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Top Family Resorts in the Netherlands

To Family Resorts in the Netherlands

With a wide range of activities suited for all ages, the Netherlands is an excellent holiday spot for families. The nation is known for its beautiful natural surroundings, rich cultural history, and welcoming people. For this reason, choosing a family-friendly resort makes your trip to the Netherlands even more enjoyable.

These resorts provide family-friendly activities, including kids’ programs, theme parks, and outdoor entertainment. To help you plan your upcoming family holiday, here are the top 7 family resorts to visit in the Netherlands.

The Top Family Resorts in the Netherlands

1. HUP in Mierlo

HUP is one of the top family resorts in the Netherlands. It has an indoor football field, a spa with a pool, bowling lanes and a sizable gym.
Image: Kidslovetravel, 2023

Would you like to unwind while still staying active? Then this hotel is perfect for you! HUP is situated in Mierlo, near the Eindhoven commercial district and the Strabrechtse Heide, a popular area for walking and cycling. The hotel boasts every amenity imaginable and more. In fact, there’s an indoor football field, a spa with a pool, bowling lanes and a sizable gym.

Besides bunk beds for the kids, there’s also a family room with a double bed. If you’re lucky, the room will also include a basketball hoop so the kids may play there. Certainly, HUP is one of the top family resorts in the Netherlands, if not the best.

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2. Efteling Hotel in Kaatsheuvel

Top Family Resorts in the Netherlands
Image:, 2024

If you consider yourself a proud Brabander then I’m sure you go to the Efteling at least once a year. Although I must admit, I would too! Next time you visit, why not take your whole family with you? This will make your children’s dreams of staying a few nights at the Efteling Hotel come true.

Apart from the themed rooms, your kids can play on the indoor playground, read a story by the Sandman before bed, meet a beloved Fairytale Forest inhabitant, and, of course, have a blast in the theme park! So, why are you holding out? Surely this is another one of the top family resorts in the Netherlands!

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3. Archeon Middeleeuwse B&B

Top Family Resorts in the Netherlands
Image: Archeon Middeleeuwse Vakantie, 2024

Would you like to spend the night with your family in the mediaeval era? Well, that is doable at this resort in the Netherlands! In fact, you have the option to stay in the apartment of a carpenter, weaver, or cobbler at the historic Archeon Middeleeuwse B&B.

While here, you can go to the park during the day and explore Dutch history. You and your family may also participate in a variety of activities and experience daily living in the past.

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4. Stayokay in Domburg

Going to a hostel with your children? Definitely! Hostels are no longer just for travellers; more and more families are realising the benefits of the affordable rates and flexibility of self-catering.

A castle from the thirteenth century houses Stayokay Domburg. Additionally, a 4-person bedroom with a private toilet is available. The hostel is near the beach, the dunes, and the forest. It also features a comfortable bar and bicycle rentals.

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5. Boerderij Lodges Heerman in Beuningen

Top Family Resorts in the Netherlands
Image: Dorpsraad, 2024

Boerderij Lodges Heerman, once known as the Old Cow Barns, is another one of the top family resorts in the Netherlands. It overlooks the meadows and is nestled between the vegetation.

All of the lodges are exquisitely decorated and furnished. There are lots of open rooms for kids to run about in and you can enjoy all kinds of entertaining things there. Best of all, the kids will go to bed on their bedstead in the evening.

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6. Holiday Inn in Leiden

Top Family Resorts in the Netherlands

Holiday Inn is not only entertaining for kids but also at a terrific location. In fact, Corpus and Naturalis are two lovely museums that are nearby.

While here, a family room with two king-size beds is a great option. You may also splash about in the pool or let your children play in the kids club after a day spent touring museums.

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7. Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam in Badhoevedorp

Top Family Resorts in the Netherlands, 2024
Image: Hotel Aanbieding EN, 2024

This enormous hotel has all the amenities you need, including large rooms and even apartments, a pool, a movie theatre, and, if you look closely, a view of Schiphol Airport from your room.

An actual Boeing 747, which you may also peek inside, is on the hotel’s lawn. The shuttle service at Corendon Village Hotel will have you in the centre of Amsterdam in no time after a 10-minute trip from Schiphol Airport.

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Enjoy Family Time in the Netherlands

Evidently, a variety of family-friendly facilities that suit all interests and preferences are available in the Netherlands. There are accommodations for everyone, from cutting-edge hotels filled with modern conveniences to traditional B&Bs.

If you pick one of these best family resorts, you and your family members will have the ideal resort for experiencing the stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage of this warm country. Why not visit the east coast in the US next for your family holiday? Have a wonderful time!

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