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Volunteer Vacations for Families Wanting Something Different

Volunteer Vacations for Families that Want Something Different

Why not include a family volunteer project in your vacation plans if you’re keen to make a difference this year? You get the best of both worlds this way. You get to enjoy quality time with your nearest and dearest while also discovering the wonderful advantages of giving back to the community. Values are learned, appreciation becomes a tangible virtue within your life, and connections are formed, both within your family and outside of it. Perhaps the most important virtue acquired during these volunteer vacations for families is compassion.

Volunteering is more than a pastime; it’s a journey of personal growth and societal understanding. This article delves into the transformative power of giving back, highlighting the profound personal and societal benefits. It also explores the diverse range of organisations that welcome families, making it easier than ever to embark on a volunteer vacation and enrich your family’s life.

The Psychology of Volunteer Vacations for Families

Volunteer Vacations for Families that Want Something Different
Image: KC, 2024

There are many benefits to booking volunteer vacations for families. The top advantage of volunteering with your family on vacation is that you teach your children about your values as a family. By volunteering, you demonstrate to your children that your family is committed to advocating, supporting, or promoting a particular cause and that you’re prepared to put in the time.

Another advantage is the immense learning and personal growth opportunities for your children. By volunteering as a family, you’re not just working towards a common goal but also instilling empathy and emotional intelligence in your children. They learn that education is not confined to schools, fostering a deep appreciation for learning within them. Finally, volunteering allows children to learn valuable life skills, setting them up for a successful future.

Top Platforms to Book Volunteer Vacations for Families

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Wildlife Rescue Sanctuary in Zimbabwe

Volunteer Vacations for Families that Want Something Different
Image: Leisure Group Travel, 2024

Travelling abroad with kids can be hectic and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be—or won’t be—with Kaya Responsible Travel’s family programme in Zimbabwe. Volunteer vacations for families centring around animal welfare can be a great way to bring the family together, engage the kids, and intrigue parents.

Families will be able to collaborate on common activities like feeding animals, tending to injured animals, and teaching neighbourhood school groups about wildlife conservation techniques through this project. Every member of the family will be delighted by the exceptional chance to interact with lions, leopards, and monkeys, and helping to preserve native African wildlife will undoubtedly keep your family for all time. Their volunteering vacations last for 2 weeks, making them among the perfect volunteer vacations for families. Visit the Kaya website here to book a volunteer vacation for families.

United Planet Volunteer Program in Nepal

Volunteer Vacations for Families that Want Something Different
Image: Himalaya, 2024

Nepal, one of the world’s poorest nations, has some serious issues that require addressing, which makes it an excellent starting point for family volunteer opportunities overseas. In addition to working with survivors of human trafficking, global health settings, and local orphanages, families seeking to reach the core of humanity can collaborate and contribute in these and other areas. Visit United Planet‘s website to book your volunteer vacation for families!

These volunteer vacations for families in Nepal last anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks and are on offer year-round. Indeed, your family will be enthralled due to the glittering Mount Everest basin’s prominence as a tourist attraction. By taking on this family volunteer abroad experience and working with the kind Nepalese, you can be sure that your team will be infused with the enduring and bright spirit of Namaste.

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Family Volunteer Vacations with GVI

Volunteer Vacations for Families that Want Something Different
Image: North Shore, 2024

Go no further than GVI if your family is searching for a customised schedule to satisfy everyone’s appetites. Huge supporters of the positive effects that global volunteering can have on strengthening family ties, GVI’s programmes allow you to choose the length of time you want to volunteer. GVI provides an array of volunteer vacations for families. You surely are spoilt for choice when it comes to this increasingly popular travel niche. Visit GVI’s website to check out what volunteer vacations for families await!

Their team will collaborate with your group to complete a project that will give your family the biggest sense of success. A significant component of these programmes is cultural immersion, and families are urged to stay with host families for an intensive period of bonding.

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International Volunteer HQ

Volunteer Vacations for Families that Want Something Different
Image: Trending US, 2024

International Volunteer HQ, otherwise known as IVHQ, offers volunteer vacations for families on Simeulue Island in Indonesia year-round. These vacations can last anywhere between one to four weeks, depending on your preferences. It is never too early to teach the younger generations the importance of protecting the environment. Introducing kids to the wonders of ecosystems, landscapes, and animals they would not have otherwise encountered through volunteer work overseas is a great approach to instil in them an appreciation for the environment and social entrepreneurship. Visit IVHQ here to book a volunteer vacation for families!

You can now book volunteer vacations for families just as easily as booking a normal holiday. Their initiatives include beach clean-ups, woodland foraging, local bird surveys, and turtle conservation. Families will stay in an eco-friendly surf resort with white sand beaches, amiable locals, and options for additional family bonding activities like yoga, surfing classes, and island tours. Sounds awesome!

If you enjoy this article, be sure to read about wildlife volunteering in South Africa with Kichaka Tours.

Volunteer Vacations for Families Are a Thing?

Volunteer Vacations for Families that Want Something Different
Image: Life Love and the Pursuit of Play, 2024

Yes, it is! You can now book volunteer vacations for families just as easily as booking a normal holiday. Volunteer vacations are the best vacations to be had. Moreover, two of the most effective ways to bring families closer together than ever are taking a trip abroad and giving back to the community.

A bonded family is a healthy family, and healthy families contribute more to society than you might think. International volunteer programmes are making group travel overseas safer and simpler than ever, with a focus on family-friendly activities that will make family service excursions a regular part of vacation schedules.

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