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Thrilling Ice Fishing Charters in Michigan

Ice fishing is a popular winter activity in Michigan. The state has numerous lakes, rivers, and inland waters that freeze during winter, providing ideal conditions for ice fishing enthusiasts. Some of the most common species targeted by ice anglers in Michigan include perch, walleye, bluegill, crappie, northern pike, and various trout species.

Several charter companies and guides in Michigan offer ice fishing excursions. However, in this article, I will divulge only the best charter companies and guides providing Michigan ice fishing. In this marvellous state, the deep of winter brings forth more than 11,000 frozen cups of opportunity to rail in your craft of ice fishing!

Gone Fishing Charter Guide

Thrilling Ice Fishing Charters in Michigan
Image: Boston Globe, 2024

Located in Sault St. Marie, Gone Fishing Charters offers the perfect escape into the world of ice fishing. Depending on the season, you can catch anything from Perch, Walleye and even Bass! What’s more, Gone Fishing Charter’s boat is fitted with no more than five anglers, an ice box to ensure your legal catches stay fresh, and a wireless trolling motor!

The price includes all rods, reels, and terminal tackle, allowing you to concentrate on what counts most—fishing. Note that you must have a valid fishing licence to enjoy ice fishing in Michigan, and when you choose to spend the day with Gone Fishing Charters, all legal species you catch can be kept for a delicious Mediterranean dinner!

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Big Rivier Outfitters

Thrilling Ice Fishing Charters in Michigan
Image:Tourisme Cote-Nord, 2024

With a focus on having fun, getting the most out of the day, and hooking as many fish as possible, Big River Outfitters welcomes you to Newaygo for the ultimate ice fishing in Michigan experience! The package includes all fishing gear, including tackle, live bait, lures, and more! Their excursions usually occur on an 18′ Woolridge jet boat powered by a 115 HP Yamaha engine. However, since this is ice fishing in Michigan, you can expect another level of craftsmanship.

The boat also has Lowrance GPS and Garmin fish finder systems and can accommodate up to 3 guests. Not only does Big River Outfitters ensure you have the most fun, but they also introduce you to the magnificence of the Muskegon River, Big Manistee, Pere Marquette, and Grand River. These sights are especially jaw-dropping during the winter months.

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Grateful Guide Service Ice Fishing

Thrilling Ice Fishing Charters in Michigan

Situated in Williamsburg, the Grateful Guide Service provides specialised ice fishing services for your ultimate ice fishing in Michigan experience. Your guide, Casey Richardson, has extensive knowledge of fish and ice. You can easily catch Perch, Pike, or Bluegill by using Michigan-made Mag Custom Rods.

They also provide live bait, heated hubs, clam-style ‘shanties’, rods, reels, and tackle gear. You also get to keep every one of your fish, granted they must be legal to bait. Grateful Guide Service is perfect for the entire family since they cater to beginners and experienced ice fishermen. It’s the perfect excuse to ditch the clammy indoors for the breathtaking winter façade of Michigan.

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Frozen Fish Sticks It’s Cold!

Thrilling Ice Fishing Charters in Michigan
Image: Deer & Deer Hunting

Ice fishing adventures in Michigan have the power to strike inspiration for more future winter excursions. The frozen lakes and the camaraderie of the chilly escapade will leave lasting impressions, and that’s a bold statement coming from me, hating the cold and all! However, from the precision of expert guides to the thrill of feeling a tug on your line in the icy quiet, each charter has added a unique chapter to your winter experiences.

Compared to some other outdoor activities, ice fishing is relatively affordable. The equipment needed is minimal, and many families find it cost-effective compared to other winter sports or vacations. So, trying ice fishing in Michigan is cheap and provides educational value, patience and relaxation, minimal physical exertion and social bonding. It’s time to embark on an adventure. It’s time to take the bait already!

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