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Top 5 Spa Hotels in Netherlands

Welcome to the Netherlands, a country filled with stunning tulip fields and quaint canals. The Netherlands also has some of Europe’s top spa hotels. As a result, the country is a wellness hub for those eager to relax, rejuvenate, and recuperate. Spa treatments are an essential part of life. Everybody needs at least one spa treatment a month.  It improves circulation, promotes general well-being, and is considered chicken soup for the human soul.

So, with the Netherlands being the central hub for health enthusiasts, it’s only expected to find an array of spa hotels in the Netherlands. These spa hotels provide a variety of wellness experiences, catering to every need. Who doesn’t like saunas, hot tubs, massages, and beauty treatments? The excitement of choosing from a range of treatments is part of the experience. But let’s get to it, shall we? Here are the top spa hotels in the Netherlands.

Spa Hotels in Netherlands

1. Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam

The Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam provides a sense of comfort as soon as you walk through the doors. They have an array of amenities for you to try out. One of the hotel’s highlights is the Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre. You can access a whirlpool, hammam, sauna, and Watsu pool here. This wellness centre is one of the hotel’s top highlights, rightly so! You can enjoy exquisite treatments at Akasha such as hot seashell massages and jade roll facials. Nice!

At the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam, wellness is not just for adults. The Akasha spa boasts a lap pool with striking neon lighting, a gym with yoga and Pilates sessions, and even a personal trainer available for rent. The hotel’s swimming pool is tranquil and open daily to the entire family if the young ones are over three. Children over 12 can stay for free at the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam as long as it has existing beds within the room. And to make your stay even more comfortable, childcare is also available at no extra cost. It’s a place where everyone, regardless of age, can feel welcomed and catered to.

The Conservatorium is undoubtedly among the very top spa hotels in the Netherlands. You can have a fantastic time here with its family-friendly amenities and magnificent spa facilities. Prices for spa treatments and packages vary and change over time, so be sure to check with the hotel for pricing and booking guidelines.

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2. Fort Resort Beemster in Zuidoostbeemster

With a wide range of wellness facilities like saunas, Hammams, yoga classes and fitness facilities; Fort Resort Beemster is undoubtedly one of the top spa hotels in Netherlands
Image: Fort Resort Beemster, 2023

Blending modern elegance with environmentally friendly amenities, the Fort Resort Beemster stands out as an unusual yet captivating hotel. Its unique features and eco-friendly approach make it a must-visit for those seeking a different wellness experience. The panoramic sauna, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, is just one of the many unique features that will surely pique your interest.

Fort Resort Beemster also provides yoga lessons and exercise amenities, allowing you to advance your wellness journey. Then there’s the hotel’s restaurant serving scrumptious Dutch cuisine, only using produce obtained locally or within surrounding areas.

Spa packages and treatments vary extensively, so checking their website for price updates and brochures is best. Some of their spa packages include access to the sauna and hammam; others do not. However, Fort Resort Beemster is undoubtedly among the best spa hotels in the Netherlands for the most fantastic wellness escape.

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3. Thermen Bussloo Wellness & Hotel

Thermen Bussloo Wellness & Hotel is a world-class wellness destination that offers a variety of spa facilities and treatments. The hotel is connected to the Wellness Resort Thermen Bussloo via an underground tunnel. While there, you can access the resort’s facilities which include a luxurious spa, Zen garden, and lakefront beach. The spa facilities at Thermen Bussloo include thermal baths, saunas, steam rooms, and plunge pools. All these facilities are designed to help you relax and unwind.

You could also indulge in various style massages, rejuvenating facials, body cleanses, and wraps. You could also select from multiple spa packages featuring a collection of treatments. For instance, the “Babor Ultimate Relaxation” package includes a facial, massage, and foot treatment. Thermen Bussloo is among the premium and most luxurious spa hotels in the Netherlands. If you would like to know about their treatment catalogue and spa packages, be sure to check on their website!

You may wonder if this spa hotel has even beds to sleep in. Yes, and the beds are very stylish.  Thermen Bussloo has some of the most fashionable and relaxing rooms in the entire country, boasting woodland views, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and luxury furnishings. The hotel also has sought-after styles of fusion cuisine, atrium lounges and room service.

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4. Landgoed De Wilmersberg in De Lutte

With its range of spa treatments and facilities, Landgoed De Wilmersberg has earned its spot among the top 5 spa hotels in Netherlands
Image: Getaways Bcause, 2023

Landgoed de Wilmersberg is all about being authentically Dutch. This four-star hotel is situated between the beautiful greenery of De Lutte. Nespresso coffee makers can be found in every room and have a romantic feel, perfect for a spa weekend. Interestingly, the rural-style breakfast buffet will be the only buffet style you’ll ever want to indulge in in the foreseeable future. It is offered daily and is the perfect way to start your fun-filled day.

Then comes the spa facilities. That’s why you’re here, right? These facilities offer daily an oasis of leisure, rejuvenation, and relaxation with their steam room, foot bath, and jam-packed wellness packages. A fitness facility is also available if you like physical activity during your wellness vacation.

However, healing and rejuvenation also come from within. That’s why Landgoed’s restaurant has a range of regional and seasonal food, mainly locally sourced, to enhance your inner well-being. During the crisp winter months, a warm fire sets the scene for a cosy environment, while in the summer, a lovely open terrace provides open-air dining options. Take it all in; that’s what life is all about. Landgoed de Wilmersberg is also located close to several walking and bicycle routes. There is no question that this hotel deserves its place among the top spa hotels in the Netherlands. It does.

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5. Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

The Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam is a luxurious hotel that showcases a rich historical background. The hotel boasts a Guerlain spa that offers a wide range of spa facilities such as a sauna, steam room, and indoor swimming pool. Waldorf Astoria also has a fitness centre and three treatment rooms. The treatments offered include body scrubs, wraps, manicures, pedicures, and relaxing massages. The hotel also offers various spa and wellness packages to cater to your needs. In fact, prices for treatments range from £40 to £200, while spa packages cost between £300 to £700.

The hotel’s guest rooms, lofts, and suites are uniquely decorated with modern amenities, authentic Dutch-inspired design, and views of the canal and courtyard garden. You can also enjoy gastronomic experiences at the Spectrum restaurant, Goldfinch Brasserie, Peacock Alley, or Vault Bar.

What makes the Waldorf stand out among the other spa hotels in the Netherlands is its location. Situated in the centre of Amsterdam, it is the perfect destination for wellness enthusiasts seeking a transformative experience with authentic Dutch gezelligheid. Because of its location, you can easily visit the Anne Frank House, Museum Quarter and Rembrandtplein. Also, when staying at the Waldorf, you can rent a bicycle for free. If you’re seeking wellness, chances are you’ll find it at the Waldorf Astoria.

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Unwind and Relax at a Spa Hotel in the Netherlands

With gorgeous views, breathtaking rooms, and swoon-worthy spa treatments, these spa hotels in the Netherlands are not playing around. They’ve got your best interest at heart: prosperity from within, rejuvenation bursting at the seams, and winds of relaxation soothing your every nerve. It’s wellness, baby!

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