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Top 3 Golf Cart Tours in Rome

Have you just arrived in Rome and decided to go on a golf cart tour? Well, that’s one of the best choices you’ve made it on your trip to Italy so far! In fact, a golf cart tour of Rome is definitely the best way to get to know this amazing city. Moreover, it’s a lot of fun and helps you explore places you wouldn’t have had time for otherwise.

Are you interested in finding the top golf cart tours in Rome? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Today, I unveil to you the top 3 golf cart tours in Rome! Best of all, you won’t have to spend hours searching for the perfect tour because I’ve already researched for you! With that said, let’s get right into it.

1. Rome by Golf Cart Private Tour

This is one of the best golf cart tours in Rome for immersing yourself in over 2500 years of captivating history
Image: Davide Leggio, 2023

Explore Rome’s historic district on a private tour, immersing yourself in over 2500 years of captivating history. Cruise through the charming streets in a comfortable and legal golf cart customised to suit your interests. Essentially, this family-friendly sightseeing adventure takes you on a narrated journey. During this tour, your eyes are presented with remarkable palaces, monuments, churches, fountains, and statues to indulge in!

Please note that due to time constraints, it’s not possible to visit all the attractions in a single tour. However, feel free to select your preferred sights from the given options. By doing this, you craft your own itinerary and ensure that you visit the sites that interest you the most.

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What the Tour Includes

The tour package includes convenient transportation services to and from your hotel in central Rome. However, this is only available if you communicate 24 hours in advance. Nevertheless, a knowledgeable guide accompanies you throughout the tour.

If you are asking yourself: “Are golf cart tours in Rome safe?” Don’t worry! Insurance coverage is provided. However, lunch is unfortunately not included. So be sure to set some time aside to stop for a meal during your tour. Lastly, gratuities are appreciated but not required.

Main Highlight of this Golf Cart Tour: The Colosseum

The Colosseum is one of the main highlights of this golf cart tour in Rome

During this seven-hour golf cart tour, you experience the grandeur of Rome’s most well-known and remarkable attraction: the magnificent Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. Witness the intense battles of Gladiators and the awe-inspiring moments when emperors captured the hearts of the people. Please note that this section of the tour lasts approximately 15 minutes and the admission tickets are not included.

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Tour Logistics

If you communicate in advance, your tour can start and end at your hotel! However, if you forget to notify the tour agency in time, the tour will start from the Rolling Rome shop located at Piazza del Gesu 47. After your exciting roam around Rome, the tour ends at the same place it started! Now, let’s talk about the money! Actually, the price varies based on group size but the starting cost is about £157 per person for two people. If you’d like to experience one of the best golf cart tours in Rome, book now through Viator’s website.

2. Rome Private Guided Tour by Golf Cart

If you are visiting Italy for the first time, this is one of the best golf cart tours in Rome to get a sense of the country's history and culture
Image: Walks Inside Rome, 2023

This three-hour private tour is a great choice if you are visiting Rome for the first time! Instead of a regular vehicle, you’ll be riding in an open-air golf cart, which allows you to see all of the city’s famous landmarks. As you drive by places like the Spanish Steps, St. Peter’s Basilica, and Piazza Navona, you’ll have clear views and access to areas that are not easily reachable by standard vehicles.

During the tour, your driver provides interesting insights and commentary about the city. Furthermore, there are multiple opportunities to stop and take photos.

What to Expect on the Tour

Before I even mention the itinerary, I’m sure you can tell that this is one of the best golf cart tours in Rome already! The tour starts at Piazza del Popolo. This is an important Italian landmark known for the Obelisk and it’s where pilgrims often gather before visiting the Vatican. You can spend about 10 minutes here, enjoying the atmosphere, taking pictures, and strolling around.

Next, the tour heads to Piazza Navona. Originally used for athletic activities, it has now become a popular spot for evening cocktails. You have around 15 minutes to explore this square, take photos, and appreciate its charm. Best of all, there’s no admission fee to worry about.

