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Mohéli and Everything You Can Do There!

The Up-and-Coming Mohéli and Everything You Can Do There!

Mohéli is in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Africa. It is the smallest of the four major Comoro Islands. The Comoro Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands situated off the southeastern coast of Africa, just east of Mozambique.

According to, Comoros is among the top rapidly growing countries. In this article, we uncover the hidden gem that is Mohéli, nestled in the Union of the Cosmos. Let’s delve into the paradise island known as Mohéli for the rugged, untamed, and naturist traveller.

Beaches in Mohéli

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1. Nioumachoua Beach

The Up-and-Coming Mohéli and Everything You Can Do There!

If you stay in Mohéli Laka Lodge, getting to the beach is easy. On this beach, you can enjoy a range of activities like boat tours, snorkelling, volleyball, and scuba diving. The warm water and zero-to-none waves make this a beach lounger’s paradise.

With Laka Lodge being just a few steps away, you could indulge in the restaurant’s many delicately prepared dishes. What you can expect from this beach is peace and an abundance of wildlife and marine life. Turtles swimming in shallow waters that you can see as you snorkel, humpback whales breaching in the distance, and large fruit bats squeaking and chirping in the background.

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2. Miringoni Beach

The Up-and-Coming Mohéli and Everything You Can Do There!

This beach cannot be seen from the main road, making it one of those hidden gems that only the curious traveller might find. For the same reason that the beach is hidden, and because it is a less populated area, the beach is in pristine condition. The road that leads to Miringoni Beach is flanked by several houses and buildings that ooze with a warm and welcoming vibe.

Furthermore, there is a nice restaurant called Sem on the main road that you could pop into after a long day on the beach. Another nearby restaurant is also called La Paillote Restaurant, which serves seafood and Creole cuisine as well as a range of traditional Comorian dishes.

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Mohéli Laka Lodge

Boasting unparalleled ocean views, Mohéli Laka is the lodge for your ultimate Comoros escape. This lodge has a restaurant as well as a bar, a shared lounge, a garden, and a private beach area.

Amenities at Mohéli Laka Lodge include WiFi, continental or a la carte breakfast and a large terrace with an open view of the lagoon and the islands beyond! Feeling quaint? Book their bungalow rooms with direct access to the beach!

Moreover, Mohéli Laka Lodge also provides a bicycle rental service as well as a car rental service. It couldn’t get any easier to explore the Comoro Islands!  Lastly, the list of outdoor activities that Mohéli Laka Lodge offers is almost endless.

Some of these activities include forest hiking and encountering Livingstone bats, packages to encounter the double waterfall of Quallah, cross-island hiking, traditional fishing, and packages to encounter dolphins, whales, and manta rays.

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Diving in the Mohéli National Marine Park

The National Park of Mohéli joined the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves in October 2022. This protected area is seeing more and more nature lovers come to explore its hidden treasures. Furthermore, the National Park of Mohéli and its partner, Mohéli Lake Lodge, has been internationally recognised as the “Hope Spot” in August 2020. The dives are exceptionally beautiful in Mohéli, and thus these dive spots are steadily becoming the next stop for international divers.

Mohéli Laka Lodge Diving is the first dive operator on the island to have discovered the superb underwater world that surrounds Mohéli. With them, you can dive into the magnificent Magic Rocks – earning its name from the two enormous coral-covered boulders that are home to various marine species. There are many more dive spots that you can explore with Mohéli Laka Lodge Diving, making every underwater experience memorable!

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For the Untamed Tourist

The Up-and-Coming Mohéli and Everything You Can Do There!

The island of Mohéli is for the traveller who seeks adventure above all else. Comoros is relatively unknown; however, it is an up-and-coming holiday destination. From the UNESCO-listed Biosphere Reserve to the natural and sustainable accommodation, it’s clear to see that Mohéli is the next Zanzibar.

So, to avoid the crows which are inevitably going to burst into some part of the Comoro Islands, book with Mohéli Laka Lodge. And while you’re at it, book a spot on their dive charter too. From the turquoise waters to the friendly locals, Mohéli is the next Maldives. You would be missing out if you gave this vibrant country a skip!

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