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Top Birmingham Cycle Routes to Explore

Are you an avid cyclist looking to explore a city with picturesque cycle routes that steer you away from the hustle and bustle of traffic? Look no further than Birmingham, UK’s hidden gem for cyclists. This vibrant city boasts a network of special paths dedicated solely to cycling, ensuring a stress-free journey with no cars to contend with.

Birmingham’s cycle routes cater to all experience levels, from leisurely canal-side paths and marked lanes on quieter streets to more daring ventures alongside faster-moving cars on larger roads. The options are as diverse as the city itself, promising an unforgettable two-wheeled experience.

1. Blue Cycle Routes

Blue Cycle Routes are separated from regular traffic as much as possible, making them one of the top Birmingham cycle routes to explore.
Image: Hedgehog Cycling, 2023

Introducing the new bike paths in Birmingham! Created by the Birmingham City Council, Blue Cycle Routes are special cycling routes on A34 New Town Row/High Street and A38 Bristol Road/Bristol Street. These routes have a smooth blue surface and are wide enough for two-way cycling. The best part is that they are separated from regular traffic as much as possible, making them one of the top Birmingham cycle routes to explore. At important junctions, there are traffic signals designed just for cyclists.

Top Birmingham Cycle Routes to Explore

In the northern part of Birmingham, the A34 route makes it easy for you to bike between Heathfield Road, Birchfield, and the city centre. If you prefer the southern area, the A38 route will take you between Selly Oak and the city centre. To find your way around these routes, you can download the A34 cycle route map and the A38 cycle route map. So, get your bike ready and explore these awesome new paths! Have fun and stay safe!

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2. Family Routes

Some of the top Birmingham cycle routes are suitable for the whole family!

Birmingham has some fantastic family cycling routes that are completely free from traffic. No matter your age or skill level, these routes are perfect for you. These paths have been improved and developed through the Birmingham Cycle Revolution, making them even better for cycling. However, please note that not all the roads these routes cross have official crossings, so be careful and patient while crossing them.

Top Birmingham Cycle Routes to Explore

Keep an eye out for any signs along the route to guide you. If you find any spots where the signage isn’t clear, don’t worry! You can use the map to figure out the route. I really want you to stay safe, so I strongly recommend that all riders, especially kids new to cycling, wear a helmet. Remember, safety comes first, but the most important thing is to have a ton of fun on your cycling adventure! So go out there and enjoy every moment on these top Birmingham cycle routes.

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3. Canal Towpaths

Due to the massive new improvements, canal towpaths are now among the top Birmingham cycle routes to explore.
Image: Roundhouse Birmingham, 2023

Birmingham has an awesome canal network that’s famous for providing safe and traffic-free cycle routes through many parts of the city. Working together with the Canal and River Trust, the Birmingham City Council has made some fantastic upgrades. In fact, over 50 kilometres of canal towpath in the city have been resurfaced with a clean and grippy grit surface, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Getting onto the canal and cycling along it has never been easier. The City Council has also made improvements at access points and opened up towpath gates and barriers. Plus, they’ve worked on enhancing the lighting in key tunnels to make your ride even better. This makes canal towpaths among the top Birmingham cycle routes to explore!

No matter how old you are or your cycling experience, biking along these canal paths is a fantastic way to escape the rush hour traffic, get some exercise, and experience a bit of countryside right in the heart of the city. To help you make the most of these incredible routes, the Birmingham City Council has created six downloadable maps. Each map highlights a key canal route in the city, making it super easy for you to explore and enjoy the beautiful canals of Birmingham.

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As you can see, Birmingham has some awesome cycling routes to explore! From in-city blue cycle routes to canal pathways, you are sure to have an awesome time cycling through this royal city! If you would like more walking, running and cycling routes in the UK, be sure to download the Walk Run Cycle app. What makes the app so unique is that all the routes are specially curated by locals so that you can explore the best of the best that each area has to offer! For more wellness activities in the UK, check out these top private spas in London. Have a wonderful time!

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