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Top 3 Spots for a Soothing Sound Bath in Amsterdam

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind calming experience in Amsterdam? Sound healing might be just what you need. This holistic wellness activity uses sound frequencies to encourage healing, diminish stress, and re-establish balance in the mind and body. If you’re wondering where to find a sound healing session in the Netherlands, look no further than Amsterdam. The city has several renowned spots for a soothing sound bath, each with its own approach to sound healing. In this article, I’ll help you find the best places for you to immerse yourself in the healing power of sound in Amsterdam. So, without further ado, here are the top spots for a relaxing sound bath in Amsterdam.

1. Zen & Sound

Zen & Sound offers a variety of sound bath packages in Amsterdam that last from 45 to 90 minutes

Experience the transformative power of sound at this Amsterdam sound healing spot. The expert, Matias, uses a range of powerful instruments including Tibetan singing bowls, quartz crystal bowls, tuning forks and the healing power of the voice to unblock and balance your energetic field. Through this process, you achieve greater peace and clarity in both your mind and body.

Zen & Sound offers a variety of sound bath packages in Amsterdam that last from 45 to 90 minutes. If you are new to sound healing, consider booking the 45-minute session. In fact, this sound bath session is perfect for grounding and connecting with your inner energy. After the treatment, you leave with your body feeling balanced and in harmony.

Top 3 Spots for a Soothing Sound Bath in Amsterdama

If you have more experience with sound healing, then the 90-minute sound bath at Zen & Sound is perfect for you. This transformative session starts with an energy assessment of your Chakras and Aura. Thereafter, it allows you to recognise any blocks in your energy field and gain a better knowledge of what patterns may be hurting your vitality. Lastly, a sound bath is provided to help release the blockages. Essentially, this is a holistic treatment of your whole energy system that only costs about £105.

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2. Delight Yoga

Delight Yoga's sound bath workshop in Amsterdam is a great way to clear your mind and unwind

I know what you’re thinking: “What is a yoga studio doing in an article about sound baths?”. Well, the answer is actually simple: Delight Yoga not only offers yoga classes but sound healing treatments as well. In fact, the studio hosts full-day workshops that offer some of the best sound baths in Amsterdam.

These immersive workshops use a range of instruments like crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums, and chimes. Moreover, these instruments are played on and around the body to help balance chakra energy and gently release blocked emotions. On top of that, the workshops provide vocal toning exercises. These exercises allow you to tap into your inner creativity and use your own voice as a tool for healing.

Whether you’re looking to clear your mind or simply unwind, Delight Yoga’s sound bath workshop is the perfect way to do so in Amsterdam. With mindfulness techniques and guided meditations also integrated, it’s a life-changing experience not to be missed.

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3. Agata Wholistic Touch

Agata Holistic Touch offers a unique wellness activity known as 'Soothing Sound Bath Journey' in Amsterdam West

Agata Wholistic Touch is a wellness centre created by Agata, a skilled sound therapist, ayurvedic practitioner, and medicine woman. Her passion for using music as a form of therapy led her to undertake a 3-and-a-half-year training program under the guidance of two shamans. This has allowed her to enhance her skills and offer a unique approach to wellness.

Located in Amsterdam West, Agata Wholistic Touch offers a unique wellness activity known as ‘Soothing Sound Bath Journey’. Essentially, sound journeys help align your vibrations through self-resonance. It retunes your body on a molecular level and unblocks energetic flows. As a result, you reconnect with yourself and your ambitions, freeing your hidden emotions.

Similar to Zen & Sound and  Delight Yoga, Agata Wholistic Touch incorporates intuitive singing, quartz crystal bowls, chimes and drums played around the body. The wellness centre also offers vocal exercises that allow you to discover the healing power of your voice.

Top 3 Spots for a Soothing Sound Bath in Amsterdama

Heal Your Body with a Sound Bath in Amsterdam

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a unique and holistic way to achieve balance and relaxation in Amsterdam, a sound bath might be the perfect activity for you. The city has several renowned spots for sound baths, each with its own approach to sound healing. Whether you’re new to sound healing or more experienced, places like Zen & Sound, Delight Yoga, and Agata Wholistic Touch offer a variety of sound bath sessions and workshops to cater to your needs. For more relaxing activities, consider going on a boat tour in the Netherlands. Have a wonderful time!

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