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Wellness in Byron Bay, Australia

Rich in culture and history, Byron Bay is a sight for sore eyes. Before it became home to travellers, it was home to the Arakwal people of the Bundjalung Nation who initially named it Cavanbah which translates to ‘meeting place’ in Bundjalung the language. It was later named Byron Bay by European settlers.

From stretches of golden sands to rocky cliffs, Byron Bay is filled to the brim with Wellness activities, and I have outlined a few below.

Wellness in Byron Bay, Australia.

Let’s Talk Festivals

I’m not referring to loud music and parties but festivals that leave you feeling enriched and educated. Here are a few:

Byron Writers Festival

This festival in Byron Shire attracts writers, thinkers, and poets to gather and share ideas and the power of words. A powerful festival to open your mind to a world of stories and ideas. Being surrounded by creativity is mesmerising and almost hypnotic. You leave feeling fulfilled and energised.

Byron Bay Triathlon

The first triathlon was held back in 1995 and has become a popular annual event ever since. With different distances to choose from this iconic destination, swimming in the crystal-clear ocean paired with the vibe from all those who attend and participate is something to experience.

Caper Byron Bay Festival

Described as “a spectacle for the senses” this festival cultivates and combines food and art made by local artists and restaurants. Experience the colours and atmosphere that Caper Byron creates. The festival is held in the North Byron Hotel which sets the perfect ambience for a day filled with culture and new experiences.

Ecstatic Dance Byron Bay

Spiritual body movement. Those are the best ways to describe this activity. Surrounded by clean energy, not words, just the movement of what you feel. Crowds gather weekly in Byron Bay along with an arranged DJ and they create an absolute vibe. The use of substances is strictly prohibited because this festival is all about soul movement, allowing your body to be free and letting the music take over. This is a feeling of relaxation like no other, not being limited and being led by what comes from within. Ecstatic Dance Byron Bay is well worth attending.

Keeping well in Byron Bay, Australia.

Keeping Well

Cape Byron Walking Track

One of the most popular things to do in Byron Bay is to walk the Cape Byron walking track. The 3.7-kilometre walk is mostly paved with an occasional set of steps on the uphill parts. Track along the ocean with incredible sea views leading to a 180-degree beach view at the end before you loop back to the Lighthouse where the journey began. There are multiple benches to stop and take in the sheer beauty of your surroundings and with some luck spot a few dolphins, stingrays or even whales just off the coast. Also, take a stroll and feel the fresh ocean air blow in on the small empty beaches along the route.

SOMA Byron Bay

Yoga and movement retreat is a treat for the soul. Using neurophysiology and the art of movement, SOMA Byron Bay creates a unique yoga experience. They have developed a style of movement that not only positively impacts your health but also your breathing, posture, and mind. These 3-day retreats are easily bookable on their website. It is an unmatched wellness experience.

Healthy Diet, Healthy Mind

Healthy eating for wellness in Byron Bay in Australia.


With unique vegan cuisine using only fresh ingredients to nourish the body and mind, Elixiba’s unique décor sets a great atmosphere to enjoy delicious food with friends and family. Be sure to try one of their botanically infused drinks.

Yummify Byron Bay

This is food for the heart and soul. Yummify is a cosy vegan restaurant that not only prepares organic, fresh meals but also offers another rare opportunity through its academy where vegan culinary art is taught. Have a quick lunch or invite friends to enjoy an awesome time with wholesome food at Yummify. Made from scratch with love.

From festivals that cultivate those happy hormones, relaxational yoga and trekking through exceptional scenery, capturing positive energy to dance all the way to feeding mind and body. Diverse Byron Bay has so much wellness to offer along with its rich history and culture. Come explore all there is to see and leave feeling rested, restored, and rejuvenated.

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