Another awesome stop on this golf cart tour is the Pantheon. This ancient Roman temple, now a church, has withstood the test of time for over 2,000 years. It’s an impressive architectural marvel and continues to inspire modern architects. You have about 30 minutes to explore, capture memorable pictures, and take a leisurely walk. No admission fee is required here either!

Tour Logistics

This is one of the most awesome golf cart tours in Rome that start and end at Piazzale delle Canestre
Image: Rome Tours for Kids, 2023

The tour’s meeting point is at Piazzale delle Canestre, 00197. When you arrive, you’ll find the tour operator waiting for you on a golf cart. The several golf carts nearby make it easy to recognise them. After an awesome trip, the tour ends at Piazzale delle Canestre. Same place it started! However, the tour operator can drop you off at a restaurant or another location on your return journey if you’d like.

Certainly, this is one of the most splendid golf cart tours in Rome and it’s available year-round. Though prices vary per group size, the starting amount is roughly £130 each for a three-hour trip for two people. Book your stop today by visiting Viator’s page.

3. Golf Cart Tour in Rome

This is one of the best golf cart tours in Rome that has a comprehensive itinerary taking you to the city's most cherished landmarks! 
Image: Wheel Tours, 2023

Rome is a big city with many popular attractions. It can be tiring to visit these attractions on foot or by using public transportation. That’s why taking a golf cart tour is the best way to explore Rome in just a few hours. In fact, here’s another one of the best tours in Rome that allow you to quickly move through the city streets and admire famous places like the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and Pantheon.

You can stop at each location to take a closer look and snap photos. The golf cart has open sides, which offer great views, and it also has a hard top to protect you from the sun and rain. This tour is designed to save you time and allow you to see Rome’s top attractions in about three hours.

Tour Itinerary

The lovely landmarks that you visit during this tour make it one of the best golf cart tours in Rome
Image: Walks Inside Rome, 2023

Your tour starts by taking you inside the awe-inspiring Pantheon so you can explore the beautiful Piazza delle Rotonda! You spend approximately 10 minutes admiring the grandeur of this ancient architectural masterpiece. Next, immerse yourself in the splendour of Piazza Navona, one of Rome’s most stunning squares. Why not marvel at the exquisite fountains and Baroque architecture during your 10-minute visit?

As you continue your tour, you pass by Campo de Fiori, a bustling square known for its vibrant market. You then arrive at Piazza del Popolo and delve into the fascinating history of ancient Rome, spending approximately 20 minutes as your guide provides insightful explanations about the Roman discoveries in this renowned square.

You conclude your itinerary with a visit to the imposing Piazza Venezia, home to the Monument of the Unknown Soldier. Spend 20 minutes at this remarkable square before proceeding to the legendary Colosseum, where you will have 30 minutes to admire this iconic symbol of ancient Rome (please note that admission tickets are not included for the Colosseum). As you can see, this is one of the best golf cart tours in Rome that has a comprehensive itinerary taking you to the city’s most cherished landmarks!

Tour Logistics

This magnificent 3-hour golf cart tour in Rome starts at Santa Caterina della Rota Square
Image: Klook, 2023

This tour starts at Santa Caterina della Rota Square, specifically in front of the Peru bar. You can relax in your golf car and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while waiting comfortably. After enjoying your trip, you return to the meeting place once the tour is completed. This tour is also available year-round for a starting price of £150 each per two people. Book your spot now by visiting Viator’s website.

Explore Rome with a Golf Cart Tour

As you can see, a golf cart tour in Rome is one of the best ways to explore Italy’s capital city! Best of all, these tours are available year-round at phenomenal prices! So what are you waiting for? Book your tour today and indulge in the splendour that the Eternal City has to offer! For more adventures in Europe, why not try a boat tour in the Netherlands next? Have a wonderful time!

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