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Top 3 Exotic Wellness Spa Locations Around the World

You deserve to go to a spa at least once a year. The rejuvenation and relaxation that you will experience there are simply unparalleled. On top of that, the time that you spend at a spa is beneficial not only for your physical health but also for your overall well-being. One of these benefits is the opportunity to unwind and destress through relaxation. Other benefits of going to a spa include improved sleep, slower ageing, weight loss, and increased happiness.

Many spa locations are beautiful and overflow with dozens of wellness activities. Some would even argue that spas are some of the most visually appealing works of architecture in the modern world. Who am I to disagree with them? The beauty to behold at these locations is simply amazing.

Millions of people visit spas every year not only for their dazzling visual appeal but also for their impeccable wellness activities. In this article, you are going to discover the top 3 exotic wellness spa locations around the world. Let’s see if your favourite one is on the list.

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1. Banyan Tree Lijiang in China

Banyan Tree Lijiang - an exotic wellness spa in Lijiang China
Image: Zen Hotels, 2022

Banyan Tree Lijiang is an exotic wellness hotel located in Lijiang, China. This luxury hotel is located two kilometres above sea level, sitting at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Yunnan. The Banyan Tree Lijiang hotel comprises 55 villas, each decorated in Naxi style and including a jet pool, heated pool, and an internet connection.

In addition to being designated as a world heritage site, Banyan Tree Lijiang has won an award for being the best luxury hotel and best spa resort in China. Certainly, this hotel is one of the top 3 exotic spa locations in the world.

The spa at Banyan Tree offers over 40 impeccable treatments from 12 packages. After thoroughly analysing the menu, the following three spa treatments stood out as the most exotic:

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Royal Banyan Spa Treatment

Royal Banyan is a two-and-a-half-hour spa treatment that eases muscle aches and improves blood circulation by using the best massage techniques from the Eastern and Western world. This is a signature treatment from the Banyan Tree Lijiang Hotel and features the use of a warm herbal pouch as well as Sesame oil. The Royal Banyan spa treatment also makes use of a coriander cucumber cleanser, a jade face massage and a therapeutic herbal bath. Talk about exotic!

Tropical Rainmist Spa Treatment

This innovative 2-hour spa treatment lets you unwind your senses in the pleasure of the rain shower. The Tropical Rainmist spa treatment begins with a purifying body scrub and ends with your skin being soaked with moisture for an extra boost. You are guaranteed to find perfect tranquillity during this treatment as the tension in your body is massaged away by the healing hands of a therapist. The Tropical Rainmist treatment typically includes a honey milk nourisher with choices of between a rain shower, steam bath, or bath soak.

Thai Traditions Spa Treatment

Thai Traditions is a 2-hour exotic spa treatment inspired by wellness and beauty secrets derived from ancient Thailand. You will notice a reduction in internal tension and an improvement in flexibility when receiving a classic Thai massage from the therapist. After that, you will soak in a ginger bath and step out with glowing skin. The Thai Traditions spa treatment also includes herbal heat treatment, a herbal enhancer and a ginger refresher.

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2. Auberge du Soleil in California, United States

Auberge du Soleil - an exotic wellness spa in California, United States
Image:, 2022

Auberge du Soleil is an elegant French-inspired resort located in Rutherford, California. Translated in English as “sun inn”, this 5-star hotel is renowned for its French cuisine roots, exceptional customer service, as well as its spectacular views. The resort is dedicated to making sure that every guest has a unique experience. So, you are in good hands.

Auberge du Soleil is an extravagant exotic location with many wellness facilities and activities, such as yoga and meditation. The resort also has some amazing world-class spas and spa treatments, three of which are discussed below:

Ultimate Indulgence After-Hours Spa Package

This is an exclusive three-hour spa package that gives you and your partner after-hour access to exotic experiences like steam baths, private garden soaks, massages, sensuous desserts, and sparkling wine under the stars. The Ultimate Indulgence After-Hours is a great package for Valentine’s Day or any other romantic gesture!

Plaisir du Bain Spa Treatment

This spa treatment is designed to replenish your skin and restore calmness. You can get the Plaisir du Bain treatment from one of three private soaking tubs available at Auberge du Soleil. Hence the English translation: “bath pleasure”!

Reflexology Spa Treatment

Reflexology is one of the most exotic wellness spa treatments at Auberge du Soleil. It’s perfect for optimising your overall well-being and uses Eastern massage techniques that focus on hand and foot acupressure.

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3. Chiva-Som in Hua Hin, Thailand

Chiva-Som - an exotic wellness spa in Hua Hin, Thailand
Image: Chiva-Som, 2022

Another excellent exotic location for spa treatments around the world is the Chiva-Som Hua Hin Hotel. The hotel’s four core elements (retreats, activities, treatments and nutrition) are what make it an award-winning establishment. Chiva-Som offers you a wide range of health and wellness activities such as stretching classes and yoga. The top three spa treatments are discussed below:

Chiva-Som’s Signature Milk Bath

This spa treatment allows you to pamper yourself while combating stress-related disorders and nervous tension. Chiva-Som’s Signature Milk Bath spa treatment primarily entails a soak of rich milk infused with lavender oil and organic honey. This exotic treatment is perfect for you if you are looking for more relaxation for your body.

Coolsculpting Spa Treatment

Coolsculpting is a general health improvement spa treatment primarily designed to help you destroy fat cells. You can also use this treatment to treat many body areas without disrupting your daily routine.

Seiketsu Shiraku Acupuncture Spa Treatment

This is  Chiva-Som’s most exotic spa treatment yet! It works by lancing your skin with acupuncture points for the release of excess energy or heat. Seiketsu Shiraku Acupuncture is one of the best options on Chiva-Som’s spa menu and is primarily recommended for pain management and general health improvement.


Spa treatments are fun and good for you. For the best exotic spa experience, you should definitely check out Banyan Tree Lijiang, Auberge du Soleil, and Chiva-Som Hua Hin. These three award-winning world-class hotels will help you enhance your holistic well-being through their exotic and luxurious spa treatments. Why not explore the top island wellness in the USA after your exotic spa treatment? Have a wonderful time!

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