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Wellness in Thailand: Falcon De Wet’s Epic Experience

Wellness in Thailand: Falcon De Wet's Epic Experience

When most people arrive at an exotic holiday destination, the first thing they usually do is throw themselves on their luxurious hotel bed and get some rest. Others do something more relaxing like going to the spa or chilling by the pool. But that’s not what social media influencer Falcon De Wet did. Do you know what’s the first thing he did upon arriving in Thailand? He went on an ATV tour! Yep, that’s how adventurous he is!

Meet Falcon De Wet: a South African social media influencer and digital marketing trailblazer

If you’re not familiar with this young trailblazer, let me get you acquainted! Falcon De Wet is a results-driven South African marketer with over 4 years of experience in the fashion and retail sector, specialising in digital marketing. He boasts an impressive history of creating and implementing holistic marketing strategies that boost brand recognition, improve customer interaction, and optimise revenue expansion for numerous international brands.

However, when the sun goes down, Falcon transforms into a vibrant social media personality with a big passion for wellness, travel, and adventure. In fact, he recently came back from vacation in Thailand and I caught up with him to hear all about the experience. If you are a fan of Falcon, or wellness and adventure in general, then I’m sure you’re dying to hear all about it! So without further ado, I present to you: Falcon De Wet’s epic wellness experience in Thailand!

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First Things First: Why Thailand?

Falcon visited Thailand to spend quality time with his friend while enjoying the awesome tropical beauty and pristine beaches of the country

To kick off the interview, I asked Falcon what the purpose of his trip to Thailand was and what motivated him to choose the country in particular. Falcon explained, “One of my best friends recently moved to London, so we were eager to travel together. Thailand was an obvious choice as we wanted to experience a tropical beach holiday before winter. Reviews, YouTube videos, and recommendations assured us that Thailand would offer exactly what we desired”.

Essentially, Falcon’s motivation stemmed from the opportunity to spend quality time with a friend while enjoying the awesome tropical beauty and pristine beaches of the country. He enthusiastically expressed, “Thailand’s reputation for stunning landscapes and the promise of a remarkable beach getaway convinced us that it was the perfect destination.” Falcon also expressed that he hadn’t taken a vacation in 2 years so part of his motivation was to unwind and focus on wellness in Thailand.

Wellness in Thailand: Falcon De Wet's Epic Experience

Most people see and envy the glamorous side of being a marketer and a social media influencer, but it often gets hectic behind the scenes. Falcon opened up and told me, “It’s been quite tough, especially since starting a new job. Taking a break seemed impossible, but this wellness trip to Thailand provided me with a much-needed opportunity to recharge and rebuild my energy and mindset”. That’s the power of wellness, folks! Now, on to the more exciting conversations!

Falcon’s Favourite Wellness Activities in Thailand

From a quad bike tour around Phuket Island to parasailing and jumping ropes that were set on fire, Falcon sure made the most of his time in Thailand!

When I asked Falcon about some of the activities that he did in Thailand, I quickly discovered that he’s an adventure junkie. I mean, the man did pretty much everything that you can think of. From a quad bike tour around Phuket Island to parasailing and jumping ropes that were set on fire, it’s clear that Falcon made the most of his time in Thailand! Here are some of the wellness activities that he just couldn’t stop raving about:

1. ATV Tour Around Phuket Island

The fact that this was the first activity that Falcon and his friend did when they arrived in Thailand should’ve given you a clue that this was his favourite! I mean, he didn’t even start by eating. That’s what I would’ve done. But this is not about me, so let me fill you in on this exhilarating wellness activity!

Wellness in Thailand: Falcon De Wet's Epic Experience

Falcon’s most cherished activity in Thailand was a four-hour-long exhilarating wellness adventure. While riding on quad bikes, Falcon and his friend set out to discover stunning viewpoints across the island. He excitedly shared, “The sightseeing was amazing! The views, the things we did, the whole experience was just fantastic.” During the tour, they made a special two-hour stop at the famous Big Buddha statue in Old Phuket Town. Falcon fondly recalled, “It was really cool and peaceful. It felt calming and spiritual. I’m so glad we got to do it.”

