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Top 5 Resorts in Brazil

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Olá amigos! Welcome back to Brazil. The land of vibrant colours, culture, sensational samba music and the beautiful game of football. However, Brazil has so much more to offer. Including its stunning resorts located all across the beautiful country. As a result, you have access to all that Brazil has to offer from the comfort of your accommodation.

Embrace the beautiful beach and scenic sunsets from the balcony or patio of your stunning resort. Brazil’s culture is unmatched and they surely bring it into their hospitality. Let’s take a look at the top 5 resorts in beautiful Brazil.

1. Mavsa Resort in Cesário Lange

This all-inclusive resort is 90 minutes from São Paulo. With its aquatic complex that houses numerous pools and jacuzzies, Mavsa Resort will captivate you throughout your stay. Amongst many others, these pools include a reflecting pool, a wet bar pool and a children’s pool. Perfect for anyone in the family to indulge in some aquatic activities.

Top 5 Resorts in Brazil

This resort has numerous leisure activities, so there’s always something for everybody. Surely, you want to experience Brazil’s stunning views while tree climbing, right? This is considered one of the largest tree-climbing circuits to date. Certainly, this is not an opportunity you want to pass by. Mavsa consists of 15 elevated stations, 14 platforms and zip lines up to 80m long. This amazing adventure is a great way to see Brazil and have fun simultaneously.

Mavsa has several soccer and volleyball courts. Therefore, it’s an ideal place to get in on all those beach sports Brazil is so popular for.

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Mavsa Resort in Cesário Lange: the best resort in Brazil

2. Rio Quente Resort in The State of Goiás

Start your trip in Brazil immersing yourself in this unique and incomparable destination that is integrated into nature. Owing to the wonderful activities available, Rio Quente Resort is the perfect place to recharge your battery. Moreover, it is one of the best hot water parks in the world, filled with natural warm waters. Undoubtedly, this will be an extravagant experience for everyone.

One of the coolest activities you can do here is diving in the hot water lake. In fact, this is an experience of a lifetime. You can swim along species of fish that are 2m in length. Also, you can see the unique aquatic flora and even a shipwreck! What’s even better is, you don’t even have to be able to swim. You will have a guide throughout to assist you.

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3. Japaratinga Resort in the State of Alagoas

Japaratinga is an almost unexplored paradise. With coral reefs, natural pools and exuberant natural sights, this is a must-visit. This resort incorporates wellness into its set of services. Perfect for anyone who wants to take a break and attend to their mental and physical health. Japaratinga Resort focuses on the wellness of its guests. As a result, they offer meditation, stretching and functional classes. Besides resting the body and mind, this is a great place to relax and enjoy yourself. Also, Japaratinga is perfect if you want to rejuvenate and find your inner peace.

Japaratinga Resort aerial view, Brazil

4. Porto Seguro Praia Resort in Porto Seguro

This is one of the most desired tourist destinations in Brazil. The 85 kilometres of coastline will allow you to live all your Bay Watch dreams. Porto Seguro offers comfort and convenience on vacations by the sea. With a list of extensive leisure activities, the resort has one of the largest adventure parks in the country.

Praia resort has multiple pools for adults who like to enjoy a beer in the jacuzzi. There are also pools for kids who want to play with water toys. Furthermore, Porto Seguro Praia offers tree-climbing and abseiling. Perfect activities if you’re feeling adventurous. Equally elegant and comfortable are the stunning accommodations with scenic balcony views. Making your stay as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

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5. Cana Brava Resort in Ilhéus

You can enjoy paradisical experiences at Cana Brava Resort. These unique experiences offered at this resort will catapult your holiday into the next dimension. With immaculately trained instructors for each activity, you will surely have the best experience. Certainly, you will have the most memorable trip possible.

The Cana Adventure program includes tree climbing, ziplining over stunning bodies of water and wall climbing. See stunning Brazil while taking part in these fun-filled activities.

Lastly, you can also bike through this paradise. Why not cycle along the coast to take in the magical scenery while simultaneously improving your mental and physical health? This is your chance to create unforgettable memories while on 2 wheels.

Cycling in Cana Brava Resort in Brazil.

Final Goodbyes

So, if you’re ready to dance to samba music and enjoy blissful Brazil, get down to one of these magical resorts. They are relaxing and have some of the best activities. And if you’re in the mood for some beachside fun, here are the best beach resorts Brazil has to offer. Adeus amigos!

Psychology tip: cycling improves creative thinking and betters sleep quality too.

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