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Wellness Activities to Do at an Eco-Retreat in New Zealand

Eco Retreat in New Zealand

Are you an environmentalist at heart? So much so that everything you do and everywhere you go has to be eco-friendly? Wow, you must have a hard time finding holiday accommodations. But not anymore. I have a solution for your lodging needs: eco-retreats! If you are not familiar with that word you might be asking yourself: “What is an eco-retreat?”. Bear with me, I will answer your question shortly. If you are familiar with the term but are wondering what wellness activities you can do at an eco-retreat in New Zealand then I’ve got you covered too! Let’s get right into it.

What is An Eco-Retreat

An eco-retreat is eco-friendly accommodation that allows you to get away from the fast-paced city life. It’s great for clearing your lungs from all the emissions and clearing your mind from all the clutter. If this sounds like a retreat that’s in nature, well, aren’t they all though? What makes eco-retreats different is that they focus on both the individual and the environment. Rather than just focusing on the individual. A win-win if you ask me.

Eco-retreats aim to have zero carbon dioxide emissions. This is achieved by balancing carbon dioxide emissions and removing them. These retreats are perfect if you are looking to detox from social media and the rest of the world. An ideal spot of seclusion for all our busy kiwis.

Wellness Activities to Do at an Eco-Retreat in New Zealand

Wellness Activities to Do at an Eco-Retreat in New Zealand

Now that you are familiar with eco-retreats, let me tell you about 4 wellness activities that you can do at an eco-retreat in New Zealand. I will use the Headwaters Eco Lodge as a case study.

The Headwaters Eco Lodge has 14 private chalets that offer modern eco accommodation. These are tainted in luxury. They include stunning amenities such as a rain shower and are furnished with original New Zealand artworks. The private verandas provide stunning mountain views and secluded native gardens. There are numerous activities that you can do at this lodge. Thus fortifying the wellness experience that this eco-lodge promises. Here are some of the activities available at Headwaters.

1. Otago Wine Experience

The Otagu Wine Experience includes views of the stunning vineyards and spectacular scenery of Central Otago. You can enjoy the sights and listen to the pioneering history of the landscape. Take advantage of picture-perfect moments along the way with the lush scenery and idyllic views. All this while sipping on the perfect feel-good treat, a glass of wine. What better way to take in nature and unwind on your journey?

Wine tour at an eco-retreat in Otago, New Zealand.

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2. Wellness Retreat

The Headwaters Eco Lodge in Glenorchy is the perfect place to enjoy a wellness retreat. It is a vicinity that aims to maintain the wellness of both environment and the individual. Trust me, this will be so fulfilling. Headwaters offers wellness retreats all year round. These specialised wellness retreats are designed to nourish, renew and reset your mind and soul. This allows you to feel refreshed by the time you leave.

The wellness retreats at Headwaters Eco Lodge are the perfect breakaway opportunity. Whether you need to escape from your busy life or just need time away for your mental health to reset. Headwaters offers specialised wellness retreats for women. For the ladies who are looking for some girl time, and trust me, we always are.

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3. Guided Fishing

If you enjoy casting a reel out into the open water, this is something that is definitely up your alley. Whether you have can fish or you just want to embrace the tranquility that the river has to offer. However, this is a perfect activity for you. There are a variety of guided fishing options at The Headwaters Eco Lodge which include a half-day, full-day or multi-day (for the avid fisherman). Remember to relish in the natural wonders that the stream offers, and the beautiful cycle of nature when catching your first trout. The serenity along with this activity is unmatched. The sound of flowing water proves to relieve anxiety, improve sleep quality and acts as natural meditation assistance.

Fishing to detox at an eco-retreat in Otago, New Zealand

4. Bike Tours

Bike tours are a wonderful way to experience New Zealand’s backcountry. Imagine venturing into the heart of Mt Aspiring National Park on a fully guided bike ride through an alpine valley and towering over snow-covered peaks. Sounds like a scene out of a movie, doesn’t it? Funny enough, it actually is! This unique range of landscapes has been featured in a few well-known films such as The Hobbit, Narnia and Lord of the Rings. In the same way, enjoying these beautiful surroundings can transport you to a magical place of calmness. Going on a bike tour at The Headwaters Eco Lodge is also a perfect way to catch a glimpse of New Zealand’s beautiful and textured landscapes.

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Biking through beautiful landscapes at an eco-retreat.

Finally, by choosing this lodge out of all the possible options, you will actively contribute to bettering the environment. Even though it’s just in small doses, you will be saving the planet. A two-for-one special as you will better your holistic health and contribute positively to the area. Do you need more eco-friendly lodging options? Here are 10 must-visit resorts for your wellness retreat. Hope to see you there!

Psychology tip: moderate doses of alcohol prove to increase overall happiness and pleasant feelings.

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