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Unique Hotels in Glasgow City Centre and Surrounds

Unique Hotels in Glasgow City Centre and Surrounds

Embark on a journey through Glasgow’s City Centre, where the intersection of history, culture, and innovation is not only reflected in its streets but also in the exceptional accommodation it offers. In this exploration of the city’s heartbeat, I unveil the hotels that are unique and redefine the art of hospitality.

From iconic landmarks transformed into luxurious retreats to boutique establishments with a flair for individuality, Glasgow’s city centre and surrounds beckons travellers to discover stays that are as distinctive as the city itself. Let’s unravel the charm of these one-of-a-kind accommodations, promising an unforgettable blend of comfort and character in the heart of Scotland’s vibrant metropolis.

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Dakota Glasgow

Unique Hotels in Glasgow City Centre and Surrounds
Image: Dakota Hotels, 2023

This is ranked the number one of the many unique hotels in Glasgow City Centre. Boasting a timeless texture-driven interior, Dakota Glasgow exudes warmth and homeyness. Priding itself on the spacious high-quality beds that are draped in high-thread count cotton linens, you are bound to have a restful experience here.

Moreover, the Dakota has Monsoon showers to wash off all the invigorating events that have taken place during the day in Glasgow! For dining, be sure to grab a bite at the Dakota Grill Glasgow where you can delight in quality seasonally-inspired dishes that prides themselves on an array of flavours and presentations.

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The Alamo Guest House

Unique Hotels in Glasgow City Centre and Surrounds
Image: Kayak, 2023

Welcome to one of the most unique family-run hotels in Glasgow City Centre. The Alamo Guest House has been slowly restored since 2005 and its uniqueness beckons to all kinds of travellers who traverse the seas. Providing glorious views of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, this 1880 Victorian building sits right in the heart of Glasgow’s West End.

After a long day out in the streets of the city, be assured that the antiquated rooms await your arrival. Fine wood finishings give the guest house its distinction from all other guest houses and hotels. Moreover, everything the guest house does is done with a personal touch. Enjoy a finely executed breakfast that comes for free when you book with the Alamo Guest House. And as you do so, remember to bask in the ambience of this great establishment!

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Cathedral House

Unique Hotels in Glasgow City Centre and Surrounds
Image: Glasgow Live, 2023

Welcome to your home away from home. The Cathedral House is not only one of the most unique hotels in Glasgow City Centre but also the most historic (and haunted, apparently!). It is one of Glasgow’s prized landmarks built in 1896 in the Scottish Baronial style.

The Cathedral House has 8 state-of-the-art rooms that are decorated to the highest degree! They also have a gastronomic restaurant called Celentano’s, where guests can enjoy the finest Italian-inspired dining. As you enjoy the deliciousness bursting within your mouth, be sure to gaze through the cathedral windows over the vibrant city of Glasgow and take it all in.

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Hotel Du Vin

Unique Hotels in Glasgow City Centre and Surrounds
Image: Peppermint Cosmetic Clinics, 2023

Located in Glasgow’s luxurious West End at One Devonshire Gardens, Hote du Vin is one of the top hotels in Glasgow. Situated a mere 30 minutes from Loch Lomond, the hotel stands as a pillar for those who seek a blend of cultural and scenic experiences. Essentially, Hotel du Vin effortlessly blends elegance with luxury.

There are 49 bedrooms to choose from, each designed to establish a unique difference from the next. After a day out, come back to fine Egyptian linens and opulent roll-top baths. Then head down to Restaurant One Devonshire Gardens to savour some incredibly delicious dishes. This hotel even has a cigar shack with various cigars and cognacs that can be paired with Armagnacs for the ultimate experience!

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Voco Grand Central

Located within the very heart of Glasgow, the Voco Grand Central occupies one of the city’s most historic and impressive buildings. There is no discussion that the Voco Grand Central is one of the most luxurious hotels in Glasgow City Centre. With its location inside the Grand Central train station, the hotel is perfect for business and pleasure endeavours alike.

Impressive, the hotel has hosted people like Winston Churchill and Frank Sinatra, making it extremely popular among the elite. You never know who you might run into here! So, no matter the reason for your visit to the Voco Grand Central, it is bound to be a feast when eating, sleeping, dreaming, and everything in between!

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You-niqueness Matters

Unique Hotels in Glasgow City Centre and Surrounds

It’s clear that Glasgow’s hotels are more than just places to stay at. They are immersive experiences that echo the spirit of this dynamic city. From the fusion of contemporary design with historic grandeur to the personalised touches that make each stay memorable, these unique hotels have showcased the very essence of Glasgow.

Whether you’re drawn to architectural marvels or boutique gems, the rich tapestry of Glasgow’s hospitality leaves an indelible mark. It invites you to return and continue uncovering the ever-evolving story of this remarkable city. So, as you bid farewell to your chosen abode, take with you not just the memories of the stay, but so too a piece of Glasgow’s unmistakable character.

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