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Unique Wellness Locations in New York City

Experiencing wellness from a new perspective is so refreshing and motivating. And luckily, I am here to refresh your mind and motivate you. I know what you’re thinking, this sounds too wacky and wonderful to be true. But just sit back, relax, and trust me. Come along with me and discover four unique wellness experiences in New York. It’s time to try something new!

1. Nap York

Nap York in Central Park New York where you can nap and rest.
Image: Stayflexi, 2023

New York is a city that never sleeps. This explains why New Yorkers are compulsively drinking coffee yet always tired. As a result, Nap York opened their doors to create an environment for resting and recharging. They were built for New York’s die-hard locals and international trailblazers. So, best believe the Dream Team at Nap York is ready to serve you. Simply download the Sleep Walk mobile app. Then, reserve a sleeping pod.

The pod includes a twin-size mattress, pillow, and fresh linens. Also, expect total privacy with a privacy divider.  To further ensure your comfort, the pod includes a reading light, outlet, and fan. Nap York aims to revive people who power the world: the hustlers, trendsetters, and boundary breakers. They make your dreams come true (literally because you’ll be napping). Furthermore, choose between an hour’s nap or a night’s stay.

Remember to arrive at your sleeping station five minutes before your reservation. This allows you to receive your water or tea and connect to the free Wi-Fi. Stay connected while disconnecting. However, we encourage a tech-free stay. And by “we” I mean me. Put your phone down! Just finish reading the article first, please.

Finally, your dream manager stores your luggage, cleans the pod, and guarantees you don’t have any nightmares. Besides your comfortable eco-friendly sleep pods, enjoy a complimentary eye mask. Take a nap at Nap York, your on-demand sleep station to get away from the bustling city.


WTHN, New York’s wellness epicentre. Receive acupuncture, acupressure, and cupping at WTHN.

WTHN is a cool take on the word “within”. It’s located in the heart of New York’s wellness epicentre – the Flatiron District. Feel good from within at WTHN. They offer new kinds of preventative wellness treatments. WTHN’s goal is to treat your afflictions at the root of the cause. While being treated, indulge in a luxurious environment. The studio is an experience by itself, enabling your deepest feeling of relaxation. Moreover, WTHN offers 3 specialised wellness treatments.

When at WTHN, be sure to get a calming acupuncture treatment. Channel your inner cactus by laying down as plenty of ultra-thin needles are inserted into your body. Relax, this transformative healing treatment was remoulded by ancient wisdom. In fact, acupuncture relieves discomfort in the lower back, neck, and mouth, to name a few. Allow me to smoothly transition to ear acupressure. Ear seeding is when your therapist performs ear acupressure to target whole-body relief. Essentially, the acupressure points in the ear stimulate body parts and result in healing.

Perhaps you have a fear of needles, WTHN’s got you covered… in cups. Cupping is an ancient healing therapy. Your therapist places cups where needed on the body. The cup creates a vacuum or suction that pulls the skin upward. Consequently, this relieves muscle tension and detoxifies your body. Visit WTHN for affordable treatment guided by ancient wisdom yet backed by science. So, unlock wellness from within with the assistance of WTHN. Check out 5 luxurious spas in New York City if you’re looking for more spa-like wellness treatments.


visit LYMBR in New York City for personalised stretching
Image: Chasing Every Opportunity, 2020

Once again, a company with a trendy all-caps name. LYMBR is a wellness company that focuses on body restoration through personalised stretching plans. By using one-on-one stretching classes, LYMBR strives towards longevity. In addition to your own stretching schedule, experienced practitioners are equipped to work with many diseases. For instance, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions that affect mobility, flexibility, and balance.

A lot of us neglect stretching (myself included) and I get it. Stretching is not the most comfortable activity. However, the benefits are endless. At LYMBR, your stretch therapist creates your unique stretching guide. Ultimately, the stretches lengthen muscles and increase blood flow.

Come improve your flexibility, range of motion, and alignment at LYMBR. Book an appointment for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Restore your body to a limber and better you.

4. FaceGym

FaceGym’s facial workouts stimulate blood circulation, collagen production, and cell renewal in New York City

Skincare products merely focus on the skin’s surface. You can’t forget about the 40+ muscles in your face that need to be worked out. Working the face muscles will get your face fit. FaceGym’s facial workouts stimulate blood circulation, collagen production, and cell renewal. Consequently, you experience a lift, contour, and tone in the face.

In total, there are eight FaceGym treatments. First, book a facial workout that starts off with a chemical peel, a hydro-vacuum-sealed mask and then a LED treatment. You can decide on other variations of this facial workout on their website. In fact, why not try a manual facial workout? This entails a hands-only deep tissue massage on the face accompanied by unique muscle manipulation techniques. This supports tension release, detoxification, and lymphatic drainage.

Another distinctive facial workout to try is the Cryo Contour. It begins with a signature scalp massage followed by a high-pressure shot of frozen CO2. The CO2, a powerful concentration of oxygen, atomised active ingredients and hyaluronic acid hydrates, plumps and locks in moisture. Don’t worry, the shot is fast, effective, and pain-free.

Oh New York We Love You

Sometimes we just need a gentle and friendly reminder that wellness comes in many forms. Don’t get stuck on old-school wellness activities. The wellness industry is ever-evolving. Therefore, there are many opportunities for you to try something new in your wellness journey. Try out one of these unique wellness activities when visiting New York. And as the New Yorkers say; shore, try these activities in New Yawk!

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