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Top 3 Yoga Studios in New Zealand

Yoga poses in room with plant. New Zealand

Namaste Yogis. Welcome to the world of yoga. A wellness practice that originated in ancient India to help the mind and body be in perfect harmony. Allowing them to function optimally. Consequently, doing yoga has wonderful benefits for the mind, body, and soul.

Yoga is a great way to prioritise your mind and body. Moreover, yoga focuses on holistic health. In fact, there are different styles of yoga that you can practise, each focusing on different aspects of the body. In today’s busy climate, it is essential to take time to unwind and take a breather. Fortunately, yoga studios offer the perfect space to do so. In addition, many wonderful yoga studios are available in the land of the Kiwis that enable you to get a dose of meditation and stretching.

Without wasting any more time, here are 3 of the top yoga studios to visit in New Zealand.

1. Om Yoga Studio in Auckland

Om Yoga Studio is found in Stonefields, Auckland. It is a unique and friendly boutique yoga studio that aims to accommodate people who want to become physically and mentally strong. The studio facilitates spiritual awakening and revitalises the fatigued. Being renowned for its unique breathwork classes and teen yoga classes, it is no surprise that Om Yoga is one of the top studios in New Zealand.

The classes help to recovering addicts and people grieving the loss of a loved one. On top of that, Om Yoga’s conscious breathing techniques are powerful ways of tapping into deeper psyche layers. Certainly, breathwork is the ultimate tool for self-healing and growth. As you can see, doing yoga at Om Studio is not only ideal for your relaxation but for your healing as well.

Yoga on a mountaintop. Ocean views

2. Dunedin Yoga Studio in Dunedin

This beautiful yoga studio is in the heart of Dunedin. It offers a variety of dedicated yoga practitioners to help you attain all the imaginable benefits. What’s even better is that these experts love imparting their knowledge of this beautiful technique to others. Dunedin Yoga Studio aims to develop in you a clear mind, a strong body and an open heart. Now that’s a yoga studio that cares about your well-being.

Within this authentic space, the journey is inward and allows for ultimate self-reflection. Doing yoga at Dinedin Studio has several benefits for you. These include better posture as well as improved breathing and sleep. In addition to that, you gain more confidence, better flexibility and improved balance. So, are you in the mood to better yourself? If so then head down to this studio in Dunedin and tap into your inner yogi.

The instructors at Dunedin Yoga Studio have perfected their craft and will give you the most fulfilling experience. For that reason, it is one of the top yoga studios in New Zealand.

Yoga pose near the ocean

3. Studio Red Yoga in Auckland

Studio Red was founded by wellness expert Vicky Cullinane. This is the top studio in New Zealand, in my humble opinion. Studio Red Yoga is a multi-faceted wellness studio with expertise in meditation, movement practices and tea tastings. Yes, there’s even tea so it can’t get any better than this! Furthermore, the studio has beautiful dressing rooms, generous spaces and elegant lighting. Certainly, this is the best place for your post-yoga selfie!

The experienced team of instructors are trained to support people at all stages of fitness and wellness journeys. On top of that, Studio Red make its own brand of organic tea. This personally blended tea is served at their designated tea bar. The best kind of bars if you ask me. The studio specialises in providing transformative wellness experiences. This makes it ideal for those who want to take their spiritual journey to the next level.

Red Fusion, their signature hot yoga class, is heated at 38 degrees, and seamlessly knits different styles of yoga together. It also helps you discover your body’s optimal alignment. And no not tyre alignment, the alignment of your chakras. Expect rhythmic breathing and movement in poses that focus on stability and strength. This will further enhance your posture and balance. With that said, Studio Red Yoga is by far the coolest spot to go to when in Auckland.

Bending backwards yoga pose. New Zealand

The Last Stretch

Whether it be the downward dog or tree pose, which are each equally important, moving your body is essential. Despite not being a vigorous activity, yoga will be so beneficial for your health. Peace is a culmination of rest and movement. Therefore, when doing yoga, be sure to go strike a pose when in this beautiful Kiwi country. Especially at one of these top yoga studios. There is so much more to learn about yoga, so let’s indulge together and enjoy!

Psychology tip: as a form of low-impact exercise yoga increases beneficial brain chemicals such as endorphins.

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