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Top 7 Outdoor Activities in France

France is a paradise for bike lovers, especially those seeking mountain adventures. You can find stunning cycling routes everywhere, from the majestic Alps to the rugged Pyrénées. With over 60,000 kilometres of paths, you will never run out of options. One of the most thrilling events is Megavalanche, which happens in Alpe d’Huez, a famous ski resort hosting many Tour de France endings. But some cyclists wanted more than just scenic trails. They decided to conquer the icy slopes as well. That’s how Megavalanche was born. Watch the video by Claudia Clement, a star in the women’s category, and see for yourself. Let’s dive into the top activities to explore in France.

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1. Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding is one of the best outdoor activity in France
Unicorn Trails, 2024

France is a dream destination for horse lovers, offering unique opportunities to explore its beauty and culture on horseback. You can gallop through the lush vineyards of Provence, admire the Atlantic Ocean from the cliffs, or marvel at the splendid châteaux of the Loire Valley. No matter what season, equestrian centres will welcome you with open arms. Whether you want to bond with a horse, enjoy the scenery from a new angle, or learn how to ride, you will find your perfect match in France, from Brittany to Normandy.

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2.  Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is one of the best outdoor activities in France
Image : Ultimate France, 2024

Rock Climbing is the best way to experience the natural wonders of France. The Alps offer more challenges than the Pyrénées, with many routes to test your skills. The French are passionate about hiking and climbing, so you will find helpful facilities and friendly people along the way, as well as signs, maps, and delicious food to treat yourself after a hard day.

3. Sky Diving

 Skydiving is one of the best outdoor activities in France
Image : Parachute Club Cannes, 2024

If you are looking for an unforgettable thrill, Skydive Paris is your ultimate destination, with landing spots in the western and northern parts of the city. But there are also other skydiving options, where you can enjoy different views of France, from the towering Alps to the rolling Pyrénées or from the majestic castles to the other hidden gems of the country.

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4. Surfing

Surfing is one of the best outdoor activities in France
Image : Cornish Secrets, 2024

France has terrific shorelines that offer a lot of fun and excitement. You can enjoy delicious food, relaxing sailing, and refreshing swimming in many countries. Surfing is also a popular sport that many people love. The west coast of the Atlantic Ocean has the best waves for surfing. You can pick between the famous Biarritz on the Basque coast or Brittany on the western tip of France, where the beaches are sandy and the currents are powerful. The world championships often draw many surfers to these places.

5. Canyoning

Canyoning is one of the best outdoor activities in France
Image : Inextremis Aventura, 2024

Canyoning is a thrilling activity that is gaining popularity in the French canyons. You can glide through the caverns, trace the streams under the peaks, and mix it with spelunking. Here are some of the top spots for canyoning in France. You can also join canyoning clubs nationwide to find companions for this adventure.

6. Canoeing

Canoeing is one of the best outdoor activities in France
Image : She Explores, 2024

If canyoning is too intense for you, you can opt for canoeing — a great alternative. Canoeing is very common in France, and you will meet many people skilled at paddling a canoe and even own one. The swift rivers in the mountains are ideal for thrill-seekers, but there are also calmer places for beginners. You can find beautiful lakes all over the country suitable for canoeing, such as the Loire Valley, where you can admire many castles.

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7. Night Rollerblading

Night Rollerblading is one of the best outdoor activities in France
Image : San Bernadino Sun, 2024

How about gliding on the streets where famous artists like Monet or Hemingway used to stroll? Pari Roller has been organising this in Paris since the 1990s. They meet every Friday, unless the weather or the road is terrible, and skate at night, like in the old times. They chat, laugh, enjoy, and slide.

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Experience Unforgettable Outdoor Activities in France

Discovering Frances’s diverse outdoor activities offers an adventure for every traveller’s soul. From the majestic slopes enthusiasts of the French Alps, perfect for skiing enthusiasts, to the scenic trails of Provence, ideal for hikers and cyclists, France is a treasure trove of natural wonders. You can read about spas in Bordeaux here.







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