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Top Ski Resorts in Norway

Top Ski Resorts in Norway

Picture yourself enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while gazing at majestic mountains that are covered with snow. After you’re all heated up, you hit the slopes, zooming past soaring pine trees and other skiers as you do so. Incredible, right? You may as well travel to Norway right now if you can imagine it.

With a staggering 125 ski resorts spread out over the nation, choosing the best one is difficult. That’s where I step in to help ease your burden and show you the top ski resorts in Norway. Without further ado, here are 3 of the must-visit ones!

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FONNA Glacier Ski Resort in Jondal

FONNA Glacier Ski Resort: a must-visit ski resort in Jondal, Norway.

FONNA Glacier Ski Resort is one of the most well-known summer ski resorts in Europe. It is located in Jondal and has 5 kilometres of accessible slopes for skiing and snowboarding. Moreover, the Hardanger Fjord and Folgefonna Glacier are both magnificently visible from FONNA’s summit station.

FONNA is located about 1300 metres above sea level. For this reason, the resort moves its visitors using a lift. In fact, you see as far as the North Sea in good weather conditions. Best of all, this winter sports resort has a freestyle park and a variety of skiing slopes. Cross-country skiing is also available here.

Before you take your snow shoes and hurry to FONNA, note that is a summer ski resort. This means that it’s only open during the summer months. Usually from May to August.

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SkiStar in Trysil

SkiStar in Trysil: a highly child-friendly ski resort in Norway.

SkiStar, the largest and oldest ski resort in Norway, is among the most loved in the nation for many good reasons. For starters, the terrain is diverse. The ski resort has over 60 routes and offers something for people at all levels of skiing.

Spend as much time as you want to enjoy the well-groomed slopes thanks to one of the greatest lift systems in all of Europe. On top of that, the lift virtually eliminates queues.

Moreover, SkiStar provides evening skiing on Fridays, Sundays, and Tuesdays if you can’t get enough of the snow during the day. However, if you’re more of a morning person, the resort also offers early-morning skiing on Wednesdays and Saturdays from February 5 through April 19.

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Voss Resort Fjellheisar in Vossevangen

Welcome to Voss, the skiing lover’s dream! Two of the biggest ski slopes in Western Norway are found here, complete with challenging alpine tracks. In addition to fun and engaging off-piste terrain, there are also lovely child-friendly sections available.

The gondola at Voss Resort will transport you directly from the railway station to Myrkdalen, one of the snowiest places in all of Europe. This will give you the impression that you are in the Alps. Moreover, Voss has a sizable number of cross-country routes to tackle too.

There are paths at Voss Ski – og tursenter for all types of cross-country skiing, as well as routes that are illuminated at night. Why not spend a few nights in the vicinity if you are going to do cross-country skiing? I recommend a stay at Fleischer’s Hotel, a great place for outdoor activities year-round. Not only does the hotel have 30 apartments and 110 hotel rooms but it also has a spa with a pool. What better way to rejuvenate after your ice-cold adventure?

Start Your Adventure

Certainly, skiing in Norway is an adventure that you have to try out for yourself. In fact, there are many more activities to do in this magical land. Go hiking in the mountains or spend time on a fjord. Better yet, watch the spectacular light show known as the Northern Lights. Whatever adventure you choose, just promise me one thing: you will enjoy yourself. Have a wonderful time!

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