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As they continued to roam Phuket’s captivating landscapes on their quad bikes, Falcon and his friend were enthralled by the natural beauty that surrounded them. In the end, this ATV tour left an indelible mark on Falcon, carving precious memories of Phuket’s breathtaking scenery in his heart. It truly captured the essence of their adventure and deepened Falcon’s appreciation for Thailand’s beauty. Wish you were there? Well, you too can book the ATV Tour via Viator’s website! It’s super affordable, starting at only £30 for two people. Best of all, it’s available year-round. So you have no excuse not to experience such exhilarating wellness in Thailand!

2. Visiting the Big Buddha Statue

Falcon and one of his best friends at the Big Buddha statue: a great place for wellness in Thailand

At the start of our interview, Falcon said that he primarily went to Thailand to enjoy the awesome tropical beauty and pristine beaches. However, as we spoke more, it became evident that the real reason was to explore the wellness experiences that Thailand has to offer. In fact, visiting the Big Buddha statue in Phuket was undoubtedly the most impactful moment of his trip.

Describing the experience, Falcon expressed his admiration for the statue’s tranquil and spiritual ambience. He remarked, “That was probably my second favourite activity from the entire trip. It was very calming, very tranquil, very spiritual. That was a really great thing to have done”. The Big Buddha statue is not only a prominent wellness landmark but also offers breathtaking views as one of the main viewpoints on Phuket Island.

Soaking in the serene atmosphere, Falcon found solace and a sense of inner peace while in the presence of the magnificent statue. The spiritual energy surrounding the Big Buddha left a profound impact on him and contributed significantly to his overall experience in Phuket. Ultimately, the visit to the Big Buddha statue served as a reminder of the spiritual wellness that Thailand has to offer. As he explored the island’s many attractions, the serenity found at this wellness attraction remained a standout moment in his journey. Did you know that the visit to the Big Buddha statue is part of the ATV Tour that you too can book via Viator’s website?

3. Private Boat Tour on Phi Phi Island

Falcon embarked on a thrilling full-day private longtail boat tour, which proved to be another wellness highlight of his trip

During his visit to Phi Phi Island, Falcon embarked on a thrilling full-day private longtail boat tour, which proved to be another wellness highlight of his trip. The tour took him and his friend to various surrounding islands, including James Bond Island, Maya Beach, and Monkey Island. Enthusiastically describing the experience, Falcon exclaimed, “That was probably one of my favourite activities from the entire trip. It was just amazing”. The tour provided an incredible opportunity for sightseeing, offering stunning views and engaging wellness activities like snorkelling in the middle of the ocean!

One of the main aspects that made the boat tour truly exceptional was its exclusivity. Falcon and his friend had the entire day trip to themselves. This allowed them to tailor the experience to their preferences and spend as much time as they desired at each stop. This freedom ensured that they could fully immerse themselves in the beauty of the island without feeling rushed or limited by a strict schedule.

Wellness in Thailand: Falcon De Wet's Epic Experience

Recalling the adventure, Falcon emphasised the significance of booking a private tour, stating, “A lot of tourists go and book the group tours, and you don’t really have much time to yourself on those. We booked a private longtail boat, so it was just me and my friend on the boat. We kind of had the entire day trip to ourselves”. If this sounds like something you also want to explore in Thailand, book your spot on Klook’s website today for £266! Although it’s a bit more expensive, it’s definitely one of the best wellness activities in Thailand!

Now, Let’s Talk About the Food in Thailand

Overall, Falcon gave the food in Thailand a solid 9 out of 10. This goes to show that Thailand is a great destination for wellness-conscious culinary exploration

Being a food lover, I couldn’t wait to ask Falcon about how the food in Thailand tasted! So I asked him to share his experiences with Thai food and to compare it with the times when he ate it elsewhere. According to Falcon, Thai food in Thailand was on a whole new level compared to what he had experienced in South Africa. He exclaimed, “The Thai food we had in South Africa doesn’t compare at all to the authentic experience in Thailand.” Thereafter, he took me on a tantalising journey through the flavours of Thai cuisine.

Falcon’s excitement was contagious as he shared his enjoyment of various dishes like the indulgent lobster curries. I could feel myself starting to get hungry. He cheerfully expressed, “I had so many lobster curries, and it was my first time trying lobster too!” These simple and genuine words painted a vivid picture of his culinary discoveries in Thailand. Due to a relative’s prior unfortunate incident, Falcon was initially cautious about street food so he planned to only dine at restaurants for safety reasons. However, he couldn’t resist exploring local markets and eateries on the island, where he encountered intriguing and delectable dishes.

