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Wait! There’s a Wellness Resort in Arizona?

Wait! There’s a Wellness Resort in Arizona?

Turns out there are a few wellness resorts in Arizona. However, only one could be hailed as the best wellness resort in Arizona. In this article, we will try to tackle the task of establishing which resort will be crowned as the best wellness resort in Arizona.

The region’s vast deserts adorned with saguaro cacti, deep, winding canyons, and towering rock formations blanketed by the sun’s hues of gold and crimson make it the ideal place to recuperate from within. So, without further ado, let us look for the best wellness resort in Arizona. Shall we? Or, shall we at least try to? Let’s do it!

Who’s to Be Crowned Best Wellness Resort in Arizona?

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CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa

Wait! There’s a Wellness Resort in Arizona?
Image: The Hotel Guru, 2024

This wellness resort in Arizona is the best place to rejuvenate your soul. CIVANA is nestled within more than twenty acres of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. This resort helps you hack your way through the jungle of stress to reach a happier state of mind. The resort does this by inspiring you to connect authentically to other humans, providing daily workouts and meditations, and providing simple yet gorgeous food. What sets CIVANA apart is its personalised rejuvenation plan, tailored to your unique needs.

At CIVANA, outdoor excursions are a given. Here, you’ll have access to world-class health gurus, delicious meals and beverages, ample opportunity to unwind and refresh and a surprise or two here and there. CIVANA provides more than ten daily complimentary wellness programmes ranging from being immersed in a sea of sound to sunrise treks, drawing on a variety of disciplines and practices. These activities include aerial yoga, sound bathing, desert hikes, outdoor yoga, and much more.

CIVANA also boasts two imaginative restaurants managed by overqualified culinary experts. The dishes burst with vibrancy, flavour, and freshness. It’s enough to make you say yum! Breakfast and lunch at CIVANA are curated, so you have the best active day out. Interestingly, Seed, CIVANA’s café and speciality market, serves hyper-seasonal vegan-friendly, gut-loving, anti-inflammatory, and on-the-go dishes. Then there’s Terras, the resort’s premier dining spot. It’s clear that the culinary scene at this wellness resort in Arizona seeks to transform you from within simply by using good, quality ingredients in their foods.

CIVANA’s spa is something to write home about. It’s chick, contemporary, features loads of natural elements, and promises a world of relaxation.  The Spa recreates the time-honoured practice of healing with water in their hydrotherapy thermal circuit of hot and cold pools, an incredible waterfall shower, and a gorgeous samarium that provides humidity and heat from inside. The spa is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and you can make a reservation at their front desk or online. CIVANA also provides day passes to their wellness and spa areas. If you want to see for yourself why this is a top-rated wellness resort in Arizona, no need to spend the night, buy a day pass!

Amara Resort & Spa

Wait! There’s a Wellness Resort in Arizona?
Image: The Daydream Diaries, 2024

Your experience with Amara Resort & Spa starts upon arrival. This wellness resort in Arizona is a luxury hotel located in Sedona and the resort is popular for its serene ambience, luxury amenities, and captivating red rock formations. Furthermore, with its location near Oak Creek and popular Sedona attractions, the resort boasts with breathtaking views and wellness attractions all around.   These attractions include hiking, art galleries, and artisanal shops. Their spa has received the Five-Star Couples Award by WeddingWire in 2021. This accolade stands as a dazzling testament to the resort’s overall guest experience being worth commending.

More noteworthy is Amara Resort & Spa’s recent multi-million-dollar refurbishment. Not only will you get the best service at this wellness resort in Arizona, but you will also be charmed by the resort’s ambiance and luxury finishings. This is especially important for mental health as clutter and outdated, mitch-matched furniture makes registers as visual clutter, which induces anxiety. Human beings are stimulated by beautiful things, orderly things, and Amara seeks to only stimulate happiness, relaxation, and rejuvenation. There’s a reason why Jordan B. Peterson suggest that to tidy-up your life, start by tidying up your room.

The Amara Spa has a range of treatments to make you feel as good as new when you leave. The spa’s body treatments include the 60 or 90-minute Prickly Pear Scrub with rosewood, citrus, and ylang-ylang infused organic sugar scrub, along with Arizona prickly pear.

Other treatments include the Hemp Seed Scrub, Desert Sea Detox Wrap, a moms-to-be luxury treatment called Mother’s Blessing. Along with these treatments you also get various spa treatment pairings, perfect for couples. The spa has a world of offerings, enough to make you feel brand new! The Amara Resort & Spa also have a SaltRock Kitchen with exquisite food that’s bound to make you feel good from the inside out. So, if you’re seeking a wellness resort in Arizona, the Amara Resort & Spa is one place to consider.

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Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia

Wait! There’s a Wellness Resort in Arizona?
Image: Omni Resorts, 2024

Inspired by the rich tradition of Andalusia in southern Spain, the Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa provides a stunning spot to unwind and recharge. Situated in beautiful natural terrain, you can relax at one the resort’s three pools, encased by swaying palm trees and red-rock formations.

The resort’s spa, called Joya Spa & Salon, offers award-winning treatments. They even provide a spa retreat package where you receive a substantial spa voucher, and complimentary breakfast to start your relaxing day of right. But, a wellness retreat in Arizona would not be complete without some hiking, biking and golfing. Good thing is at this wellness resort in Arizona, you could indulge in all of these outdoor excursions. The resort is also close to Scottsdale’s shopping and dining hotspots. So, if you feel like breaking away, perfect! Head down the street and viola, you’re free but still entertained.

The Omni Scottsdale Resort lies at Camelback Mountain’s feet, so the temperature here is moderate and it also affords you some of the most magnificent views of the Arizonian landscape. With the resort’s eloquent rooms and suites, featuring Spanish-inspired décor and plush bedding, spacious bathrooms and private balconies and patios, you are set to have a wellness flurry like you’ve never known before.

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So, for the Top Wellness Resort in Arizona

Wait! There’s a Wellness Resort in Arizona?
Image: Spas of America, 2024

With Omni Scottsdale Resort and Amara Resort & Spa providing undoubtedly various wellness experiences and packages, they are not as honed into the wellness sphere of hospitality. However, CIVANA’s focus lies more into being a rertreat rather than a resort, but still disguised as a resort.

If you’re truly seeking holistic wellness, and want to embark on a journey of transforming for the better, then CIVANA is the wellness resort in Arizona to go to. The other two resorts are notable in their quest to bring you the crown jewels of wellbeing, but compared to CIVANA, they are unfortunately just not there yet.

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