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Welcome to Wimbledon Village

This one is for all my fellow shoppers and window shoppers out there. I feel like I have a connection with you guys because I’m also a proud window shopper. I’m going to add value to your life by exploring Wimbledon Village in England. The blend of cosy shops, cafes and bars, and charming period buildings create a quaint little village to visit. Additionally, there are many stalls to walk past and buy local gifts and treats. Let’s look at a few spots you should visit in Wimbledon Village.

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1. Wimbledon Village Flower Stall

The colourful flower stall has been set up in Wimbledon Village for over 20 years. It’s run by a husband and wife, Tom and Emma. Also, it is one of the few remaining independent businesses in Wimbledon Village. Here you will find any bunch of flowers you are looking for and guaranteed, you will leave with a smile. So, when you’re roaming around Wimbledon Village, make sure to pay the stall a visit. Believe me, you won’t be able to miss the flower stall as it beautifully decorates the street.

2. The Ivy Café

Have breakfast or lunch at the beautiful Ivy Café in Wimbledon, England
Image: Tatler, 2023

Eat like the locals when you visit The Ivy Café in the heart of Wimbledon Village. It’s a favourite all-rounder with easy-going meals. Have the shepherd’s pie or lobster linguine if you’re looking for a local food suggestion. In fact, the entire café is stunning. However, the courtyard garden is even prettier. So, if you can, snag a table in the garden for a peaceful dining experience. If you don’t want to miss out, remember to book a table.

3. Wimbledon Village Club

Welcome to Wimbledon Village

This location is quite an interesting one because it is the oldest social club in England. A social club is a place with a bar and entertainment for members only. Moreover, the Wimbledon Village Club allows a maximum of 800 members. On top of that, the Club welcomes the whole community and has no political or religious affiliations. So, when the founders created the club, they had in mind a place where ‘locals’ could meet, chat, and enjoy companionship. This environment is created by a relaxing atmosphere via the stylish décor. Here members can enjoy an extensive range of social events, competitions, and a bar. Essentially, visit the club to relax, mingle, and catch up with old friends or fellow travellers.

4. Windmill Museum

Visit the Windmill Museum in Wimbledon, England
Image: Velvet Escape, 2023

London contains a surprising number of fine windmills. To have a look at these cleverly designed windmills in Wimbledon Museum, visit the museum on weekends. The museum covers windmills, milling and the local history of Wimbledon. Additionally, choose between going by yourself or on a guided tour. Finally, for cute souvenirs, stop at the shop on your way out. You know, just to have proof that you visited the Windmill Museum.

5. Neom Organics

Neom Organics is a hub of well-being due to their specific treatments that aim to relieve stress, calm and relax. If you struggle with sleep patterns or falling asleep, Neom Organics assists in creating healthy sleep habits. Essentially, their treatments and supplements aid in boosting your energy or lifting your mood. In addition to the treatments, Neom Organics has its own line of facial products for healthy skin. Lastly, their hair care range motivates healthy hair to match your healthy skin and aura.

6. Illumin8 Beauty

Relax at Illumin8 Beauty Salon in Wimbledon England
Image: Illumin8 Facebook, 2023

Treat yourself at Illumin8 Beauty, a luxury beauty salon. The salon delivers effective, luxurious, and affordable beauty treatments. All the treatments are bespoke and cater to everyone’s needs. Decide between facial treatments, body massages, and wax treatments. Also, for special events, they provide professional make-up services. And don’t worry, you can bring your husband or boyfriend along. They offer male treatments as well, so you all can treat yourselves. But if it’s not his thing, why not check out the great tennis courts in Wimbledon for some tennis matches?

Visiting Wimbledon Village is not only beneficial to your health and well-being but also for your Instagram page. The village is so picturesque that you won’t be able to help yourself but take endless amounts of pictures. Do yourself a favour and visit Wimbledon for all the non-tennis-related activities as well. I hope you enjoy it and as always, thank you so much for being here.

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