Overall, Falcon gave the food in Thailand a solid 9 out of 10. This goes to show that Thailand is a great destination for wellness-conscious culinary exploration. At the end of the day, Falcon didn’t get sick from the food as his relative did. Instead, he joyfully exclaimed, “Everything is so fresh; everything is prepared right in front of your eyes!” At that moment, I knew I had to hop on my Uber Eats app and order some Thai food right after the interview!

Where to Stay During a Wellness Trip in Thailand

If you are planning your first wellness trip to Thailand, consider visiting some of the resorts that Falcon De Wet visited

At this point, I’m sure you are ready to go on a wellness trip to Thailand. Sure, you had your doubts but Falcon’s lobster story was the last bit of convincing that you needed. If this is your first time planning a wellness trip to Thailand, you might be asking yourself: “What are some of the best places to stay during my trip?” Well, maybe the resorts that Falcon visited will inspire you.

1. Four Points by Sheraton Phuket Patong Beach Resort

Falcon started his vacation in Thailand with a five-day stay at the Four Points Beach Resort in Pa Tong, Phuket. From the moment he set foot on the island, he was captivated by its beauty and allure. The vibrant atmosphere of the beach immediately caught his attention, with a plethora of activities and sights to explore. Falcon recalls, “There’s just so much going on during the day, even at night. The number of activities there are on the beach and what there is to do during the day is really amazing”. Starting at about £80 per night for two people, Four Points is an incredibly affordable resort for experiencing wellness in Thailand!

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Patong Beach is one of the hot spots for wellness activities in Thailand

2. Phi Phi CoCo Beach Resort

After bidding farewell to Phuket, Falcon embarked on a four-day stay at Phi Phi CoCo Beach Resort on Phi Phi Islands. Tucked amid a miniature jungle, this resort blended seamlessly with its surroundings. The chalets, constructed entirely of bamboo, added an authentic touch to the experience. Falcon reminisced, “The rooms were surrounded by beach sand and there were banana or bread trees everywhere.”

Moreover, Phi Phi CoCo’s design gave the impression of living in harmony with nature and it created a sense of peace and serenity. Reflecting on his four-day stay at Phi Phi Island, Falcon couldn’t help but marvel at the island’s untouched beauty. He then concluded, “The hotel that we stayed in was also one favourite because it made it feel like we were living in the middle of the jungle”. For roughly £110 per night, you too can enjoy a wellness trip in Thailand at Phi Phi CoCo Beach Resort!

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3. Baan Laimai Resort & Spa

It seems like Falcon just couldn’t get enough of Phuket. So before heading back home, he returned to the island to spend two more days at Baan Laimai Resort & Spa in Patong. During this whirlwind two-day stay in Phuket, Falcon immersed himself in the vibrant atmosphere of Thailand! Staying in the bustling Patong Beach area, Falcon indulged in a multitude of beach activities and marvelled at the energy that permeated the day and night. While here, Falcon and his friend had a great time enjoying Thailand’s nightlife scene at Bangla Road. In fact, that’s where the infamous fiery rope jumping took place! I told you this guy was adventurous!

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Expect Amazement in Thailand

Falcon De Wet's wellness trip to Thailand was truly remarkable

As you can tell, Falcon De Wet’s wellness trip to Thailand was truly remarkable. From thrilling ATV tours to visiting iconic landmarks like the Big Buddha statue, Falcon experienced a diverse range of activities that enriched his journey. The locals also played a crucial role in making his experience unforgettable. Their warm and friendly nature made him feel welcomed and supported throughout his trip. Transitioning smoothly from casual greetings to meaningful conversations, the locals effortlessly shared insights, offered guidance, and even tailored their recommendations to suit his preferences.

Thanks to Falcon, now you know what you can expect when visiting this amazing country for the first time! So get ready to create your own unforgettable moments as you embrace wellness in Thailand!

Keeping Up with Falcon De Wet

I really had a great time catching up with Mr Falcon De Wet. Being an avid traveller and wellness connoisseur, I could’ve interviewed him forever. But then this article would be too long. With that said, we’ve reached the end of the interview. Help me express my gratitude to Falcon by following him on his social media accounts: Instagram: @falcondewet_, TikTok: @falcondewet, and Facebook: Falcon de Wet.

For more wellness activities in Asia, check out these 3 Yoga Retreats in Vietnam. Have a wonderful time!

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