to exploring the most diverse reefs on the planet.

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2. Blue Lagoon and Tanjung Jepun at Padangbai

Blue Lagoon and Tanjung Jepun at Padang Bai

The Blue Lagoon and Tanjung Jepun are found on the east side of Bali. Usually, most tourists stay in South Bali, but East Bali is a fantastic place to visit and stay. Especially if you prefer to see the cultural side of the island. On top of that, the diverse marine life on that side of the island is immaculate. A definite must-see. Moreover, the east of Bali and the islands off the coast are the best places to dive.

For beginner snorkelers who wish to explore the waters of beautiful Bali, Blue Lagoon and Tanjung Jepun are great spots. Here, you can float around and have a look at exotic colourful marine life in calm still waters. A snorkelling boat takes you out to the Blue Lagoon where you get into the water and snorkel all the way to Tanjung Jepun. Shortly after the starting procedures, you are in the water. You are then led through the majestic waters by a professional diving and snorkelling instructor. With Klook, decide between a snorkelling expedition or a snorkelling and waterfall adventure. Easily upgrade your trip and make sure you take in as much of Bali as possible.

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3. Lipah Bay

Snorkel at Lupah Bay in Bali for beautiful ocean
Image: Dive Concepts, 2023

Lipah Beach is an incredible black sand beach with turquoise blue waters filled with river rocks. An interesting attraction to Lipah Beach is the wreck of a Japanese warship that crashed and sunk in these waters. Because the shipwreck is so close to the shoreline, the wreck is easy to swim to and have a look around. Besides the wreck, this part of the sea is filled with reefs and other ocean flora that decorate the ocean.

Once you enter the ocean at Lipah Bay, the snorkelling experience starts. You’re instantly immersed in reefs, fish, and interesting creatures. When you swim a bit deeper, you eventually reach the shipwreck. A friendly reminder, it’s easier to get into the water at high tide when the water is a certain height above the reef. However, when it is low tide, there are available paths to enter the water away from the exposed reefs. After your relaxing snorkel, visit one of the many cosy restaurants along the beach to end the day peacefully.

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Wow, this is One Shell of a Place

Bali is truly an island that hosts a perfect balance between cultural city life and breathtaking natural surroundings. I really think one of the best ways to sea (see what I did there? I’m done now) what Bali has to offer is to snorkel in the clear waters of the idyllic island. Looking to explore Bali? Check out the best wellness detox experiences. And always, thank you so much for being here!

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