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Venturing Through the Best Hotels in Ghana

Venturing Through the Best Hotels in Ghana

Hotels offer a sense of home away from home and they’re ideal for rekindling romance with a partner. If you’re planning a trip or a vacation to Ghana and seek a lavish stay, you’re in the right place. Here is a compilation of some of the best hotels in Ghana that are sure to captivate you.

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1. Tulip Inn Accra Hotel

Golden Tulip Hotel is one of the best hotels in Ghana
Image : Golden Tulip Hotel , 2024

Amongst all the hotels in Ghana, this establishment offers a total of 104 rooms spread across two floors. Formerly known as Travel Express International Hotel, Tulip Inn is situated in South Legon, Accra. It stands among Ghana’s top hotels because of its proximity to local attractions such as Accra Mall, Wild Gecko Handicrafts, Achimota Forest, Accra Zoo, and the Endangered Primate Breeding Centre. The reception staff sets a welcoming and courteous tone by warmly greeting every arriving guest, instilling a sense of eagerness to enjoy the surroundings fully.

The Tulip Inn Accra Hotel offers facilities such as an outdoor pool and a dedicated golf area, catering to a range of recreational pursuits. It also caters effectively to business travellers, featuring a well-appointed business and conference centre. Tulip Inn’s standout feature, the Branche, makes it a distinctive and enjoyable destination, and the restaurant specialises in local cuisine, serving meals throughout the day and accommodating late dining.

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2. Mahogany Lodge

Mahogany Lodge is one of the best hotels in Ghana
Image :, 2024

Mahogany Lodge provides a heavenly retreat, promising a distinctive experience akin to a home away from home. This esteemed hotel boasts awe-inspiring architecture and décor, seamlessly blending indigenous wood elements with modern conveniences.

The remarkable and distinctive plant and animal life will entice you to return time and time again. Mahogany’s offerings encompass outdoor furnishings, a sunbathing area, barbecue amenities, and a lush garden. Further recreational offerings comprise spa and wellness packages, with massages available at an extra cost, along with Wi-Fi accessible throughout the entire hotel premises.

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3. African Regent Hotel

African Regent Hotel is one of the best hotels in Ghana
Image :, 2024

This hotel promises unforgettable immersion in the enchanting city of Accra, perfectly situated at its heart. The African Regent Hotel ensures a luxurious experience right from the moment you walk through its doors. The rooms afford a splendid view of Accra City from their balconies. Moreover, there’s an executive private club suite tailored for business travellers seeking an exceptionally comfortable and blissful stay.

The African Regent Hotel has several facilities which are at the disposal of all visitors such as the outdoor swimming pool and a terrace with deckchairs. There are also body massages accessible at the spa.

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4. Niagara Hotel

Niagara Hotel is one of the best hotels in Ghana
Image : Hotels In Accra, 2024

The hotel’s proximity to renowned sites like Accra Central Mosque and Cathedral Church of the Most Holy Trinity makes it an appealing spot for tourists. Additional attractions nearby include Accra Zoo and Endangered Primate Breeding Centre, as well as Legon Botanical Gardens.

Guests at Niagara Hotel can take advantage of round-the-clock front desk service, a concierge, and excellent in-room dining options. What’s even better? As a guest, you’ll have the pleasure of complimentary breakfast tailored to your preferences, conveniently served on-site. This is a special perk not commonly found in many hotels in Ghana.

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 5. Airport West Hotel

Airport West Hotel is one of the best hotels in Ghana
Image :, 2024

Just a short 11-minute drive away from the airport, The Airport West Hotel combines contemporary elegance with comfort. Catering to the preferences of discerning guests, it offers not only luxury rooms but also an excellent venue for all well-appointed meetings and conferences. A feature not commonly found in all Ghana hotels.

The Airport West Hotel’s accommodations set a high standard, serving as an exemplary model of what a modern hotel should be. Complimentary amenities, such as daily replenished bottled water, enhance the guest experience. Moreover, the hotel provides a robust high-speed Wi-Fi connection to meet your daily needs. What distinguishes this hotel from others in Ghana? They go above and beyond by offering complimentary shuttle service and opportunities for guests to engage in local cultural experiences through tours or classes about Ghana. Furthermore, the hotel offers a range of family-friendly entertainment options, including a fitness centre, spa massages, and even mini golf.

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6. Oak Plaza Hotels East Airport

Oak Plaza Hotels East Airport is one of the best hotels in Ghana
Image :, 2024

The Oak Plaza Hotel is positioned at Dede Plaza on Spintex Road and is situated just a 9-minute drive from Kotoka Airport. The suites boast efficient air conditioning, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, tiled flooring, and a splendid private bathroom offering both a bath and shower.

This establishment features contemporary guest rooms and is furnished with leisure facilities including an open-air pool, a well-tended garden, and a furnished terrace. This makes it an excellent choice for couples, catering to their preferences. Moreover, guests can gather in the shared lounge area for their continental breakfast. This gives the visitors a choice of international cuisine or local cuisine.

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A Taste of Luxury in Ghana

Ghanaian hotels stand as paradise destinations of hospitality, offering an unparalleled blend of luxury and warmth. The hotels in this country have amazing suites and outstanding facilities for your maximum comfort. If you are interested in visiting one of the best hotels in the world, don’t forget to include Ghana in your list. For more luxury accommodation, consider these resorts in Ghana.

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