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Top 3 Places for Meditation Retreats in London

Do you want to get away from the bustle of London and re-establish your inner peace? If so, then a meditation retreat might be exactly what you need. Due to the increasing acceptance of mindfulness techniques, there are now several meditation retreats to explore in London. You might be saying to yourself: “I’m too busy to go on a retreat”. Well, there are retreats available that provide a range of programmes to accommodate various schedules and demands. From silent retreats to weekend courses, meditation centres offer you the opportunity to disconnect, unwind, and develop a deeper feeling of tranquillity. But do you know where to go for the best meditation experience in London? Well, keep reading to find out!

1. Beeja Meditation Centre

Beeja is one of the top 3 Places for meditation retreats in London.
Image: Beeja Meditation Centre, 2023

People decide to attend a Beeja meditation retreat for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you’ve been practising meditation for a few months or many years, everyone is welcome. Don’t you think it’s time to put a stop to your hectic way of life and prepare for a life-altering adventure? In fact, you will experience the same amount of profound relaxation and renewal during Beeja’s meditation retreat in London as you would over nine months of daily meditation. Now that’s effective!

What’s even better is that Beeja will support you at every stage of your journey, assisting you in shedding layers of tension, bad feelings and fatigue. On top of that, they’ll assist you in overcoming any aggravating addictions and bad habits. Under the experienced direction of Will and the team, you’ll hone your meditation technique and get your mind back on track.

Your Beeja meditation retreat can either be a 4-day weekend or a 7-day course. And the location? A stunning ancient English manor home in the countryside of West Sussex. It is a 1 hour and 20 minutes drive from London Bridge or London Victoria by train. Just in case you want to leave your car behind. Best of all, the retreats are available year-round so book whenever you are ready!

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2. Mindspace Meditation Centre

Mindspace is another excellent centre for meditation retreats in London.

Mindspace was founded in 2008, giving a contemporary presentation of the age-old practice of meditation. Besides the retreat option, the meditation centre also offers online sessions as well as live meditation classes and workshops. For the best experience, book Mindspace’s Silent Mindful Meditation Retreat.

You can benefit from total stillness on this retreat and enhance your experience of meditation more deeply. Some of the activities include walking meditation and guided meditation. In between each class, there will be refreshments and opportunities to unwind in the lovely surroundings. The entire day is £35 if you reserve two weeks in advance or £40 after that.

Top 3 Places for Meditation Retreats in London

Silent Mindful Meditation Retreat takes place at the Quaker Meeting House in Brentford and Isleworth. To prevent getting lost on the day, please become familiar with the area. Leave early to ensure a relaxing arrival at the retreat. This retreat is suitable for beginners with some experience, whether through taking a beginning class or using an app. However, it is also suitable for more seasoned practitioners who want to learn about gratitude meditation and spend time alone with other meditation practitioners.

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3. London Buddist Centre

London Buddhist Centre teaches meditation and Buddhism in a way that applies to modern living. Furthermore, they are a member of the Triratna Buddhist Community. Although this meditation centre is based in London, its retreats are typically hosted in Suffolk. Fortunately, this is only an estimated 2-hour drive away.

The retreats are led by seasoned instructors who create the schedule and provide overall direction. They have a crew working with them who handle the cuisine and retreat logistics. All members of the team, including the retreat leaders, volunteer their time because they want to spread the advantages of retreating to others.

The centre hosts regular retreats, however, there is one that you should look forward to: the Summer Retreat taking place from the 4th to the 13th of August! This lengthy retreat provides you with the chance to get a taste of a different way of living, complete with breathing, discussions, moments of quiet, downtime, and time to unwind in nature. This is a perfect summer retreat for newbies or those who have only been practising for two years or less. Be sure to book in advance to secure your spot!

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Find Peace in London

There you have it, then! Consider going to a meditation retreat if you’re seeking some quiet and serenity because of all the noise and activity in London. There are several alternatives available to fit your time and tastes, from the life-altering trip at the Beeja Meditation Centre to Mindspace’s Silent Mindful Meditation Retreat and the London Buddhist Centre’s Summer Retreat. Why not go for a yoga session after that? Here are the amazing aerial Yoga Studios to try. Have a wonderful time!

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