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The Sunburst Railbike Experience is Uniquely Californian

The Sunburst Railbike Experience is Uniquely Californian

Travel back in time through California’s citrus groves with the Sunburst Railbike. The Sunburst Railbike experience is a unique wellness activity in California and is situated only 96 km from Los Angeles. If you’re not familiar with the concept, rail-biking is a specially designed bike on an abandoned railroad track.

If you’re looking for a way to experience the great outdoors and see California in a new light, then a day out with a Sunburst railbike is the right wellness excursion for you! It’s an exhilarating and unique adventure that allows you to explore the scenic railway that has even captured the imagination of Hollywood producers! Let’s take a journey through what your own Sunburst railbike day could look like!

The Sunburst Railbikes

The Sunburst Railbike Experience is Uniquely Californian

Let’s explore the citrus groves of California, shall we? But first, a little history! The Sunburst rail track was constructed in 1887 by the Southern Pacific Railroad. This railroad was part of the main line that still connects San Francisco and Los Angeles today. So, where does the citrus part come in, you may wonder. Well, the track was extensively used by Southern Pacific as late as the 1950s to haul citrus from packing houses.  Interestingly enough, these Sunburst railbikes can go up to 48 km per hour! However, on the Southern Pacific railroad, you are only allowed to go at a speed of 15 km per hour.

As a result, hundreds of citrus groves line the railroad as well as a crisp summer smell that lingers above the heads of bikers. Sunburst Railbike is set in a picturesque region with beautiful landscapes and sunrises, so get up early and make the most of this experience! The 27-km ride can take up to 3 hours to complete, but because the railbike is electronically assisted, you really don’t have to worry about how fit you are. However, if you want, you can also take a short bike ride (about 16 km) at sunset through the groves. So romantic!

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Prancer’s Farm

The Sunburst Railbike Experience is Uniquely Californian

Speaking of romantic, did I mention that the Sunburst railbikes are designed for two people? With this comes a myriad of options to make the most of your day with a friend, family member, or partner. Along your ride, you may encounter that you need to cross a few intersections. This is where it gets interesting! The guides can input a code that activates railroad crossing warning booms before the bikes approach each intersection. The first stop on your Sunburst railbike excursion is Prancer’s Farm. Make sure to visit the loo while you’re at this stop on your Sunburst railbike experience.

With this stop, you’ll have a small window to explore the farm as well as the petting zoo. You can choose either, but not both. So, choose wisely between feeding cute goats or picking strawberries, I know it’s hard, but you simply must choose. However, don’t be in too much of a hurry, you would want to buy some fresh produce, like strawberries and citrus fruits for your journey onwards! Once you leave Prancer’s Farm, the views become especially scenic.

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A Relaxing Picnic

The Sunburst Railbike Experience is Uniquely Californian

As you venture deeper into the countryside, you’re treated to spectacular views of rolling hills, distant mountains, and perhaps even a glimpse of wildlife in the fields. The railbikes offer a unique vantage point, and you’re able to immerse yourself fully in the beautiful landscape. Furthermore, throughout the ride, you pass over small bridges, modest waterfalls, and a few bumpy spots. Your Sunburst railbike is set in the third gear most of the ride, meaning that there is almost no paddling required by you. However, if you want to downgear for an out-of-gym leg day, feel free to do so!

After a few hours of paddling and taking in the stunning landscapes, you reach a designated picnic spot. Here you can delight in a relaxing picnic lunch with a ham, turkey, or roast beef sandwich, among many other options. There are various choices for chips and drinks available to add to your specially packed lunch in a custom lunch bag that you’ll be able to keep after your Sunburst railbike excursion! Whoop whoop, freebies!  After lunch, you steadily get going back to the historic Santa Paula depot.

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Take Me Railbiking!

The Sunburst Railbike Experience is Uniquely Californian

From Thursday to Sunday, riders can book a two-seat Sunburst railbike experience that is sure to impress your partner in paddle. Running through the Santa Clara River Valley, among citrus and avocado groves, is one of the most unique wellness activities I have ever come across. And you would be foolish not to try it, since anybody can and since it’s unbelievably beautiful. Do I sound desperate? I’m sorry if I do, but I am here to urge you to try the Sunburst railbike experience! It’s a unique way to get to know the South California landscape, your partner as well as yourself.

Remember that not only does Sunburst railbike have a 27-km excursion, but they also have a short 16-km sunset Sunburst railbike experience. Now that’s romantic! So, what are you waiting for? Get the sunscreen and place busy Los Angeles in the rearview mirror for a day on the rails, with the future in full display. Because in all honesty, paddling a Sunburst railbike on the historical Southern Pacific railroad is our future!

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