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Top 3 Yoga Studios to Visit in London

What if I told you that the number of yoga studios in London is the same or even higher than the number of status updates clogging up your WhatsApp right now? Believe it or not, you can find a studio offering everything from hot yoga and power flow classes to long, soothing yin sessions in almost every area of the big city.

There is a yoga studio in London for everyone! Whether you’re a beginner, a regular practitioner, or just want to relax without a phone once or twice a week. To save you time and trouble, I have done the research and compiled a list of the top 3 studios that you should visit if you want to do yoga in London.

Top 3 Yoga Studios to Visit in London

1. Yogarise in Peckham

This studio was created by husband-and-wife pair Sean and Emma and it perfectly fuses the bustling Bussey Building with the serene atmosphere of a yoga class. When you arrive at Yogarise in Peckham, not only will you be welcomed by the friendly faces of the founders but also by the couple’s adorable puppy, Misty. Don’t be alarmed if she stops by to say hi! The instructors are really friendly and attentive, and they don’t push you to perform more difficult routines. Instead, they simply encourage you to participate and do what seems natural to you.

Yogarise Peckham offers a wide range of styles including vinyasa flow, ashtanga, yin yang, Hatha, and rocket yoga. The studio also offers hot yoga as well as classes for kids and pregnant women. Yogarise is perfect for yogis who prefer to take things slowly, offering both drop-in lessons as well as 14-day introductory packages. If you are new to this ancient wellness technique, why not start your yoga journey here? You are guaranteed to have a blast.

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There is a yoga studio in London for everyone! The top 3 are Yogarise in Peckham, One Yoga London in Reigate, and Stillpoint Yoga London at Guy's Campus.

2. One Yoga London in Reigate

If you are new to yoga then you should consider visiting One Yoga London for a warm introduction to the discipline. The studio offers excellent, sociable, and relaxed basic yoga classes focusing on various styles such as honey flow, Hatha, and restorative yoga. Energetic yoga flow programs are also available if you are a more seasoned yogi looking for challenging opportunities.

At One Yoga, you can either push yourself, take it easy, or even fall flat on your face without being concerned about what your classmates would say. The non-judgemental atmosphere makes this studio fantastic for yogis who are self-conscious.

There is a focus on strength and physical health as well as mental wellness in the classes, which vary depending on the teacher. All sessions are held in a spacious, spotless studio with most ending with a mindful meditation session. One Yoga also provides equipment such as mats and blankets in case you forget yours.

Similar to Yogarise, this studio offers single lessons as well as 14-day introductory packages. However, One Yoga has an additional package which offers unlimited monthly, perfect for regular yoga practitioners.

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3. Stillpoint Yoga London at Guy’s Campus

Located in a room at Guy’s Campus in West Wing London, Stillpoint Yoga focuses on the Ashtanga style and aims to change lives by providing classes that teach this technique alongside mindful meditation. The studio offers a two-week package that consists of 6 classes taking place in the morning at London Bridge. Sounds exciting, right?

Stillpoint Yoga also arranges retreats, training sessions, and events to spread the word about Ashtanga. At these retreats, you will find beautiful places to unwind with pleasant people. These retreats will also enable you to indulge yourself in motivational yoga sessions as well as delicious, healthy food. What a mouth-watering wellness experience! If you struggle with maintaining attention in your daily life then doing Ashtanga yoga at Stillpoint might just be the best thing you’ve ever done to discover peace and lead a more powerful life.

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