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Tranquil Thermal Springs in Poços de Caldas

Tranquil Thermal Springs in Poços de Caldas

Welcome to Brazil’s charming and famous resort town in Minas Gerais, Poços de Caldas! The town is renowned for its thermal springs, one of the city’s key attractions. The thermal springs in Poços de Caldas are known for their mineral-rich waters, and many visitors come to experience their purported therapeutic and relaxing properties.

These hot springs contribute to the city’s reputation as a relaxing and rejuvenating destination, attracting many who seek natural beauty and therapeutic experiences. So, let’s embark on a journey through the soothing waters and therapeutic ambience of Poços de Caldas’ thermal springs, where the natural beauty of the surroundings merges seamlessly with the healing properties of these geothermal wonders.

Thermas Antonio Carlos

Tranquil Thermal Springs in Poços de Caldas

The Thermas Antonio Carlos bathhouse is an architectural gem that allows you and your family to indulge in thermal baths, massages, and other spa treatments. The establishment has been a popular destination for those looking to enjoy the healing properties of the local thermal waters.

It has been discovered that the combination of the temperature and minerals helps your muscles and joints relax and decompress, giving you a sense of being spaced out.

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Palace Hotel

Tranquil Thermal Springs in Poços de Caldas
Image: TripAdvisor, 2023

Close to Thermas Antônio Carlo, the Palace Hotel is an excellent place for visiting the thermal springs in Poços de Caldas. However, if you want to stay in the Palace Hotel, visit their spa to indulge in various treatments and therapies that use these miraculous waters!

Most notable though is that the Palace Hotel has a sulphurous water pool as well, famous for its therapeutic properties due to its mineral-rich properties! It’s a one-stop for all your thermal springs in Poços de Caldas needs!

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Hotel Golden Park

Tranquil Thermal Springs in Poços de Caldas
Image:, 2023

Ideally located for your convenience at the top of a beautiful mountain range, Hotel Golden Park provides magnificent vista views and unbelievable thermal spring experiences for the entire family. What’s more, Hotel Golden Park, Brazil, is just five minutes from the centre of Pocos de Caldas, one of the most visited cities south of Minas.

This all-inclusive resort has sauna facilities, jacuzzis, a spa, childcare services, and more! Though the resort’s spa uses water from the thermal springs in Poços de Caldas, you would need to travel to Thermas Antonio Carlos for the full experience.

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Village Inn

Tranquil Thermal Springs in Poços de Caldas
Image:, 2024

This all-inclusive, 4-star resort in Poços de Caldas is as much fun as rejuvenating. For their guests’ leisure, the hotel provides five grand outdoor pools and two heated indoor pools. Guests can also enjoy the sauna after visiting the Antonio Carlos Bath and Fontes dos Amores Fountain before setting out for a competitive game of tennis on Village Inn’s tennis courts! The Village Inn is located a few minutes from Thermas Antonio Carlos if you want to try the thermal springs in Poços de Caldas.

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Monreale Hotel Classic

Tranquil Thermal Springs in Poços de Caldas
Image: Hotel Info, 2024

Awarded a quartet of stars, the Monreale Hotel Classic is situated in the heart of Campinas. Monreale Plus Midtown Campinas, also known as the Hotel Classic, provides cosy lodging with complimentary WiFi, a sun terrace, and an outdoor swimming pool. In addition to these features, there is a 24-hour front desk, a communal lounge, a fitness facility, and room service.

Near the Monreale Hotel Classic lies the Museum of Image and Sound. The Ecological Park, the Municipal Observatory, the Coffee Museum, and, of course, Thermas Antonio Carlos.

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Thermas Resort Walter World

Tranquil Thermal Springs in Poços de Caldas
Image: Thermas Walter World, 2024

Thermas Resort is located inside Walter World Theme Park as part of an ambitious project, which adds to the enjoyment of hosting, particularly for kids. Poços de Caldas, a city renowned for its potent sulphurous waters, stunning Murano crystals, and rich cultural offerings, is just five minutes from the resort. The breathtaking view of the mountains invites you to gaze upon and reflect upon all the health benefits of Thermal Springs in Poços de Caldas!

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Tranquillity in its Purest Form

Tranquil Thermal Springs in Poços de Caldas
Image: Thermas Walter World, 2024

When considering Poços de Caldas’ tranquil thermal springs, it’s clear that this destination transcends the ordinary, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and therapeutic bliss. People flock from all over the world to experience these magical waters. Whether in a small form from one of the mentioned hotel’s spa treatments or in large quantities at the Thermas Antonio Carlos, the magical waters of Poços de Caldas beckon to you.

You can also experience sulphur water at one of the all-inclusive resorts your entire family can benefit from! So, with all that being said, why not dive into the sphere?v Where magic reigns supreme and fun bursts from every drop, a sphere that allows you to regain your inner health once more! If you want to explore more in the Land of the Palm Trees, check out these 7 top cities to visit in Brazil for wellness activities!

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