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Top 4 Ski Resorts in Germany

Just imagine, a combination of excitement, loss of control, exhilaration, and freedom wrapped in one. Then, being surrounded by pure white snowy mountains and crisp cold air. Maybe you’re on the lookout for an exciting fun activity out of your comfort zone. Perhaps you’re looking to challenge yourself. If so, skiing is the activity for you. From beginners to advanced skiers, all are welcome.

Not only is skiing a great cardiovascular exercise, but it also reduces levels of stress hormones in the body. Because of this, it’s a popular activity for Germans and tourists alike. Due to the Alps covering regions of Germany, your skiing adventure here will be amazing. Moreover, this country offers many ski resorts to stay at and ski. With that, let’s slide into the four best ski resorts in Germany.

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1. Skiliftkarussell Winterberg Resort in Sauerland

Skiing at Skiliftkarussell Winterberg in Germany

Skiliftkarussell Winterberg is a major ski resort in the Sauerland region of central Germany. This ski resort is popular for the 27 trails it offers. Along with this, there are 27 ski lifts available that take you to your trail. And if you’ve never skied before, don’t panic! Skiliftkarussell provides you with top ski equipment to ensure a fun day in the snow.

Surely, after a day of skiing, you’re quite hungry. Why not stop at the Ski Huts scattered around your ski trail? Here, you’ll enjoy a break at a modern, rustic, and cosy restaurant. Therefore, everything you need, to have a perfect ski trip, you can find at Skiliftkarussell Winterberg.

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2. Willingen Ski Resort in Willingen (Upland)

Skiing in Willingen Ski Resort in Germany

The valley of Willingen is surrounded by beautiful snowy mountains. In fact, two of the highest mountains in Germany are in Willingen. Both mountains, The Ettelsberg and Happernkopf have the longest slopes in the region. Just another reason for you to visit the Willingen Ski Resort. To reach the top of the mountain, use one of the 12 lifts. However, the slopes are easy and intermediate, with no difficult trails.

Fortunately, all slopes come to a gentle end. Making Willingen a definite family-friendly resort. The slopes are all wide and open. So, you can be sure that all the slopes are safe enough to tackle. In addition to great reviews, Willingen is home to the largest night skiing areas in Germany. Whether it’s day or night, you’ll have a great skiing experience at this ski resort.

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3. Ski Resort Nebelhorn – Oberstdorf in Oberallgäu

Skiing in Nebelhorn – Oberstdorf in Oberallgau Germany

Nebelhorn is a ski resort in Oberallgäu Germany. But to get to Nebelhorn, you depart from Oberstdorf. A 10-seater modern gondola lift takes you from Oberstdorf up to Nebelhorn Ski Resort. On top of Oberstdorf mountain, also known as the grandstand of the Alps, you take in breathtaking panoramic views. Why not have a gourmet dinner at Nebelhorn 2224 Summit restaurant after your ski?

Thereafter, follow the Nordwandsteig Peak Walkway for more stunning views before your ski. In fact, you can rent prestigious ski and snowboard equipment at the resort. With 12.9 kilometres of slopes to ski and 6 lifts, Nebelhorn will tick all your skiing boxes.

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4. Feldberg Ski Resort in Todtnau

Skiing in Feldberg Ski Resort in Todtnau Germany

Feldberg Ski Resort is a great option for families and beginners. The slopes range from leisurely beginner slopes to professional advanced ones. Also, there are 30 kilometres and 15 lifts available. At the highest point of the ski resort, you have gorgeous views of the Black Forest and parts of the Alps.

The sloping hillside offers cosy forest runs and freerides. Although the slopes run from easy to difficult, most trails are intermediate. With that said, there is a slope for everyone at Feldberg.

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We’re Skiing to the End of the Article

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In addition to having a fantastic time gliding down the slopes, you are also preventing knee damage and weakness. Moreover, skiing increases strength. With the outstanding ski resorts available, why not book your next dream skiing adventure at a German ski resort? If you’re looking for another unique adventure in Europe, have a look at 6 unbelievable waterfalls to hike in Iceland. As the Germans say: “lass uns skifahren gehen” (let’s go ski!).

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