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Utah’s 7 Brightest Glamping Resorts for Stargazing

Ah… the land of cowboys, cattle, red rocks, starry skies, and views!  Home to some of the most stunning and luxurious glamping resorts, Utah is the ultimate wellness destination. Located near the top hiking destinations, you could find some astounding glamping resorts here.

Feeling good-natured? Try glamping for a change and you might just be surprised at how relaxing it is! Nature surrounding these camps is known to awaken every sense. Essentially, it invites a state of calm and wellness.  As for me, I love glamping because it’s so in-tents. Come and join me as I take U-tah star gaze at 7 of Utah’s brightest glamping resorts!

Stargaze at 7 of Utah’s Brightest Glamping Resorts

1. Under Canvas Moab

Under Canvas Moab lies just 11 kilometres north of Moab, near Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. Impressively, it was featured as one of the top 20 Resorts in the US. On top of that, it was named the ‘Best Resort Hotel’ in Utah. There’s also the Dead Horse Point State Park with the most beautiful vistas. You could also drive along the river on state route 279 to see ancient petroglyphs and dinosaur tracks.

The safari-like camping style offers you the opportunity to deeply connect with Utah’s geology, sunsets and night skies. These tents have all the necessities for any luxury traveller. In fact, there is king-size bedding decorated with top-quality sheets. Moreover, there are fresh towels, hot running water, and a wood-burning stove to cuddle in front of on chilly nights. Clearly, hotels are so yesterday. However, if you do want to stay in Moab itself, here’s a TripAdvisor link to help you out!

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 Hotels in Moab courtesy of
Under Canvas Camps Moab has hiking, glamping, relaxing views and is one of 7 of Utah’s Brightest Glamping Resorts
Image: Under Canvas, 2023

2. Under Canvas Lake Powell-Grand Staircase in Big Water

Celebrated as Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Hottest New Hotels in 2022, Under Canvas Lake Powell Grand Staircase offers you the experience of a lifetime. Here, you can get down and dirty with the Wild West! Hike soaring mesas and chase sunsets. Afterward, explore the barren terrain by foot to gasp at sights yet to be accurately described.

Under Canvas Lake Powell is a short 10-minute drive from Lone Rock Beach and a mere 22 kilometres from the main Lake Powell Marina. The tents are perched on the edge of Canyon Rim Plateau, posing with its breathtaking views.

Under Canvas Lake Powell-Grand Staircase is amongst the best of the 7 of Utah’s Brightest Glamping Resorts
Image: Under Canvas, 2023

3. Under Canvas Zion in Virgin

Nestled near the infamous Zion National Park, Under Canvas Zion provides not only a grand and astonishing visit but also a once-in-a-lifetime experience. By being so close to Zion National Park, you could scratch walking through The Narrows off of your bucket list.

If it’s not on your bucket list, well, go grab that list and add it! No matter your position, the exultant desert views of red canyon walls greet you. In fact, they peer into every nook and cranny and you cannot help but feel embraced by the landscape.

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 Find hotels near Zion National Park with the help of Tripadvisor
Under Canvas Zion is one of the best places to Stargaze and is amongst 7 of Utah’s Brightest Glamping Resorts
Image: Under Canvas, 2023

4. Under Canvas Bryce Canyon

Situated near Bryce Canyon National Park, Under Canvas Bryce Canyon gives you the best of both worlds. Besides the rugged terrain of the national park, upscale luxury accommodation awaits. If you want to kick back now and again, this is the place. Bryce Canyon National Park has the most concentrated hoodoos in one place on earth! So much so that many people claim it to be more astounding than the sights of the Grand Canyon!

It truly is something to behold when staying at Under Canvas Bryce Canyon. Certainly, this is a great place to pass the night away under a painting of stars. While you’re at it, enjoy the surrounding Utah landscape as fire crackles envelop your marshmallow. Moreover, the national park has the most amazing hiking trails like the Navajo Loop and Queens Garden. If you feel like taking a trip to Utah seriously, then 6 euphoric hiking destinations in Utah’s State Parks is a perfect read!

Stargazing and wondering, what could be more beautiful?

5. Wildflower Zion Resort in Virgin

This state-of-the-art glamping hotspot is only minutes away from Zion National Park’s entrance. From canvas glamping and private bungalows to your very own luxury wagon, Wildflower Zion Resort has it all! And yes, you read that right, a wagon! There’s no better way to get to the heart of the Wild West than staying in a modern version of an 18th-century style wagon! Furthermore, staying here makes planning a trip to Zion National Park much easier.

Explore Zion’s expansive canyons through The Narrows or the tricky area known as The Subway. Additionally, you could take an 8-kilometre road trip on Kolob Canyon Road to see the expansive Kolob Canyons. In fact, Sand Hollow is located near Wildflower Zion Resort too. Canyon believe this? The scenic blue-water and red sandstone landscape at Sand Hollow are perfect for an unforgettable adventure!

Stargaze at one of 7 of Utah’s Brightest Glamping Resorts, Wildflower Zion Resort
Image: Wildflower Zion Resort, 2023

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6. Open Sky Zion in Virgin

Being of nature and indulging in life is what Open Sky is all about! Immerse yourself in Zion’s beauty whilst glamping! Among the options to choose from are the Desert Rose Camp and the Star Seeker Superior Camps. With the help of Open Sky, it’s easy to race the sunset towards the glitter of the stars.

In addition to private en suite bathrooms, other luxurious amenities at Open Sky include filtered drinking water, locally sourced organic bath products, and luxury bed linens. In terms of activities, there is mountain climbing and biking, hiking, as well as canyoneering. For a more laid-back experience, visit art galleries and state parks.

Open Sky Zion is one of 7 of Utah’s Brightest Glamping Resorts to stargaze from
Image: Open Sky Zion, 2023

7. Capitol Reef Resort in Torrey

This unique 58-acre resort, located in Torrey, gives the native American culture and heritage the time of day it deserves. With a mix of glamping under canvas and wagon luxury, it’s an effortless love story between Apache and pioneer. Moreover, Capitol Reef Resort offers you the opportunity to sightsee breathtaking mesas and stargaze the impeccable Milky Way.

Not only does this resort offer traditional lodging options, but also TeePees and Conestoga wagons! Once again, you read that correctly! You’re probably asking yourself: “what in the world is a TeePee?”. Well, it’s an Apache-style tent that’s traditionally made by framing skins, cloth, or canvas around poles. Just think of North American Indian-style tents and violà, you get the picture! However, Capitol Reef’s tents are not made from skins. So no need to get anxious if you’re vegan!

Stargaze at one of 7 of Utah’s Brightest Glamping Resorts; Capitol Reef Resort
Image: Capitol Reef Resort, 2023

Utah’s about to ROCK your world!

As you can see, Utah is the best destination for any stargazer! These tents not only provide luxury and open views towards the mountains and skies but also the sense of getting to grips with the surrounding landscape. Essentially, this is like camping but just fewer in-tents. Surely there is nothing like star gazing at 7 of Utah’s brightest glamping resorts. There’s simply nothing that compares!

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