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Top 5 Beach Resorts Near Edinburgh


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Edinburgh may be a hectic capital, but it’s also a gateway to some of the most charming beaches on the East Coast of Scotland. Whether you’re looking for peaceful countryside shores, thrilling surfing spots, or quaint fishing ports, you’ll find them all within a short drive. Here are some of the magical beach resorts near Edinburgh.

1. Silver Sands Beach Resort

Silver Sands Beach Resort is one of the magical beach resorts near Edinburgh
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Silver Sands is a beach on the other side of the water from Edinburgh. Tourists can get there by car in 40 minutes. The beach is in an old village called Aberdour in Fife. You can walk along the beach and see the water and islands. Explore and walk on a path that goes along the coast. When you are done, you can go to a nice café near the beach to indulge in some coffee and cake there. Immerse yourself in a holistic wellness experience by awakening your senses with morning yoga sessions, harmonizing body, and mind amidst the soothing symphony of waves.

Delight in meditation sessions by the sea, finding inner peace as you connect with the rhythmic pulse of the ocean. Dive into invigorating water sports like surfing or paddle boarding, revitalizing your spirit with the sea’s embrace.

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2. Belhaven Bay Beach Resort

Belhaven Bay Beach Resort is one of the magical resorts near Edniburgh
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Belhaven Bay is a beach that is part of John Muir Country Park. It is about 30 miles east of Edinburgh, and it goes from Belhaven to the north of the River Tyne. The beach is big, so many people like to walk their dogs there. The beach is also good for having a picnic because it has small sand hills and beautiful water views. Belhaven Bay is fun for people who like to try new things because they can learn how to surf or paddleboard from local businesses. The beach is not public, but you can park your car nearby for a small fee.

Visitors can relish a multitude of activities and experiences. Embrace the thrill of surfing or take exhilarating coastal walks along the stunning shores, admiring the breathtaking views. Engage in beach volleyball matches. Explore the nearby John Muir Country Park for scenic hikes and wildlife encounters or indulge in bird watching along the coast.

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3. Seacliff Beach Resort

Seacliff Beach Resort is one of the magical beach resorts near Edinburgh
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Seacliff Beach is a hidden gem in East Lothian, about 50 minutes away from Edinburgh by car. It is loved by dog walkers, swimmers, and surfers for its clear water and clean shore. You can walk to a very small harbor made of sandstone, which is said to be the smallest in the UK. You can also see Bass Rock, a famous local island, and Tantallon Castle, an old fortress. This beach is mostly natural and not very crowded. There are no cafés nearby, so you need to bring your own food and drink. You also need to pay a small entrance fee, so remember to bring some change.

Guests can explore the sea caves, rock pools, and scenic cliffs, perfect for coastal walks and wildlife spotting. Adventure seekers may indulge in activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, or simply unwinding on the sandy shores.

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4. Portobello Beach Resort

Porto Bello Beach Resort is one of the magical beach resorts near Edinburgh
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Portobello is a suburb with a long, sandy beach, cafés by the sea, and art galleries. It is only 20 minutes away from Edinburgh by car. Portobello has a promenade that looks old-fashioned. It has many shops, restaurants, B&Bs, and swimming pools from the Victorian era. The beach is 3.2km (2 miles) long, and many people come here when the weather is nice. They can walk or run for a long time. Portobello also has many events that people like, such as the Big Beach Busk in the summer. It is a free event with music and shows. There are also volleyball and triathlon competitions here.For Thrill seekers, there are opportunities for windsurfing, kiteboarding, or swimming in the refreshing waters.

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5. Cramond Beach Resort

Cramond Beach Resort is one of the magical resorts near Ediniburgh
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Cramond is a place that feels like a fishing village, even though it is very close to the city centre. It has houses that are painted white and pubs that are cosy. It has a beach that is small and sandy, and a promenade that is good for walking or cycling. You can also go to Cramond Island, but you have to watch out for the tide. The island has a lot of history. It was used by the Romans and by the soldiers in the two world wars. From the top of the island, you can see the three bridges that cross the water.

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Magnificent Beaches Resorts Near Edinburgh

Do you seek a wonderful experience? Then visit one of the above beach resorts, for an unforgettable discovery of magical beach resorts near Edinburgh. You can read about ski resorts near Edinburgh here.

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