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Unwind At Oriental Springs Bathhouse In Shanghai

Let’s get one thing straight, technically, Oriental Springs is not a bathhouse but rather a glorified hot spring destination. However, the resort still meets all the criteria of a bathhouse. It merely lacks in the traditional and historical category pertaining to cultural bathhouses. Nevertheless, Oriental Springs remains a perfect destination for you to sit back and unwind. Something that is desperately needed in today’s day and age. Dive into the world of bathhouses and let your troubles float away on a cloud of fragrant bubbles. Come along as we explore Oriental Springs and all it has to offer in Hongqiao-Qibao, Shanghai.

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The old Ferrari red building that is now Oriental Springs
Image: SmartShanghai, 2020








The existence of Oriental Springs is actually quite interesting. So, for my history-loving readers, this section is for you. Once upon a time, the plan was to build a large gold course but after demolition commenced, builders realised that they dug up a hot spring. Of course, plans changed, and they decided to convert the bright red Ferrari Dealership next to the hot spring into a resort. Fast-forward to winter 2019 and the 15 000 square meter Oriental Springs was in business. Luckily for us, we can now relax and float around this bathhouse to forget about everyday stress.

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Oriental Springs Baths

Relax in the wine hot bath at Oriental Springs in Shanghai
Image: SmartShanghai, 2020

Oriental Springs proudly boasts about 15 different heated and chilled pools. The temperature ranges from 42˚C and 14˚C. Besides the overwhelming number of pools, there are also unique hot springs. Every hot spring is a different flavour and colour. No, really! Not only can you soak in a warm bath of water, but you can also soak in baths filled with red wine, coffee or green tea. On top of that, they are all infused with herbs, spices and beverage components like rosemary and roses. However, none of the scented baths smelled that strong. Lastly, there is the option of just chilling in the outdoor hot tub.

Equally important, this is the most vibrant bathhouse in Shanghai. So, if you’re looking for complete silence and a warm darker atmosphere, this is probably not the bathhouse for you. You can find quiet areas but go in with those expectations. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are other must-visit bathhouses in Shanghai to explore.

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Oriental Springs Resort

Rest at Oriental Springs in the bookstore or nap room
Image: SmartShanghai, 2020

This three-story resort is more than just outdoor hot spring baths. Conveniently, hop in one of five indoor steam saunas for full-on detoxification after your swim. Other amenities for recreational activities to enjoy here include arcade machines, a rest area, a children’s area and a bookstore. In addition to that, there are also Korean and Japanese-style spas. To top it off, there’s a little coffee shop that serves Starbucks. Without a doubt, there’s definitely enough here to stay entertained for an entire day.

When you get tired of soaking in the pools or you need a nap, no judgment. There’s an entire room dedicated to napping. Large comfy bean bags are available for you to lounge around and rest. So, grab a book, a cup of coffee and take a breath.

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The Food at Oriental Springs

Have a delicious lunch at Oriental Springs
Image: SmartShanghai, 2020

There are both traditional Chinese and Western restaurants at Oriental Springs. The Western restaurant is truly five-star.  Highly recommended is the panini and fries. And the beef chuanr is a star. Basically, it’s a steak, though slightly overcooked. Also, the pizza and burger are must-tries. For something more traditional, try the Chinese-style buffet. Overall, the entrance, activities, and food are really affordable, making this bathhouse a real must-visit.

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Take Care of All Your Self-care Needs

In the world of relaxation and rejuvenation, bathhouses reign supreme as the tranquil oasis we all need. So, next time life has you feeling like a tangled knot, let the warm embrace of Oriental Springs wash away your worries and leave you feeling untangled. As always, thank you so much for being here!

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