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Top 3 Caves to Visit in Iceland

Iceland is a country with spectacular natural landscapes and difficult names to pronounce. If you’re looking for a supernatural Instagram photo, this is the place for you. Get lost in majestic mountains, valleys, glaciers, and caves.

Iceland is packed with beautiful caves of all shapes and sizes. You are probably asking yourself, “why should I visit caves?”. Well, caves are formed from geothermal and volcanic heat. Thus, these glacier caves are temporary, making your visit a truly unique once-in-a-lifetime experience. Let’s have a look at the top 3 glacier caves to visit in Iceland.

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1. Hálsanefshellir Cave

Hálsanefshellir Cave in Iceland

When in Iceland, find Hálsanefshellir Cave at Reynisfjara black sand beach. Enter one of the most famous caves in Vik, Iceland at no cost. If taking in the beauty of the cave is not enough, try a hike up the side of Hálsanefshellir. Moreover, hiking trails surround the cave, ensuring 360-degree views of Iceland. Why not climb up the Basalt rock columns during a break in the waves? These rock columns decorate the entrance of the huge sea cave.

However, take some caution when visiting this attractive beach and cave. The waves on Reynisfjoru beach are unpredictable. They might unknowingly sneak up on you and sweep you away. Well, not really but expect your feet to get wet. So, be careful of the waves while admiring the stunning natural structure of Hálsanefshellir.

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2. Katla Ice Cave

Katla Ice Cave in Iceland, hiking in the glaciers.

Katla Ice Cave is your starting point for an exciting adventure off the typical tourist track. Its Ice Cave tour is also known as a tour underneath a volcano, elevating the excitement. The adventure starts the moment you get in the car. No, really. A scenic super Jeep picks you up for your ice glacier experience. How luxurious!

Prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with nature. First, hike across Myrdalsjokull Glacier – the fourth-largest ice cap in Iceland. The glacier covers the active volcano Katla. Second, visit the blue and black ice cap of the Kötlujökull Glacier on Mount Katla. Unfortunately, you cannot truly capture these epic landscapes through a lens. Thus a visit to Katla Ice Glaciers is a must. Also, don’t worry, there are crampons to attach to sturdy hiking shoes for walking on the ice. Furthermore, bring your waterproof jacket and trousers and you’re ready to go!

3. Vatnshellir Cave

Vatnshellir Cave in Iceland, lava tunnels
Source: Lava Tunnel, 2023

Journey to the centre of the Earth through the Vatnshellir Cave. This cave is an 8000-year-old lava tube formed during a volcanic eruption. Following the eruption, a lava river cooled down on the surface. This led to a crust forming on top of the lava river. Consequently, the lava drained from under the crust, and a tunnel formed. Today, you have the opportunity to explore the insides of this lava field. The 45-minute walkabout is quite easy with some uneven surfaces and stairs.

The Vatnshellir Cave is only a few degrees above the freezing point. For this reason, bring warm clothes, sturdy shoes, and gloves. So, fully experience the interesting structure with a helmet, torches, and headlamps.

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Iceland, a Different Kind of Paradise

Northern lights in Iceland

The dramatic landscapes with volcanoes, glaciers, and lava fields define Iceland. Plan your visit between September and April to see the stunning Aurora Borealis. Also known as the Northern Lights for the non-Icelanders. So, put Iceland at the top of your bucket list with all its weird and wonderful things to see! Here are more must-see places in dreamy Iceland. Finally, as the Icelanders say, Ég Mun Finna Þig Í Fjöru (Meet you at the beach, again for the non-Icelanders).

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