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Top 5 Walking Trails in Daintree National Park

Are you planning to escape the hustle and bustle of city living? Whether it’s for a day-long outing or a few days’ getaway, the tranquil, most biologically diverse rainforest in the world is calling you. On one hand, you will experience breathtaking natural scenery, and on the other visit one of the oldest rainforests in the world. Daintree Rainforest National Park offers various walking routes for you throughout the majestic rainforest creating a calming connection between you and nature.

First of all, Daintree is located far north in Queensland, Australia. Secondly, reaching this rainforest is trouble-free if you are planning on visiting. You can make use of many tours to get to the national park from Cairns, Palm Cove, and Port Douglas. Once you have arrived, there are many daily walking routes to embark on. Here are the top 5 walking trails within Daintree National Park ranging from easy trails, moderate to hard.

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1. Baral Marrjanga and Lower River Track

Baral Marrjanga trail with a suspension bridge

First up is the Baral Marrjanga trail. The trail kicks off on the elevated boardwalk of the Baral Marrjanga Track in the Daintree National Park. Eventually, you loop back to the boardwalk, next to Mossman Gorge at the end of the walk. Since the walking trail is only 3.5 kilometres, you can complete your walk in about an hour. Unfortunately, you cannot bring your dogs. However, the trail is child-friendly.

This is a great walking trail for bird watching, beautiful views, and a variety of terrains. As revealed by the trail while on your walk, you are going to cross a gently swaying suspension bridge. While on the bridge, you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the rainforest and rushing waters below. After the bridge, you will join the gorgeous Rainforest Circuit Track.

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2. Rainforest Circuit Track

Rainforest Circuit popular trail within the Daintree National Park

This trail is considered a popular trail within the Daintree National Park by many visitors. Besides the moderate stamp increasing the difficulty of the trail, you won’t get lost on this loop trail. Although the trail is only 2,4 kilometres long, your pets are not allowed on the track. The Rainforest Circuit Track trail takes an average of 41 minutes to complete.

In addition to lovely forest scenery, there are various bird species, waterfalls, a river, and some wildlife to come across. Why not jump in the swimming hole along the route to make it more adventurous? Consider taking a break along the way on an untouched patch of ancient rainforest. You can start your walk at the Daintree Rainforest Discovery Centre and make your way back there.

3. Jindalba Circuit Track

Jindalba Circuit Track Daintree Rainforest Australia

Remaining in the moderate difficulty level is the Jindalba Circuit Track. Aside from the hour-long duration, only 138 metres of elevation is gained. Therefore, you can expect an even walking trail. The track loops back to the start for a total of 3.1 kilometres.

The Jindalba walking trail ventures through Australia’s largest tropical rainforest, Daintree Rainforest. It is filled with unique animals and plants of the Daintree Wet Tropics for you to learn about. Also, while walking about different species of kangaroos can be spotted foraging in the rainforest.

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4. Mowbray Falls via Bump Track

Mowbray Falls in the Daintree National Park, Queensland AustraliaThe final moderate walking trail found in Daintree National Park is the Mowbray Falls walking trail. This trail leads to the Mowbray waterfall. It is 12,9 kilometres long but it only takes 4 and a half hours to complete due to the lack of elevation you gain. There are some steep climbs that challenge you but the views of the rainforest make up for it.

What’s more, the spectacular Mawbray Falls will appear while on your walk. Enjoy a dip in the pools at the bottom of the falls whereafter you can make your way back down to the trailhead. Unlike the first two trails, the Bump Track is classified as an out-and-back route meaning you return to the outset of the walking trail.

5. Manjal Jimalji (Devils Thumb) Trail

Manjal Jimalji trail in Daintree National Park Queensland Australia

The 11,4-kilometre Manjal Jimalji trail is the one to tackle if you are looking for the most challenging route in Daintree National Park. Not only do you gain an elevation of 1211 metres, but the route also requires you to walk out and back to your starting point. When embarking on this adventure, prepare yourself to encounter dense, overgrown distinct rainforest flora.

The trail is only safe for you to walk in dry circumstances. Equally important, this trail does require you to have some level of fitness. You should set aside at least 8 hours of your day to complete this trail. Not to scare you but it is advised to pack a snake bandage kit, long socks, and insect repellent. If you are still fired up to complete this trail, remember to enjoy it, and good luck!

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Get Your Walk On

Hiking and walking trails are wonderful activities for your cardiovascular health. Daintree National Park offers a range of trails to suit and improve your fitness level. Balance your mind and body while immersing yourself in unique greenery and fresh air. While you’re wandering around the Daintree Rainforest consider inspecting all the plants growing around you. Perhaps you can partake in a wellness trend, Food Foraging in Australia.

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