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Wellness Activities in Denali National Park, Alaska

Just imagine how much there is to do in a national park that covers 2.5 million hectares of Alaska. Besides the plenty of adventures to embark on, the park is home to spectacular natural landmarks. The centrepiece of Denali National Park is the stunning Mount McKinley. Also, the tallest peak in Northern America. Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest mountaineering to the top of Mount McKinley. Of course, you’re more than welcome to. I’m just out of breath thinking about it. Without further ado, let’s explore more relaxed yet exciting wellness activities in Denali National Park.

1. Ziplining in Denali National Park

Ziplining in Denali National Park Alaska
Image: Explore Fairbanks, 2023

Feel on top of the world at your ziplining adventure in Denali National Park. This activity is for you if you’ve ever felt like your inner spirit animal is a bird. Unfortunately, you must climb up ladders to get above the trees. But you’re ready to fly when you reach the top. Afterwards, you go down a total of seven ziplines. Between the ziplines, enjoy incredible views from six sky bridges.

Additionally, the built-in, hands-free braking system lets you take in the wilderness views. Finally, end your exhilarating experience by racing your friends or family down the dual-racer zipline. And of course, all the necessary safety gear is provided. So, get your wings ready and soar through the trees at Denali National Park.

2. Scenic Air Tour Over Denali National Park

Scenic Air Tour over Denali National Park in Alaska
Image: Flightseeing tour over Denali, 2023

I won’t use more cheesy flying metaphors but this activity also takes you above the trees of Denali National Park. On this plane ride, you discover the wonders of Alaska from above. For an hour and a half, see the Great Gorge at Ruth Glacier, Don Sheldon amphitheatre, and the rivers of Talkeetna. Remember to also look out for the breathtaking snow-capped peaks of the Alaska Range.

Relax at the unique Alaskan log cabin before your flight. Then board your single-engine, high-wing plane. What’s more, you avoid FOMO because you get a window seat. Also, receive a personal headset to listen to the guide’s expert narration of the flight. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

3. Hiking in Denali National Park

Hike in Denali National Park Alaska
Image: Rust’s Flying Services, 2023

This spectacular 10-kilometre wilderness hike is guided by a trained naturalist. Although the hike is 10 kilometres long, it takes about six hours to complete. Due to the 3400-metre uphill climb. Hike from lush forest to alpine tundra. Clearly, a high level of fitness is a requirement. Climb from lush forest to alpine tundra. Be prepared to hike uphill for about three to four hours.

At least you are rewarded with amazing views when reaching the top. Enjoy panoramic views of Alaska and Denali National Park. Because of the wet and icy weather, Get Your Guide provides raingear and over boots for the hike. Make sure to remember sunscreen, water, and a camera of course.

4. River Rafting on Nenana River

River Rafting in Nenana River, Denali National Park Alaska
Image: Alaska Tours, 2023

River raft through 18 kilometres of river and eight rapids on this thrilling river rafting adventure. Excitingly see Alaska’s beautiful landscapes. The white waters offer an exhilarating experience accommodated by amazing views.

You are picked up from your accommodation in Denali and transported to the Nenana River. As you arrive, relax because a professional guide steers the raft throughout the entire ride. Pack a dry suit and river shoes since you get wet and the water is cold. You will have to sign a waiver before getting on the raft. So, just a friendly (and nervous) reminder that you raft at your own risk.

5. ATV Tours in Denali Wilderness

ATV Tour in Denali National Park in Alaska
Image: Denali ATV Adventures, 2022

Don’t feel like hiking or river rafting? I don’t blame you. Get out and discover the Denali Wilderness on an ATV. ATV means all-terrain vehicle. So, you’ll be ready for any surface on your way. The tour lasts for two and a half hours. Luckily, the ATV is automatic and has auto-steering, offering a comfortable and effortless ride.

Choose between a single ATV or a multi-passenger ATV if you want to sit back and relax. The ride includes 360˚ overlook stops with views of the Alaska Range, Otto Lake, and Healy Valley. Your guide leads you through the rugged terrain. They also provide opportunities for photography, so you’ll be able to share your memories on your social media platforms.

See You in Alaska

Wellness activities for every type of person are available at Denali National Park. If you’re looking for a relaxing adventure or an adrenaline-filled excursion, there is something at Denali. For more guidance during your trip to Alaska, check out immaculate wilderness spots in Alaska. And as John Muir so wisely said, “never go to Alaska as a young man or woman because as long as you live, you’ll never be satisfied with any other place”. Thank you for being here.

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