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Top Extravagant Hotels in Nice, France

Top Extravagent Hotels in Nice, France

There are so many amazing fancy hotels in Nice with great views of the sea and lovely buildings. The best hotels in this city are truly special. Regardless of whether you’re going with your partner, family, or by yourself, there’s a perfect hotel for you in Nice. The hotels on this list are the fanciest of the fancy. They have cool old-style buildings, amazing art, super fancy food, and special private outdoor areas.

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1. Le Windsor Jungle Art Hotel

Le Windsor Jungle Art Hotel is one of the best hotels in Nice
Image: KAYAK, 2023

Le Windsor Jungle Art Hotel is a special and fancy place that welcomes guests from all over the world. This little hotel is right in the middle of the city, not far from the Promenade des Anglais and the beach. Interestingly, the 57 rooms and suites in this hotel are designed like a jungle by modern artists. They are filled with bright pictures to grab your attention. The guests can enjoy swimming in the pool and exercise at the fitness centre. When it comes to the cuisine, the guests are served local French dishes for breakfast and dinner. Le Windsor is certainly one of the best hotels in Nice!

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2. Excelsior Ville Hotel

The Excelsior Ville Hotel is one of the best hotels in Nice
Image: The Excelsior Hotel, 2023

The Excelsior Centre Ville Hotel is a popular accommodation known for its beautifully designed building structure and welcoming atmosphere for all its guests. The hotel consists of 42 rooms, each including a minibar, air conditioning, and a flat-screen TV. The guests can enjoy their moments of relaxation at the spa centre or they can explore activities in the nearby area which include the beach, horseback riding, jogging trails, outdoor tennis, and cycling. Moreover, Excelsior offers a good range of dishes featuring local and international cuisine for guests.

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3. Hôtel Nice Beau Rivage

Hotel Beau Rivage is one of the best hotels in Nice
Image: Hotel Beau Rivage , 2023

Welcome to the Beau Rivage hotel which stands as a historic remembrance in the history of France. The hotel was founded in 1860 during the same year Nice was formerly registered as one of the cities in France. Impressively, there are 114 rooms and suites at this wonderful hotel for guests to enjoy. There is also a beautiful spa and an outdoor swimming pool available, making your stay very comfortable and worth every penny. Best of all, you are served the best French cuisine from breakfast to dinner, making this one of the best hotels in Nice.

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4. Massena Hotel

Massena is one of the best hotels in Nice
Image: Expedia, 2023

This 4-star hotel is approximately 3 minutes from Promenade des Anglais. Similar to Le Windsor Jungle Art Hotel, Massena has a few historical paintings on the walls about the history of France. This hotel has 110 outstanding accommodations for guests to enjoy a comfortable sleep. Moreover, there are a few amenities nearby that you can enjoy such as the beach, scuba diving, indoor pool, water skiing, and indoor tennis.

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5. La Perouse

La Pérouse is one of the best hotels in Nice
Image: Audley Travel, 2023

Located next to the sea, La Perouse stands as one of the best hotels in Nice, giving guests a unique atmosphere to experience. The staff, mostly women in smart suits, are friendly. Moreover, the hotel is easy to get around. It has a special terrace with a pool, bar, and a nice restaurant in the sun. It looks like a fancy village square in Provence a sharp and classy style. There are 60 rooms, all with a Mediterranean feel. Lots of light comes in through big windows making the colours of the rooms bright and calm. While here, you can enjoy the hotel’s stunning swimming pool area and the fitness centre to keep yourself occupied.

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6. Hyatt Regency Palais de la Mediterranée

Hyatt Regency Palais de la Méditerranée is one of the best hotels in Nice
Image: Hyatt, 2023

This amazing hotel situated close to the Opera House is considered one of the best hotels in Nice because of the comfort you experience and the incredible hospitality you receive from the staff. There are a total of about 187 rooms and suites which all have an in-room Chromecast. The rooms have been designed with open balconies so you can have a good view of the beach. At the hotel’s restaurant, the chefs prepare amazing 3-course meals for the guests. Visitors can enjoy staying healthy by visiting the health club or cycling. There is also an indoor and outdoor pool for children, making Palais de la Mediterranée one of the best family-friendly hotels in Nice.

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A Sweet Time in Nice

Quality accommodation is important for your comfort and safety in a foreign land. So if you want to visit France, you are guaranteed to enjoy your stay at these magnificent hotels in Nice that will be worth your money. There is a lot to discover in the nation of France, you can read more about accommodation in another amazing French city here.

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