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Wellness Activities to Do in Hawaii

Hawaii is an incredible island consisting of 8 major islands, filled to the brim with wellness activities. The island has many active volcanos that in themselves are incredible to see.

Whether you plan on spending your time in Hawaii on a paddle board, hiking or relaxing at a spa or yoga retreat, there are so many activities on this island to keep you busy from sunrise to sunset. Let’s explore some of the best ones for you.

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1. Hiking in Oahu

Hawaii is vast and has so many mountains and landscapes to hike on. However, I have discovered that the most-loved hike is Oahu. It is also the most populated of the islands but the trails tend to not reflect this as there could be many times that you will find yourself alone on them.

Most of the trails in Oahu last between 1 and 3 hours, meaning that you could still have ample time for other wellness activities on the same day. Especially if you are a busybody like myself.

If you would like to have an assisted hike, I would recommend using Oahu Hike. They provide excellent advice on trails and all the what-to-dos.

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Here are a few hiking spots in Oahu that I would for you to experience:

Stairways to Heaven

Living up to its name with its steep climbs to the top, this trail is the most loved by hikers visiting Oahu. I must mention that the Stairways to Heaven trail is a grey area as it is generally considered illegal to hike, due to its deteriorated stairs. However, authorities tend to generally give you a slap on the wrist if caught. I am not saying that you should pursue this trail, but I do think that it is a remarkable one.  Some have faced fines when caught on here, just a fair warning.

Kuliouou Ridge Trail

This is an hour’s hike but with amazing views of the mountainside and glimpses of the ocean. it is the best of both worlds. Kuliouou is a mere 7.6-kilometre out-and-back trail that is short and sweet. This is one of those trails that can be done early morning with time to spare for other activities throughout the rest of the day.

Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail

A 4-kilometre paved uphill makes Makapu’u Point Lighthouse a smooth yet sturdy trail. There are cliffs that the roaring waves crash against which give a remarkable view of the ocean and are ideal to spot a few whales and dolphins who regularly pop out of the ocean. Makapu’u’s observation deck makes for a perfect lookout as well as the magnificent lighthouse at the top. Definitely worthwhile.

Waimano Falls Trail

This pleasant trail is easy to walk and very enjoyable with a surprise treat waiting for you at the end. Can you get what is it? Yes, it’s a beautiful waterfall with a crystal-clear water pool. Waimano Falls is perfect for the inexperienced hiker as it is a mere 4.7-kilometre out-and-back stable trail.

2. Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is another magical wellness activity to experience in Hawaii. The island’s crystal-clear waters and breathtaking scenery create the perfect backdrop for an adventure on the waves. Glide along the coast and soak in the Aloha spirit! Here are some of the best places to paddleboard in Hawaii.

Aloha Sup Club

Do you want to paddleboard on Ala Moana Beach with beautiful views of the ocean, especially at sunset? Aloha Sup Club can help you with that! They provide the hire of paddleboards as well as a bit of training on how to utilise them.

Lunar Legends Night Stand-up Paddle

Nothing beats night-time and neon lights. Now, imagine adding paddleboarding to the mix! Paddleboard at night with a spectrum of colour illuminating the waters at the Polynesian Cultural Centre. This means no sharks or waves to worry about.

Just you and your paddleboard having fun. Lunar Legends also provides paddleboards to rent as well as a crash course on paddleboarding. However, this is mild compared to open-ocean paddleboarding.

Keauhou Bay

Keauhou has calm pleasant waters with remarkable views of dried lava bed around the bay, ideal conditions to jump on a paddleboard. On some days the waves might nudge you towards the rocky coastline so be attentive to that. Other than a pesky wave of two, Keauhou is a great paddleboarding site with the occasional boat coming through making the vibe something worth experiencing.

Spas and Yoga Retreats

On an island with traditional healing techniques and filled to the brim with spas and yoga retreats, here are a few that I would recommend visiting for a day of wellness and relaxation after a hike or morning paddleboarding.

Sound Therapy at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

Sound therapy is the practice of using sound vibrations to heal and relax the body and mind. This is super effective and calming. I would describe it as a massage for the brain.

Floating at Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa

What I particularly love about Float Therapy is the feeling of being weightless and floating in water that adjusts to the temperature of your skin. With a solution of water and Epsom salt, Grand Hyatt creates the perfect gravity-free mixture for you to relax and float in. Weightless floating relaxes your muscles and spine, promotes blood circulation and has an immense effect on your brain by helping it shut down and relax. Floating is done in a sensory deprivation tank and is definitely a must-do wellness activity when you’re in Hawaii.

Maui North Shore Yoga Retreat

Yoga in paradise, need I say more? Maui North Shore Retreat offers you nature yoga to relax your mind and body. Certainly, this is a retreat you do not want to miss.

The retreats are held twice yearly, the first being in March each and the second being in October.

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