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Volunteer Vacations for Adults to Make You Feel Alive

Nothing makes you more grateful and selfless than volunteering. In my opinion, it is the ultimate wellness experience because wellness transforms, and that’s exactly what volunteering is all about. From volunteer vacations for adults that centre around turtle conservation to programmes that assist refugees, there is a programme that suits everyone.

These volunteer vacations for adults offer a unique opportunity for tangible internal transformation. So, if you’re seeking a wellness experience that truly makes an internal and external difference, these volunteer vacations are the perfect fit. So, without further ado, let’s look at the top sites to visit if you’re seeking the ultimate wellness experience.

Top Sites for Booking Volunteer Vacations for Adults


Volunteer Vacations for Adults to Make You Feel Alive
Image: GoEco, 2024

GoEco, a renowned provider of volunteer vacations for adults, offers over 150 reasonably priced programs in 40 countries. Whether you’re passionate about exotic species, teaching English, or embarking on a foreign internship, GoEco has the perfect opportunity for you. By participating, you’re not just experiencing a new culture but also making a real difference in the world. So, explore their website, find your ideal program, and let their team of experts guide you on this impactful journey.

From turtle conservation volunteering vacations for adults to helping at an African Wildlife orphanage, there’s something for every type of volunteering traveller. Be sure to visit GoEco’s website to see what volunteer vacations for adults they have on offer!

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The Real Uganda

Volunteer Vacations for Adults to Make You Feel Alive
Image: Volunteer the Real Uganda

The Real Uganda, a nonprofit organisation, is a beacon of solidarity. It’s not just about volunteering; it’s about becoming part of a community. The Real Uganda connects international volunteers with locally-led, community-based initiatives in Uganda. It’s a place where you can make a real difference and where your efforts are truly appreciated. Since 2005, The Real Uganda has welcomed over 1,100 volunteers from around the world, and they are eagerly anticipating your arrival to share this life-changing experience with you.

The Real Uganda promotes awareness of the difficulties and achievements of Ugandan life while lending support to regional groups. They send people to Sub-Saharan Africa to learn about and assist with community-based development initiatives. They also provide a welcoming, family-like atmosphere for visiting Uganda, volunteering, and getting a taste of a different culture. Be sure to check out what volunteer vacations for adults Real Uganda provides. There’s a lot on offer, each with its own perks and uniqueness!

Furthermore, their sustained presence in Uganda guarantees that they collaborate with successful social and economic development initiatives. Volunteers assist mothers, children, and young people in clinics, gardens, and educational settings. If you are eager to make a change in Uganda, then visit The Real Uganda’s website here to start the journey!

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Love Volunteers

Volunteer Vacations for Adults to Make You Feel Alive
Image: Integrisok, 2024

Love Volunteers partners with local grassroots organisations, NGOs, and community projects to provide a wide range of opportunities, including teaching, childcare, conservation, healthcare, and community development. It’s a New Zealand-based organisation offering volunteer opportunities abroad in various countries. Love Volunteers facilitates placements for volunteers who want to make a positive impact by contributing their time and skills to communities in need.

Love Volunteers is known for its commitment to affordable volunteer programs, which make them accessible to all who are interested in volunteer vacations for adults. Their main goal is prioritising your safety and well-being during these vacations. So, if this intrigues you, be sure to visit Love Volunteers’ website here!

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Projects Abroad

Volunteer Vacations for Adults to Make You Feel Alive
Image: Projects Abroad, 2024

Founded in 1992, Projects Abroad offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for volunteers of all ages and backgrounds wanting to make a positive impact. This international volunteer organisation provides volunteer opportunities, internships, and gap year programs in over 50 countries worldwide.

With Projects Abroad, you can work as a teaching assistant or teach English, science, math, art, and more classes. You can also volunteer at an orphanage or childcare facility. Here, you provide care, support, and educational activities. Sometimes, you may be required to assist with primary healthcare and hygiene initiatives. However, if children aren’t your thing, you can also help with environmental conservation initiatives, such as wildlife conservation, marine conservation, reforestation, and sustainable agriculture. You can also try your hand at healthcare and medical projects, especially if you’re considering a pre-med gap year.

