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Top Namibia Desert Tours for Sand Dune Extravaganzas

The Top Namibia Desert Tours for Sand Dune Extravaganzas

Along the south-western coast of the African continent lies the breathtaking Namibia. Known as Africa’s harsh paradise with infinite stretches of beautiful uncrowded beaches, rich cultural assets, captivating landscapes, and abundant wildlife. Are you wondering where to find adventure in Namibia? Are you looking for the ultimate dune tours and activities? Well, this is the article for you! From heart-pounding electric off-road biking to tranquil desert track safaris, this article sheds some light on the world of dunes and Namibian adventures that attract millions of tourists each year. So, let’s explore the dunes of this tranquil yet exciting African country to get you set and ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

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1. Desert Tracks

The Top Namibia Desert Tours for Sand Dune Extravaganzas

Desert Tracks has three very distinct and impressive tours for you to choose from. Firstly, they have a Private Guided Safari, catering to the standard budget as well as the more luxurious budget. Secondly, they provide adventurers with a self-drive tour also catering to both the standard and luxury budget. Finally, they offer the more daring travellers a more exciting Fly-In Safari. Circling back to the first option; the Private Guided Safari packages vary in what they offer travellers. However, those that focus on the desert-scape of Namibia include the 11-day Guided Package and the 19-day “Most of Namibia” package.

When it comes to their self-drive tours, Dessert Tracks offers a 19-day “Most of Namibia” package, and an 11-day “Just a Quick Visit” package. However, this is where things get interesting. Desert Tracks can easily be ranked among the top Namibia desert tours due to their Fly-In safaris. Book their 7-day Desert, Dune & Wildlife (Fly-In Safari) Luxury Edition, their 10-day Honeymoon Fly-In Luxury Package, or a 5-day “Desert Whisper & The Delight Fly-In Package”.

The fly-in safari packages traverse Namibia’s best locations. From the breathtaking dunes of Sossusvlei to the rugged Skeleton Coast, Desert Tracks provides the best holiday option for you. Visit the Namib Desert where a ripple of dunes meets the grand ocean waves. Give yourself the gift of flying along the Skeleton Coast to Swakopmund and beyond.

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2. Criss Cross Namibia Safaris

The Top Namibia Desert Tours for Sand Dune Extravaganzas

Criss Cross Namibia offers you the indulgence of piecing together their itineraries for a vacation that works best for you and your entourage. The prices for the tours depend on your choice of accommodation as well as the number of people in your group. Tour prices range from more affordable to high-end, but it all depends on you. The Criss Cross Namibia agency also provides certain perks when booking a safari dune excursion with them. This includes accommodation, air-conditioned vehicles with a driver (a necessity when in Namibia), passenger liability insurance and all entrance fees at Namibia’s favourite parks. Tour options range from 4 days to 26 days.

For the ultimate desert extravaganza, opt for the 7-day package with Criss Cross Tours. This tour could easily rank among the top Namibia desert tours because it includes the exploration of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, where you and your family could delight in a hot-air balloon flight, a boat trip, and a desert tour via 4×4. The remainder of the trip includes Damaraland and Twyfelfontein where you get to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Burnt Mountain and desert elephants.

Finally, you end the trip in Kamanjan where you can visit the Himba Tribe before heading off to Etosha National Park for some delightful game drives. Thereafter, the tour ends back at Windhoek. This is the most basic package for great Namibia desert tours. However, you could indulge in the 26-day package where guests enjoy Cape Town before departing to all kinds of places like Aub which boasts the Namib Desert’s Wild Horses, or the Sossusvlei dunes, Sesriem Canyon, Dune 45 and Solitaire. So, what are you waiting for, book with Criss Cross for a new perspective on Namibia and all its beauty.

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3. Nature Travel Namibia

The Top Namibia Desert Tours for Sand Dune Extravaganzas

Famous for its customised, small group and private safaris, Nature Travel Namibia lands among the top great Namibia desert tours. Offering more than just a desert extravaganza, Nature Travel Namibia is passionate about conservation, offering guests a unique behind-the-scenes program and safari excursion. Their team of expert guides will take you to the best spots in Africa, sharing this small piece of the world with your library of lifelong memories. They offer a range of safaris for the untamed soul to choose from. Some include ‘popular Namibia safaris’, ‘short safaris’, ‘specialist safaris’, ‘wilderness safaris’, ‘self-drive safaris’ and also, ‘budget-friendly safaris’.

For the ultimate dune extravaganza, book their ‘specialist safari’ where the primary exploration takes place among Namibia’s towering dunes. The Namibia Dune Explorer is a different type of safari, one where Nature Travel Namibia combines physical activity with a safari, resulting in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Although the traditional way of seeing Namibia is by vehicle, one of the best countries for a road trip, there is a superior way of exploring all that Namibia has to offer.

This is by utilising an electric off-road bicycle! It has less of a negative impact on the environment and is a great way to get some exercise. Pedal through the Gondwana Kalahari Park on selected routes and look for Gemsbok, Common Wildebeest, Springbok and other fauna and flora. You also have the option for a self-guided dune walk or hike on the well-marked trails. With Nature Travel Namibia, you have the option to combine different safaris or an entire customised experience! In my opinion, the array of options that Nature Travel Namibia provides ultimately amounts to the best of Namibia desert tours

If you enjoy this article, be sure to read about how to take a road trip through the Skeleton Coast in Namibia.

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Dune You Wanna Have an Adventure?

Enjoy the Namibian sand dunes by going on a dessert tour!

Let’s be honest, Namibia is more than sand and sky. It’s a place where imagination reigns supreme and experiences stay vibrant until the last days of your life. Essentially, it’s a haven of fortune. And once you step foot in Namibia, it happily shares its fortune with you. When you return home, you return with riches that no amount of money can overturn.

Stretching as far as the eye can see are landmarks that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth other than Namibia. So, why not embark on the journey of a lifetime and treat yourself to something unlike anything else; one of the already mentioned Namibia desert tours? Dune you wanna have an adventure? If your answer is yes then Namibia should be at the top of your list!

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