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Thermal Baths near Zakopane, Poland

The little town of Chochołów, Poland, lies approximately 20 minutes from Zakopane. This picturesque village is famous for its ancient wooden houses, some of them approaching their 250th birthday! Although old, these houses look brand new, and light in colour. Due to its tradition of washing the wooden walls with soap and water twice a year, the homes are quaint and rustic at the same time. Chochołów is, amongst many other things, also a Word Heritage site. Near this village are the soothing thermal springs.

About the Thermal Baths

Thermal Baths near Zakopane, Poland

The Chochołów Thermal Baths are locally known as Termy Chocholowskie. Known for the baths’ healing powers and guaranteed relaxation, the therapeutic thermal waters have garnered international fame. Thermal waters are rich in micronutrients and it’s practically a guarantee that you’ll feel rejuvenated after a session. All in all, thermal baths have many health benefits.

Termy Chocholowskie has the largest bath complex in all of Poland. There are 30 outdoor and indoor thermal pools. From jacuzzi pools to massive baths, think bath and they’ve got it! Overlooking the gorgeous Tatra Mountains and the surrounding forest area, this pocket of thermal bathing is sure to massage your brain! It’s also not like you’ll just be sitting in the bath and counting toes, oh no. There are many things to physically do in the pool. Aside from the fact that, during winter, snowflakes fall onto your head whilst being in the outside thermal pool, the water temp is between 32°C  – 37°C. It’s pure heaven!

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What to Do Here

Thermal Baths near Zakopane, Poland

There’s a rope line that you could use as makeshift jungle gum. There’s a current section, where you get carried on a swirling current (much more relaxing than it sounds, but also exciting at the same time!). You could also play basketball or volleyball. You could even do a type of underwater obstacle course. With a little imagination, anything could become fun! Termy Chocholowskie has a water slide as well, for the most exciting part, a poolside bar!

They also have a huge sauna, a large salt cave and a relaxation room. For the fitness junkies, there is a swimming pool with lanes, a gym, and a fitness centre. There’s also an artificial beach, an aquarium, a spa zone, and a healing zone equipped with sulphur water and brine-iodised water.

There are also bars and restaurants on the level above the large outdoor thermal pool. You should note that food needs to be bought before checking out of the facilities. Or else you would need to buy another ticket!

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Tours to Take

Thermal Baths near Zakopane, Poland

There are various tours that you could choose from. This one is a day tour that also gives you a tour of Zakopane and Chochołów. Alternatively, if you’d like to start your journey from Krakow, then click here to get that sorted!

Polished Poland’s Thermal Baths near Zakopane!

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There’s no denying that Poland is the source of inspiration for the Disney movie, Frozen. I can now understand why. With aesthetics going to the next level across Poland, it does not only inspire Disney movies but also people from all over the world. These thermal baths are something that everyone should experience when sightseeing in Krakow or Zakopane. Visit the thermal baths after a day of hiking, skiing or just touring. There’s honestly nothing better than a long, hot, relaxing bath after a busy day.

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