What makes Projects Abroad unique is its extensive list of projects. So, if you’re looking for volunteer vacations for adults, they give you precisely what you’re looking for. Be sure to visit Projects Abroad’s website to see for yourself!

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Global Volunteers

Volunteer Vacations for Adults to Make You Feel Alive
Image:, 2024

Since 1984, Global Volunteers has been offering volunteer vacations for adults. They provide short-term volunteer opportunities with more than a dozen nations on six continents. This nonprofit organisation has worked with UNICEF for more than 30 years to create volunteer programmes that maximise the influence of short-term volunteers on long-term development initiatives. Additionally, Global Volunteers is a platform that is rather inclusive to all sorts of needs and requirements. They boast some volunteers’ ages ranging from 5 years old to 95 years old. However, visiting Global Volunteer’s website will filter out the programmes that do not meet your requirements and highlight the ones that tickle your fancy.

Adults who volunteer overseas collaborate with local volunteer leaders to help kids realise their full potential and make a positive difference in people’s lives. Over 32,000 volunteers have been involved with Global Volunteers in 34 different nations across six continents. Summer enrichment programmes, radio broadcasting, nutrition education, and gardening are all popular experiences.

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Oyster Worldwide

Volunteer Vacations for Adults to Make You Feel Alive
Image: Oyster Worldwide, 2024

Since 2000, Oyster Worldwide, a family-run business headquartered in the UK, has assisted volunteers of all ages. Volunteer vacations for adults run anywhere from one week to twelve weeks. Because this programme provides customised initiatives for anyone looking for a professional break, a unique vacation, or a chance to temporarily immerse themselves in a different way of life, mature travellers will find great value in it.

It provides more than 70 paid and volunteer programmes in 24 different countries. Prominent initiatives include working with animals and conservation in Costa Rica and South Africa or aiding impoverished children in India and Romania. Be sure to visit Oyster Worldwide to secure your dream volunteer vacations for adults!

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Global Vision International

Volunteer Vacations for Adults to Make You Feel Alive
Image:, 2024

GVI has been involved in worldwide volunteering for more than 20 years. To manage its adult volunteer abroad programmes, it collaborates with global NGOs like WWF, The Red Cross, Save the Children, and PADI. Its ability to connect personal interests with tasks makes it ideal for a more sophisticated audience like you!

You can choose between humanitarian volunteering and environmental volunteering. Participate in one of their locally led conservation programmes and spend time with some of the rarest and most endangered animals on the planet while supporting research to stop biodiversity loss and protect vital ecosystems.

Alternatively, you can go on a humanitarian quest to the areas in need of assistance with regard to education, women’s empowerment, public health, and community development. Furthermore, become a part of the sustainable solutions programmes directed by community-based organisations, local teams who uphold ethical standards and practices, and those who work to guarantee that the programme remains inclusive and equitable. Visit GVI’s website here to see the loads of volunteer vacations for adults they have on offer.

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Volunteer Vacations for Adults to Make You Feel Alive
Image: Volunteer HQ, 2024

International Volunteer HQ is regarded as the number one volunteer travel organisation. Since 2007, more than 136,918 people have volunteered with IVHQ, and their experiences have been transformative and fun. With International Volunteer HQ, you can go on a fantastic journey while assisting others; all you need to worry about is turning up! With IVHQ, you can expect to see some of the best volunteer vacations for adults.

Simply choose a destination and a volunteer project; voila, you’re set to go. There are many programmes to choose from, such as sports, special needs care, women’s empowerment, arts and music, refugee support, and so much more! Check out IVHQ’s website here to see what these programmes are all about!

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Volunteer Vacations for Adults are Plenty!

Volunteer Vacations for Adults to Make You Feel Alive
Image: Volunteer HQ, 2024

Although some of the programmes offered by these platforms welcome volunteers of all ages, securing adult-only volunteering vacations is relatively easy.

So, if you’re in the mood for something truly magical and spectacular to happen within you, visit these platforms to start the journey towards a happier, fuller life.

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