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Miraval Austin and Other Top Wellness Resorts in Texas

Scenic, nature-featured escapes are sometimes hard to make a priority. Especially in our busy day-to-day lives. More and more people are at time’s expense when it comes to planning a getaway that refreshes and reconnects. We all need a break more often than not, to refresh every now and again. I mean, who wouldn’t want a healthy meal cooked by someone else? or a dip into a crystal-clear lake with a clean Turkish towel waiting on the lounge chair? At times, even a massage is enough to drain the stress from the soul.

But, where do we start? Well, how about Austin’s abundant green scenery? Rest assured, I have your best interest at heart. That’s why I am going to share with you the top 3 resorts in Austin, Texas. This will make planning a wellness getaway easier. Regardless of whether you are travelling alone, with family, or as a couple. So, if this sounds enticing, just keep reading!

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1. Omni Barton Creek Resort and Spa

Omni Barton Creek Resort and Spa: one of the top 3 wellness resorts in Austin
Image: Omni Barton Creek Resort and Spa, 2023

The possibilities are endless when booking a stay at Omni Barton Creek Resort and Spa. As one of the top 3 wellness resorts in Austin, every delicacy could be expected. This Texas Hill Country Resort was ranked as one of the top 5 resorts in the Southwest by Conde Nast Traveler. When it comes to wellness travel, Omni Barton Creek offers much more than meets the eye.

From golfing, swimming and lounging to world-renowned spa treatments, Omni Barton has it all. There are 493 guest rooms and suites, Wi-Fi, and four scenic championship golf courses. Additionally, there are four expansive pools (one of which is an indoor pool) and a spa called Mokara with its own private pool and rooftop deck. On top of all that, there’s also a large gym, tennis courts, and finally, an on-site vacation planner!

Having a great time in Austin could never be easier. The location also offers you the chance to explore the surrounding areas of this hotel due to its proximity to shopping malls, restaurants and parks.

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2. Lake Austin Spa Resort

Lake Austin Resort: another top 3 wellness resort in Austin
Image: Lake Austin Spa Resort, 2023

On the shores of Lake Austin, 30 minutes from downtown, lies the tranquil and secluded Lake Austin Spa Resort. Surrounded by forest and water, this resort directs its guests into a world of leisure. It is one of the top 3 wellness resorts in Austin.

This Texas Hill Country resort highlights the importance of wellness with a holistic approach. At the foot of the lake, lies unimaginable calm to keep one’s mind, body and soul occupied for the duration of the stay. Imagine the views whilst paddle boarding on the peaceful lake water, with only nature to stimulate your senses.

Perhaps a yoga session to lighten the load of the previous evening’s healthy and delicious dinner. Perhaps a stroll on the shores of the lake with one’s fur baby or babies, as the Lake Austin Spa Resort is completely pet friendly. Yes, pets these days are just as important as any other family member, and how courteous of this resort to include them in the well-deserved stay.

So, fancy a hike? Need an adrenaline rush to get the blood flowing? Want something healthy and scrumptious for dinner? Want to relax? If the answer is YES, then Lake Austin Spa Resort is the ultimate relaxation haven made of dreams come true!

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3. Miraval Austin

Miraval Austin Resort and Spa, 2023
Image: Miraval Austin Resort and Spa, 2023

What else could be better than gliding one’s eyes over the green Texas hills of one of the most beautiful states in America? Well, you can do so from the comfort of Miraval Austin. It is one of the top wellness resorts in Austin, and with reason! With a complimentary Miraval tote bag and reusable water bottle (gifted upon arriving), any guest is set to experience wellness in its purest form.

Located in Austin, this luxurious, wellness-orientated resort provides all the necessities for an epic whirlwind of a wellness breakaway. Amongst Miraval Austin’s amenities, the luxurious resort provides an all-inclusive escape for “Just me”, “Me plus one” or for those travelling in a “group of three or more”. Tough, by categorising their guests’ intentions into the already mentioned slots, guests can embark on their personalised journey to self-discovery and relaxation.

By completing a quiz on Miraval Austin’s website, they can determine exactly what type of journey suits you best. Choose between self-care and reflection, reconnecting with your purpose, or trying something new. These categories cut through the red tape of planning a purpose and intent-driven holiday, without the stress of connecting all the dots between how, when and where. However. going through the quiz could lead to varying results like preserve hikes, hatchet throwing, Miraval Deep massages, jacuzzi, adventure courses, and horseback riding… honestly, the list is endless. The next stress-free intention-driven holiday is waiting to be claimed at Miraval Austin.

Experience Mother Nature in Texas

With Austin being much more than the music capital of Texas, it’s easy to see why wellness travellers flock to this region. Mother nature calls to those who want to listen. Perhaps, to hear her more clearly, consider these top 3 wellness resorts in Austin. As the stereos of her song, the readers of her poetry, and the enhancers of her beauty. And if this sounds enticing, here are the best hot springs in the United States to get more travel inspiration.

So, without further ado, grab a suitcase, throw in a hat, maybe a few pieces of swimwear, some sunscreen, and whatever else for an unforgettable, intention-driven holiday. Life is short, so start planning, stop worrying, and just… go.

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