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Top 3 Reflexology Spots in Pretoria

Reflexology preperations

Have you ever craved a relieving foot massage after a long day on your feet? Perhaps a hand massage after spending most of your day typing on your laptop. Just imagine a solution that includes a relaxing massage and a treatment with benefits for your mental and physical health. This solution is called reflexology – an alternative medical practice. It’s based on the theory that parts of the body are connected to organs and systems. According to reflexologists, the body is divided into 10 zones. There are 5 on the left side and 5 on the right. Reflexology is done by applying pressure to your hands and feet to improve your body’s overall condition.

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Benefits of Reflexology

There are physical and mental benefits to doing reflexology.

The physical and mental benefits of reflexology are endless. Although reflexology allows you to sit back and relax, it does differ from traditional massages. Reflexology is done by applying force to specific pressure points that correspond to an organ or body part. Consequently, this will promote healing in that region. And the ancient Chinese belief explains that the body produces qi (pronounced chee) that flows through us. Further, reflexology keeps your qi flowing through the body. Ultimately, making the body a balanced and disease-free entity.

The touch of your reflexologist sends energy through your body. Then, this energy will then reach the body part in need of healing. Additionally, benefits include stress reduction, pain relief and reduced anxiety. It also increases your dopamine levels and improves your overall well-being.

Even though reflexology adds value to certain medical treatments, it cannot be classified as one. However, it is considered a complementary therapy – a type of therapy that treats the body of terminally ill patients.

Top 3 Reflexology Spots in Pretoria

Now that you understand reflexology and its benefits, let’s explore the top 3 reflexology spots in Pretoria.

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1. Soulstice Day Spa in Lynnwood

Soulstice Day Spa is a luxurious 5-star spa located in the heart of Pretoria East. It is a great choice if you are looking for high-end reflexology treatments, outstanding customer care, and great equipment. Soulstice offers a reflexology treatment that will help you relax as you feel your pain being gently scrubbed away. The Day Spa prides itself on offering insomnia relief to patients by focusing on the nerve locations under the feet to treat the connected body parts.

Therapists at Soulstice are trained to give you pressure-point foot massages that you will love and enjoy. A reflexology treatment at this day spa will leave your energy balanced and strip your body of all its stressors. Soulstice is highly sought-after so make sure you book in advance to avoid any disappointment.

2. Cisca van Heerden Therapeutic Reflexologist in Montana Park

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When visiting Cisca van Heerden, a licensed therapeutic reflexologist, expect a safe and non-invasive reflexology treatment that has absolutely no side effects. You can also count on improved overall well-being and an increase in energy.

Long-term stress often manifests itself in various symptoms like fatigue, digestive disorders and muscle pain. Fortunately for you, Cisca will use these symptoms as a focal point for your reflexology treatment. First, consult with Cisca. This lasts 90 minutes and includes a health assessment as well as a reflexology treatment. The follow-up treatments thereafter are charged at an hourly fee.

3. Maryna Esterhuyse Therapeutic Reflexologist in Faerie Glen

Maryna Esterhuyse focuses on stimulating the mapped-out reflexes underneath the feet which are linked to the organs that restore your body’s healing potential. Her treatments allow you to experience total relaxation. Maryna’s reflexology treatments also offers detox of the body and kills toxins in your body.

Each treatment at Maryna’s spa typically lasts 50 minutes. Why not save money and book a package of four sessions instead?

Maryna Esterhuyse is one of the top therapeutic reflexologists in Faerie Glen. Pretoria.

If you feel rundown or like you need a little extra love and care, why not give these reflexology spots in Pretoria a try? They are among the best in South Africa and are yearning to help you feel relaxed, restored and revived. So, don’t you think it’s time to put your internal space of your body for good health and vital energy first? For more internal healing practices, read this article about Crystal Healing: Benefits and Places to Visit.

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